RHOBH: Diamonds under Pressure

Hello, Lovelies!


I know Allie was hoping to do this recap herself, but sometimes real life gets in the way.  Here’s hoping all is well with her.  I’m RI Red, and I will be your guest recapper tonight.  Welcome to the season finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  Diamonds under Pressure!


In recapping this Diamonds and Rose party, it seems only fitting that I raise a lovely glass of Vanderpump Rose to toast the end of season 7 and the reveal of LVP’s newest wine.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find it in my local wine shop and will have to make do with a red solo cup of my very fancy box-o-wine.  Yes, Kim Zolciak taught me how to drink and I taught her how to cuss!


Oh, how I wish I was going to this party instead of just watching it on tv!   LVP’s property looks magical with the huge white tent,  chandeliers, the beautiful flowers, white lights and my little ponies decked out in pink ribbons, sparkles and glitter.  I can hardly wait to see what Giggy and crew are wearing!  LVP looks resplendent in a sparkly gown and a wreath of pretty pink flowers on her head.   Pandora on the other hand, borrowed a dress from her mom’s closet and her bubbies are on display for all to see.  Don’t make any sudden moves, Pandy!


First to show up to the soiree are Rinna and Eileen.  Eileen’s dress?  Meh.  I don’t think she ever has a fashion hit.   Rinna’s dress looks incredible on her…I am giving her best dressed for tonight.  But she seems a little….tipsy perhaps?  Do you think she was pre-gaming?  Maybe made herself a little Xanax smoothie to settle her nerves before going into the lion’s den?  Either way, she’s tottering and its Eileen’s job is to help her walk in.


Dorit is on the sidelines speaking with PK and LVP as Eileen and Rinna walk in.  Ok, before we go any further, I have to speak about Dorit’s hair.  Actually, there really aren’t any words for it.  It reminds me of the bathing caps we wore when we were all kids.  But the back of it just looked greasy to me.  IDK—I’m no fashion plate, but really?  That’s a thing?  I would have laughed at Rinna’s  joke about the goose, but I’m very mad with her this season, so I’m not going to.  I’m also going to make fun of her lips because, well, just because they’re too much.  Get it—too much?   There are two talking heads of her tonight.  Dressed in red, it seems like she’s had a few, in the other one she seems fine.  Have there been two talking heads all season and I’m just noticing now?  Or did production edit this in?  God, if I put my wine cup down once in a while, I might remember.  LVP greets Eileen with a hug and it almost seems like, yes,  Eileen is finally softening towards her.  I’m glad. 


Eden comes in with an entourage and is wearing a Cinderella dress.  I’ve never warmed up to Eden.  I tried, but just…nope.  Those long awkward hugs and kumbaya moments do not ring true to me.  I’m sure she means well, but she is very out of her element on this show.  I think I recall reading somewhere that she was only doing this as a vehicle to get a show of her own.  And who looks like that and needs to meet someone online?  That’s just odd.   Camille joins the party and she always looks fabulous.  I hope she gets a diamond next year.  I miss Camille—her second season, definitely not her first.


Next comes Mauricio, with Kyle on one arm and Erika on the other.  The invite requested they all wear pink.  Kyle complied with a pink lace jumpsuit and pink feathery wrap but Erika’s pink is a bom-diggedy wig that her glam squad put together, and I have to admit…I’m crushing on her a little bit.  Listen, I get what everyone means when they say she’s cold….but she’s always so cool and put together.  She looks like she never breaks a sweat, while I’m the one with a rip in my pantyhose, an untucked shirt that’s missing a button and spinach between my teeth.  I always wanted to be like Erika!  Sigh….maybe someday!   Her dress is black with lots of rhinestones.  Conventional, she is not.  Oh, and let’s not miss Kevin Lee wearing a suit covered in….is that red roses? Yikes!


Here comes Kim in hot pink looking great and sober.  God, I hope it’s true.  I would hate for Kim to be another sad statistic of addiction.  Hopefully with her new grandbaby, she has a new lease on life. 


Rinna questions Eden about her speaking of her supposed pill problem.   Eileen and Rinna are trying to school her on speaking out and ‘telling her truth’.   I’m almost as tired of that saying as I was with ‘my journey’. 


LVP brings out some caviar treats, but only she, Erika and Eileen have a bite.   Dinner conversation was yummy—the vagina monologues.  Rinna’s small birth canal and –again—Erica’s pussy.  Because we can never talk about that too much!


