Southern Charm: While the Kat’s Away


Hi guys!  Pip here. This is my first recap ever.  Please bear with me.  I am learning all kinds of things here, and I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing.  I don’t even know how to post a picture!  So, it may be a long night for us!

We open with TRav showing up to Landon’s house.  He brings her a flower and she says “For future reference, orchids are my favorite”.  Really?  The dude brings you a flower and you tell him it’s the wrong kind?  Not to mention, why is he giving her a flower?  Hmmm…  They are now outside somewhere talking near the water.  Landon asks TRav what he is looking for now?  He says “A life partner.  I know it’s scary for you and you have a lot going on, but, why not?  Let’s give it a shot”.  Ummm… what?

And now they are flashing back to three months earlier, like they did last season.  So I guess this is where we begin.

Shots of everyone doing their normal daily stuff (including Patricia reading her pug Chauncey his horoscope while lying in bed wearing a feather boa and white gloves).

Cameron says she has reached out to Craig several times, but he isn’t getting back to her, so she is just going to head over there.  She says in her talking head that they are a little miffed at him for lying to them about his finishing law school.  Cameron says she isn’t angry with him, but that her trust level has dropped a bit now.

Craig is a manly-man now and is building stuff.  He says that he is now a professional gardener and carpenter.  Craig says that his girlfriend will be working on her MBA while he is studying for the bar.  Cameron questions whether or not he even wants to follow through with the bar, but Craig says he still wants to graduate from law school.  He won’t be taking the bar for a few months.

TRav is talking about how Kathryn failed her drug test and he is now with the kids full time.  He keeps the kids in the guest house instead of the main house because “kids are messy and destructive”.  He wants to be able to retain the peace of mind that if they spit up, it’s not on a $30,000. rug.  He didn’t really just say that, did he?  Dude…

Kathryn is apparently not allowed to see her kids for a couple of months until she can pass a drug test for the courts.  WOW!  I am not a Kathryn fan, AT ALL!  But I am sure this was tough.  TRav is saying that he hopes that she can “get there for her sake, but more importantly for the kids sake”.  I am pretty sure what he means is that he hopes she can get there for HIS sake.  Two toddlers are a whole lotta work he probably couldn’t have imagined.

Shep is meeting up at the bar with his friend Austen.  Is Austen a new cast member?  They are both flirting with women.  Shep has apparently been traveling a lot this summer.  He also said the key to traveling is having a free place to stay.  Amen Brother!  Austen asks Shep if TRav hooked up with Landon.  Shep says he has no idea, but would like to see the video?  Really Shep?  Come on!  You’re classier than that!  Apparently, Landon said to Shep, “when I thought you were ready, you would choose me.”  Shep said he is NOT ready.  Shep tries to get some girls phone number, and the girl asks if he remembers her name. He doesn’t. #fail

Some girl is waking up at Austen’s house  (looks like a one nighter to me).  As she is stumbling out of bed, he offers her a coconut water, asks her where she lives, and then says “Well, at least it won’t be a long walk of shame for you”.  Classy guy.  Apparently he broke up with his ex, Jenna a while ago.  She wanted marriage, he didn’t  OH. EM. GEE.  We are getting a full on ass shot of this guy while he is getting into the shower.  When did SC start with the nudity?  Austen says that the reasons he moved to Charleston were for the beaches, the women, and the fact that it is a big drinking town.  Clearly his priorities are straight. He is a rep for a beer company.  He gets paid to do what he loves “like and talk about beer”.  Mom and Dad aren’t quite so keen on this.  They feel he needs a career, not a job just to get by and live paycheck to paycheck.

And now we get PATRICIA!  Who I have been waiting for.  In walks Whitney to the study and Patricia now has a buzzer for Michael the butler rather than the bell.  She is very concerned that the buzzer doesn’t work properly.  Michael the butler says “I am sure the battery has worn down”.  OH SNAP!!  Good one, Michael! You know that woman is hitting that buzzer constantly!  Whitney went to Mexico with his friend and didn’t drink, but instead smoked weed the entire time.  He is now being lectured by Patricia about the legal ramifications of smoking weed and how it can make you lose your family (jab at Kathryn- not so subtle).  Patricia asks about TRav and Kathryn.  I did not know that Kathryn tested positive for Marijuana, Cocaine, and opiates.  Whoopsie.  She apparently went to rehab.  Michael the butler shows up with drinks and the bell, because God forbid, Patricia is without a way to beckon him.  Patricia is now talking about how “Uncle Philip had a huge government job and then started smoking pot and ended up working at Block Buster Video”.  Oh, how that made me laugh!!  Bless your heart, Patricia!

Landon is going paddle boarding.  She talks about how last year sucked.  The failed website, the crush on Shep that didn’t go anywhere, and the crap with Kathryn and Thomas.  She feels she has a scarlet letter on her because of the rumor. Craig calls Landon to see if she is going to some party on Sunday.  She confirms, but states she is nervous because she hasn’t seen or talked to Shep.  Things are awkward, so she is bringing a friend named Drew.  Drew is ten years younger than her and she thinks he is really hot.  Not sure about the status of their relationship.  Sounds like kinda maybe dating?  But no labels.

