4 Episodes of RHOA Reunion

Seriously?  20 episodes and they’re airing 4 reunion eipsodes?  I need to buy more wine.


Great….I will likely follow Allie’s example of doing an overview of each episode instead of transcribing them talking over each other.


12 thoughts on “4 Episodes of RHOA Reunion

  1. oh I love the reunions although the trailers are usually the best parts and they never live up to the hype; although Porsha v Kandi? oh I am in!

    I am lost though and need something clearing up. I am almost certain that on one of those ‘coming up on this season’ things I am positive I saw Kim Zolciak….. did this happen? Did I miss it? or did I dream it?

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  2. Funny Mousie! I do that too! I remember something, then wonder, did I dream that?
    I don’t see why they need 4 but I am looking forward to reading recaps, thanks!

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  3. Four episodes? Wow! The season must have had some dramz for sure.
    I haven’t watched in years, as you know. But I will watch the reunions. Just for fun.


  4. 4 reunion episodes sounds like justified punishment for Andy Cohen to me.

    I’d recap in any short cut method possible, a word for word or play by play could surely make anyone dazed for days. My sympathy in advance for us just viewing this historic display of women being foolish.


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