Production puts together an awkward meeting of Dorit and Kim to discuss the raw treatment Dorit is getting.  It seems like only a few minutes have gone by and LVP is whispering in Kim’s ear, goading her to start in on Rinna.  She doesn’t need much prodding.  Kim tells her she’s been hearing some not so good stories about her.  Rinna runs back to the table to let her crew know what was going on.  It must be because I said that about PK, Rinna decides.


Eileen calls Kyle over to have a conversation with her and Rinna about what Kim said.  As Eileen is asking Kyle why what Rinna said to Dorit had anything to do with her, I’m thinking why does what Kim said have anything to do with Eileen?  


Now  LVP is in Dorit’s ear.  Dorit decides to go discuss the situation with Rinna.  While Dorit remains calm,  Rinna seems a bit uncomfortable and confrontational. Rinna jokes that she just observes what she sees. LVP points out that she doesn’t think she does and Rinna starts in with it’s so easy to call me names.  Dorit tells her (THE best line of the night)  “If I can smell your breath, you’re too close”!  You’re a nutter! .  Rinna deflects and goes back in on how disgusting Dorit treated Erika for 4 months.   Kim feels she has been a victim of Rinna’s, as has Yolanda, Brandi, LVP, and now Dorit. 


Now Erika chimes in and asks if someone picked on you, Dorit, would you warm up to them?  Dorit says she would–Erika claims she is inauthentic and that she can’t read social cues.  Again, she says Dorit never apologized.  They show Dorit apologizing to her in Hong Kong.  Erika doesn’t remember it.  Do they all suffer from amnesia on this show?  I love how Dorit speaks up for herself against these women.  Now PK’s watching from the sidelines and he’s not having anyone pick on his woman!  After a bit, he brings Dorit a water and Erika brings up her pussy….again!  PK asks her at what point is it over?  She claims to have been nothing but nice to Dorit, and they were never nice to her.  He says she is delusional but then  e calls her honey…big mistake.  It’s so condecending.   Eileen is having nothing to do with him!  Her Vincent would never do that.   That’s because he’s not leaving the poker table, Eileen!


Dorit apologizes again.  Now Erika is ok with it.  All she needed was an apology.  She would have loved to have heard that weeks ago.  I wish you listened weeks ago, Erika, so we could all be on to something else!


Eden decides this is a great time to confront Rinna on her behavior toward her.  Another big mistake.  Rinna is bored. Eden says she is never present for her—then Rinna tells her the moment she went to Vanderpump, she was done.  Eden screams at her rudeness.  Rinna laughs at her.  Her talking head says “wow—look who finally found her words”  What an ass, I think of Rinna.  Eden is truly upset and is scrambling one last time to take next years diamond away from Dorit.  Epic fail!   Cinderella runs off because it’s almost midnight and she’s going to turn into a pumpkin.    Rinna is laughing at her.    LVP catches Eden on the way out and fills her in.  LVP jokes that Yeah!  Eden likes her more than Rinna! 


And that, my friends, concludes season 7.  Tune in next week for the reunion, part 1.  LVP and Rinna are seated next to Andy.  Who didn’t see that coming?



34 thoughts on “RHOBH: Diamonds under Pressure

  1. Rinna’s really shown what she’s all about this season and it’s not looking good. I feel like LVP got her revenge on Rinna after what happened last season. Throughout the whole season I think she’s looked more and more unhinged and a massive bitch. Sorry but Erika looked like shit in that god awful dress and wig. Massive fashion fail in my opinion. I still think it’s great that Dorit can stand up to Erika and her lap dogs but seriously, was it necessary for her to be forced to apologise so many times? It’s ridiculous. And I really liked that PK can to her rescue when he saw what was happening. He’s rough around the edges but I think he adores his wife and kids. And I get his sense of humour. It’s off colour but I’m not offended. Neither Kim nor Eden should be on this show. Not for a second. Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to the reunion.

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    • I agree Maisey! I think Erika was so focused on cussing out Dorit that she never heard the apology and don’t forget Rinna kept butting in like it was her business! I think Erika looked misplaced at the event! I’m sure that outfit would have worked elsewhere! I’m pleasantly surprised by how well Dorit can hold her own!