Polo and fancy music.  TRav is playing polo with some blondie.  Eliza- daughter of one of his best friends, Chip Limehouse who was in the state legislature.  Apparently Limehouse is a big name down there as is Ravenel.  They are discussing this party that is happening Sunday.  TRav wants to know if Kathryn is coming.  He thinks she should be invited.  Eliza says that she has not spoken with Kathryn at all, just gotten these kinda “weird drunk texts”.  Shelby, Kathryn’s cousin was letting her stay with her, but apparently Shelby had to kick her out.  She felt she was having to babysit her.  Neither of them know where Kathryn is now living.

Shep and Cameron are meeting up at a surf shop, looking for swimsuits.  Shep is bringing his friend Austen to the party, and Cameron asks if Austen has now replaced Craig.  Shep says a cadaver could replace Craig and there would be no change. Ouch!  Cameron is bringing her friend Chelsea, which immediately gets Shep excited.  He says he loves Chelsea.  Cameron thinks she could be the one for Shep.  They talk about Craig and whether or not he is making money doing his hobbies.  They chuckle.  Cameron reveals that Craig has told her that he will not start studying for the bar until two months before the exam.  I swear, you guys?  Wasn’t that what happened last year?  He did the same damn thing and look where it got him.  What a dumbass.  Shep is over it.  He resents how Craig turned in an application for the bar exam while Shep was WITH HIM, knowing full well that he wasn’t even eligible to take the exam. Shep is analyzing Craig… he says Craig is full of a family of jocks, and isn’t like them.  So he came to Charleston and is basically a poser trying to be cool.  Double ouch!  Shep just actually said “There is no way he is cheating on Naomi… he couldn’t get pussy in a monkey whorehouse with a sack of bananas under his shoulder”.  SHEP!  What has happened to you?  You use to be such a nice boy!

Craig and Naomi are in the car and Kathryn calls and sounds kinda weird.  “Surprise surprise I’m back”.  Kathryn is back in Charleston living with her family and “trying to do the right thing and get her life back on track”.  Craig knows Kathryn has some issues, and apparently she was in rehab somewhere in California.  Craig is leery, he says she makes things very complicated.  They flashback to season one where Kathryn was… ahem… “spending time” with Shep, Whitney, and TRav.  They hang up and Naomi says that she does not want to mention to Landon that Kathryn even got in touch with them… which, of course means you know Craig will tell everyone immediately.

Okay- were at the party.  It’s hot and Cameron immediately strips down to her swimsuit.  DAMN!  Cameron looks GREAT in a swimsuit.  JEALOUS!  She’s ready to drink.  Shep is excited about the big kiddie slide.  Austen is being introduced to the girls.  Cameron totally goes right in on him. You gotta job?  What’s your deal?

HAHAHA! Craig and Naomi walk into Landon’s and the first thing he says is we just got off the phone with Kathryn.  (Called it).  Landon tells us she doesn’t like Kathryn.  She was also surprised at her fancy rehab choice in California that was very expensive, and very far away from her children.  Landon says the reason Kathryn went to rehab in Malibu was to find some rich guy… “basically her next victim”.

Back to Eliza’s pool party, where everyone is now showing up.  Shep is by the pool (no speedo- thank you, baby Jesus), and Craig and Naomi have just showed up with Landon.  Drew (Landon’s new boyfriend?  Still not sure?) just showed up.  Ummm… HELLO DREW!  YOWZA!!  Everyone is making small-talk and Landon is squeaking about how she feels everyone is talking behind her back.  TRav says Drew doesn’t seem like Landon’s type.  Someone sounds jealous.

In walks Whitney.  Cameron is possibly trashed already and jumps on Whitney giving him a “I am so glad to see you!!” dry-hump.  Shep and Landon finally chat.  They seem happy to see each other.  Landon feels there is unfinished business and needs to talk about stuff, but they don’t. They keep on smiling and pretend it didn’t happen.  According to Landon that is the way of the south.  She is still irritated with him.

Chelsea (Cameron’s friend) shows up, Shep is happy.  TRav is drunk and flirting in the pool.  Shep and Namoi chat.  Shep is telling Naomi that Craig should be a Chef because he has so much talent.  Naomi gives an eyeroll.  Shep is kinda going in a little hard and Naomi seems unhappy with where this is headed.  He is asking her what is going on with the bar, and she says “I think that is something you need to ask Craig”.  Shep explains that when he DOES try and talk with him, Craig gives him bullshit.  Shep is a little drunky.  He apologizes if he offended her and she is cool and says no prob.

