Too Faced Review

Ok, I got samples of the Born This Way foundation when I bought things from Too Faced last month-they gave me 4 packets of it, and they’re actually pretty full of foundation. One packet was almost too much. I’m glad I got samples because I HATED this foundation.

I primed with Too Faced Hangover Primer-but the foundation was greasy, slimy and goopy-the color was almost yellow-y (I got the light to medium). It accentuated every fine line on my face, it settled under my eyes with this weird texture so when I baked it looked like cement. I just can’t get over how absolutely greasy it was. Just no.

It’s not cheap so thank the makeup gods that I got samples. The coverage was full I guess-but it was hard to get past the greasiness of the foundation. I was pretty disappointed. It was thin consistency so drippy as I squeezed it out of the package. When I washed my hands after applying it it was waterproof alright-like grease repels water.

If anyone else tried it and loved it more power to you-it just wasn’t for me. I ordered some new stuff off of Amazon that they sell in the U.K.-I’ll let you know how that it when it comes.

Talk soon Lovelies




10 thoughts on “Too Faced Review

  1. Omg I have a hell of a time finding foundation that I love. I do like the one I use but I’m not completely in love with it. I do not like full coverage on me it looks so strange Idk how to describe it makes me look plastic even with adding all the blush and bronzer and highlighters! I’ve tried a lot of different expensive name brands and cheap brands and the only one that is decent on me is Origins. I know Origins is more known for their skincare products but I like their lip gloss, liquid bronzer, and foundation. I go back and forth about the foundation thinking there is something better out there ! But apparently the grass is not greener on the other side. Lol

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  2. Recently I had a horrible experience with SmashBox foundation! It did almost the exact same thing Born This Way did to you, except it went opposite of greasy it went dry dry dry! I was bummed cause I heard SmashBox was a really great brand! The one I tried was Smashbox studio skin with Two Faced Hungover primer. I’ve never used a primer before and now I’m scared to use primer since I don’t know if the primer and foundation caused the horrible glob separation or if it was just the foundation I’ve never used before?  Has anyone had problems with primer and foundation acting funky? Any suggestions when it comes to different foundations to try? For sensitive (which is new) and fair skin! Sorry for the novel been so quiet hubby’s gone and my little one passed out before his bedtime! ! Yahoooooo

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  3. With foundation, look on youtube for a video showing you how they apply it. Use foundationname apply in the youtube search bar. Seems they apply differently in the best way, like w/ brush or sponge (wet? dry?). Let the youtube makeup gurus figure out the best way & then learn from them.

    Sometimes the sample in a trial size doesn’t work out the same as a full bottle (I have heard this mentioned by 2 youtubers & experienced it myself). If the color is good & it doesn’t oxidize, read the reviews for the foundation & decide from there if your on the fence. I like the reviews at sephora, & amazon (if there). Sephora breakws down by age group also & that helps me a lot.

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    • I thought that it might have something to do with it being a sample-I’d still be leery of spending almost 40$. It’s got to b the sample or just me because people love that foundation.


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