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    • I appreciate your comments Misha and I definitely agree Lisa Rinna has turned into a crazy mean woman….drunk? And yeah pk is creepy but as women wouldn’t we want our husbands to come to our aid like he did? Dorit has really grown on me. I think she’s a good person and is able to confront situations in a good way…and by that I mean not flipping them off or calling them a c-word. As for Erika? Yeah..I didn’t care for her dress at that party but I’m a fan girl. I love her cool confident demeanor.

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      • I don’t know, I actually don’t like when my partner steps in to defend me. We actually had a long conversation about this recently, based on him defending me to a super abusive colleague of mine. While I appreciated the sentiment, and his love and concern, I found it a bit paternalizing. If he were involved in the situation it’s one thing, but as a woman, I think it’s important to learn how to assertively fight our own battles. And I think my partner respects me enough after we spoke to trust I can stand up for myself on my own two feet. I did admire that Erika had no problem going toe to toe with PK. She didn’t wince or cower, or complain that a man should never argue with a woman (bc that’s bullshit). She embodies feminism and I really respect it.

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  2. Bow down!!!! Allie this is your best recap yet!! I loved it from beginning to end!! I can’t even tell who your favorite housewife is because there was so much snark to go around LOL! Now on to my thoughts! I love how PK defends his lady but I’m thinking Erika will sic Tom on him and it won’t be pretty LOL! I’m glad those two made up! Now is it me or just as it seems Eileen is softening to LVP it seems that there is something going on with LVP and Erika? I’m used to LVP’s humor, I don’t know why Eileen doesn’t get it by now but seem Eileen doesn’t get much of anything! Speaking of which, if I hear one more time what Vincent wouldn’t do I’m going to puke! Eileen Vincent had an affair with you, he is not a freaking saint who behaves better than the other husbands! Get over yourself, focus on your lying BFF who can’t ever keep her story straight! Now Erika, uh I dunno! I would love to see her face move! Was her voice always this nasal? So Erika knows she is perceived as cold but she just wasn’t anyone saying it! Got it! She and Rinna need their own sandbox! Whatever is going on in her life this season I hope she figures it out! Wow Eden, I wish you had cussed out Rinna sooner! Rinna really is an asshole of an asshole, I don’t know how else to describe her! I would not want that woman around me ever! Disgusting human being and I’m being generous by call that human!

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  3. This is probably the most inappropriate place to put this but I am dealing with a very long & deep depression thats only gotten worse. I have tons of family & they know. But we’re
    not that kind of family that we call or check on someone, unless your a golden child & I am not. I have real life friends but theres not one that I can talk to. I see a therapist but she’s not
    helping. I saw a psychiatrists & he out me on sleep aids. Will see in a month & maybe will start an antidepressant. I dont even feel like I’m living to live, just living to die. No, I’m not suicidal. Just very depressed. Struggle to leave the house depressed or shower or even brush my teeth depressed. All I do is pretend everything is okay.

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    • This is sad. Ive been there. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy really helped me get out of a three year slump of vacillating between major and minor depression. I highly recommend it. It doesn’t fix everything, I mean if you have a chemical imbalance it will always be a struggle, but redirecting internal dialogue to be more positive (as unnatural as it feels when majorly depressed) is hugely helpful. I really hope you feel better. Another thing that really helped me was the idea of shifting standards. My therapist said to Try to operate at 100% of your capability on any given day. Sometimes that’s getting up and pushing yourself to shower and that’s it. Other days it’s kicking ass at work, running errands, exercising, and baking a cake. But by reframing the days where all you did was wash three dishes as your 100% for that day, it alleviates you from the guilt of not always operating at your highest functioning, and allows you to celebrate small victories.

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      • That’s some sound, useful advice, MPN! Sometimes, my biggest accomplishment has been getting showered and getting out to the grocery store –even if it takes all damn day to do so! I like how you state to look at it as operating 100%.

        Bboo, I think it took alot of courage to reach out as you did. I also think there’s a wealth of support here because I suspect most of us have dealt with that kind of depression. Can you change your therapist, especially if you feel she’s not helping? I was right where you are now over a year ago and all I can offer is that this, too shall pass. Hugs to you — hang in there!

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      • I’ve been doing some research lately on cognitive behavioral therapy and understand it is a wonderful tool for depression and the rumination that comes from it. I’m so sorry to hear what you have been going thru and I thank you for being brave enough to share it with us. I think you’ve come to the right place. This group is kind and supportive of each other and more than willing to listen if you need someone to talk to.

