Erika Jayne is XXpen$ive

Being Erika Jayne is no cheap feat. $40,000 a month to be her. I wonder how much of that is spent on Mikey and the Glam Squad.

See below for E! Online story.

I want to be her when I grow up #lifegoals


22 thoughts on “Erika Jayne is XXpen$ive

  1. Well, that’s a nice tax deduction. She stated in the article it is all for work.

    How much clothes and bags does one person need? Seems so wasteful.

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      • But do you really think what she makes from Erika Jayne can cover those crazy expenses??? I mean, I am no kid, so I don’t know what “the kids” (Christ! I sound like my mother)! Are into. I know she has a big gay following, but aside from that, who are her fans? Who is going to her shows? My nieces are pretty cool (early twenties and teens). When I asked, none of them knew her.

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    • Those ‘dance’ charts are a bit of a joke if you actually look at the type of music that is appearing on them. It’s not real dance music. The real stuff is primarily underground and would never ‘chart’.

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  2. Oh my gosh so much snark! At first I thought that whatever she makes in appearances goes right back into her maintenance! Since people are questioning how much she really makes maybe her husband gives her a stipend for rubbing his bowling ball ever so often! It would explain her weird behavior when she went off on Dorit and was talking about her having to explain this to her husband!


  3. Whenever I read something like this I can’t help but think so these people give back ? Do they also contribute to charity in come way because to me to brag that you spend this amount of money per month on yourself is obscene.

    I want to know if she balances this expenditure of excess on herself w some altruistic endeavors

    And some where I can hear Luanne’s song money can’t buy you class playing as I read this 😏


  4. I’m glad you guys articulated what I was thinking…$40k/month just seems a ridiculous amount of $$ to spend on clothing, shoes, bags, Botox, fillers, etc. I really liked Erika in the beginning but the more I hear about her, the less I admire her. She’s coming off as very vapid and self-involved.

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