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      • MPN, that was very helpful. Thank you! I had to lower my expectations a few years ago due to an illness. I had to stop beating myself up for the things I couldn’t do and be happy for my accomplishments. All I can say is this too shall pass.

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    • I am so sorry bboo7. Words fail me as to how I can help you. I guess I can offer you prayers, and love, and good vibes. I am thinking about you. Please continue to post if you should need. We are here for you. ❤

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    • Dear bboo7, I’m sorry that you are struggling. I’m glad that you found a psychiatrist. I’m kinda bummed that he or she didn’t go ahead & start you on a mood stabilizer/ antidepressant. Trust me, I totally get it. I have bipolar disorder & are on two different Meds that actually saved my life! I still have bad days though,but luckily I have family that is supportive and it breaks my heart to hear you don’t have that☹️ Vent here all you like. I’m sure Allie would say the same. Let me know if you ever need to talk.please take care,Maggie.

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    • bboo7,
      This is very brave of you to share. I don’t want to give any wrong advise, but I will pray for you, and send you some virtual hugs…


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    • BBOO, I am so sorry I can only say we are here for you, I have a feeling many of us have been through hard times and can definitely sympathize. I hope things will improve.

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  4. Thanks for the recap! LVP is a weird choice for first chair, she was kind of a non-player this season. I think for her team Kyle would have made more sense.

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  5. Hey RI- thanks for the recap!!!! I still have brain fog from recapping NY, but I want to throw in my two cents.
    PK is annoying me. He is fully inserting himself, while all of the other dudes are staying far away.
    Rinna and LVP’s relationship is soooo passive-aggressive. They just pretend and pretend. Ick.
    I’m glad LVP and Eileen are working it out. I really do like them both.
    I wondered about the gold leaf hair, and now I LOVE it! It grew on me. I do appreciate it when people try to be creative and kinda edgy and sorry and sue me, but I think Dorit is a knockout with great style. But I did wonder… did Camille not get the dress code?
    Totally agree with you, RI. I am super glad that Erika accepted Dorit’s apology. It was heartfelt and genuine, as was the first apology on the boat. It’s possible though that Erika was so upset, that she just couldn’t even hear it.
    Xanax, Xanax, Xanax… its all they have talked about all year. It should be Andy’s drinking word every night.
    This fight in the end though. Insane. Rinna is so fucking condescending towards Dorit. But when Eden “found her words” I was cheering her on, man! I am digging Eden for this. As far as I am concerned, this was the ambush that I was hoping for. Rinna deserves a wake up call.

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  6. Magical red ❤ Eileen needs to learn to practise what she preaches.. write a letter, pfffft wish she bloody had last season instead of whining on and on and on and on and on…. ……….

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  7. bboo….I’m sorry that you’re going through a rough time. I don’t have any easy answers for you, I wish I did. Write your feelings down, either type them or do it long hand. Sometimes getting those feelings out can help. I wish you well.

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  8. RI, very good recap, thanks so much! Did any of them talk about the cocaine at dinner? LOL

    @Getout, you are right! When I am feeling down, I try to talk to a close friend, get it out. I’ve also starting writing things down as well. Very helpful advice

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  9. Great job, Red!

    I thought Pandy looked like she was wearing LVP’s wedding dress. And maybe hiding a baby belly because she doesn’t want it on the show.

    God, I hope Camille gets a full-time spot next season. I love her so much (but not as much a Erika)!

    I also hope that at the reunion Rinna gets what’s coming to her. I started off by liking her and then she just got to be too much. I want her to stay just so I can see more of Harry Hamlin. He’s so sexy to me.

    BBoo, we are all here for you if you need to talk. Please know you are not alone.

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    • Pandora pregnant? Great possibility! I hope Rinna gets it at the reunion too! She has been unbearable this season. I bet Harry’s ready to leave her…and run into my waiting arms!


  10. Great recap RI. It’s always nice to get different perspectives of a show. You were spot on with your assessments. Thank you❤


  11. Rinna is not just a shit stirrer. She is the human Cuisinart of shit stirrers.
    Dorit looked like a sweet Easter egg from The Gilded Age.
    I would tell Eileen to get off her high horse but then I’m afraid she would beat it to death.
    Erika, whenever someone calls you cold, you really don’t do yourself any favors by staring back at them with cold, dead eyes and no expression on your face. Lol. Just saying.
    Eden….oh Eden. You looked pretty in your Princess dress and I hope you take care of yourself.

    Great recap RI. Thanks.


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