Shelby, Kathryn’s cousin just showed up.  Shelby is the one who had to kick Kathryn out of her house. And now we have Kathryn leaving her house… and we all know where she is headed, right?  Back at the pool party everyone is talking about Kathryn.  She completed her Rehab program but according to Shelby, she isn’t doing “better”.  Naomi is explaining that Kathryn just called them and said she is doing really well and that she really wants to see her kids. TRav asks her, “Well then why didn’t she take the drug test”?  “I went in to take my second, I mean THIRD drug test and my lawyer was shocked that she had not been in there to take hers”.  He tells Cameron that she refuses to take the drug test because she knows she will fail.

OH!  Well I’ll be damned!  Kathryn drove to the hospital for her drug test appointment.  Nice job, producers.  I thought for sure she was heading to that party to raise all kinds of hell.

What’d you guys think?


39 thoughts on “Southern Charm: While the Kat’s Away

  1. Great recap, Pip. I watch this show mostly for the scenery, truly a beautiful city (except for the heat and humidity). Shep needs to grow up or he will follow TRav’s path. There’s nothing more pathetic then an old man partying with young women spouting tired old pick-up lines.

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  2. Ooooohhhh…….great recap, Pip.
    This is one reality show where it is obvious that no one is really friends or sees each other outside of filming.
    Shep seems to have lost a little bit of his happy-boy innocence. Why does Craig get under his skin so much? I love his attitude that Craig isn’t ” one of us”. Wow, so cliquey.
    Did Landon dye her hair red to take Kathryn’s place completely?
    Patricia should shoot all of her scenes from her bed.
    Thomas and Kathryn should not be allowed to breed in captivity. April the Giraffe will make a better parent.
    Pip, I’m betting that writing a recap is a lot harder than it looks.. I love Allies recaps and all the guest recappers. You all have a little different style and it’s fun!
    I am curious: do you watch it, take notes then write it? Do you write it as you watch it and keep stopping it? Do you watch it and record your notes in your smart phone as it’s playing and transcribe it later? Do you watch it several times? I really am interested in how different people do it. Anyway, great job!

    Liked by 6 people

    • Thank you so much Maisey!
      I agree about Shep. I know we’re only on episode one, so I will cut him some slack. But when he goes in on Craig, it’s like… easy dude. He’s your friend! Remember? Shep has always been my favorite person on this show. He better not fuck that up!

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but being this was my first recap, I knew I needed quiet. So I just went into the bedroom, closed the door and told my husband to keep the dogs out of there so I could concentrate.
      I sat with my laptop and watched a scene, paused the show, typed. Watched a scene, paused the show, typed… and on and on. Others may take notes? I don’t know? But this method worked quite well for me.

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      • Fantastic job Pip! I do mine the same way…watch, pause, type. When I’m transcribing conversations I do it as they talk (yeah, I can type kinda fast) then rewind and proofread.

        Interesting tea I have: I was in Charleston as couple of weeks ago and heard that Katherine and TRav are still together.

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      • No way!!! I can’t believe that. Especially after what Allie posted earlier about him filing for sole legal custody. But then again, I wonder how old that info was on that article from the DM. I only scanned it, but got the feeling that it was old news. Like perhaps from when this thing was filming.


      • No Life, you have given me life with your tidbit about TRav and Katheryn back togrther.

        When I saw the first few minutes of this episode and Thomas asks Landon to go out together, I got very angry and was ready to throw my TV out the door.

        Then I convinced myself that it must be some sick joke the producers dreamed up.

        Thank you!


  3. You did a great job Pip, excellent recap.
    I was always on Thomas’ side, then he goes and has his kids and Nanny living in the guest house….what a fucker.
    I don’t like Kathryn, I don’t care if she’s “young” that is not an excuse. She tried to trap a wealthy man with babies, plain and simple. Her complaint has always been about the money, the money, the money. When one doesn’t have custody of their children because of their lifestyle, don’t you think it would be prudent to get your shit together instead of posing on IG. She needs a good ass kicking.

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    • Get out, I agree with you all the way about Kathryn. She knew exactly what she was doing when she set her cap for TRav, although she tried Shep and Whitney on for size too. Evidently, TRav was the biggest sucker of the bunch, although I don’t really feel sorry for him either. I think he was so blinded by the YOUNG, and very available pedigree that Kathryn had to offer (and the sex wasn’t bad either) since he seems to stay in a perpetual midlife crisis.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Amen ginger! She had her pretend pregnancy scare to test the waters then get knocked up when she saw he didn’t run! Couldn’t get the ring so tried it again. He was probably the worest choice of the bunch. She also had to do anything to get on the show as she didn’t make the cut.

        So glad this is back!!!

        Liked by 2 people

      • Thomas wasn’t blinded by her. He was using her as a brooding mare.

        I started rewatching season one on Bravo. It is disgusting how these men talk about women.

        TRAV and Katheryn deserve each other. I just feel sorry for the kids.

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    • Get out and GSnap-
      I am dying here. And beaming. This is why… I feel like what you have said about Kathryn here is right on. And I have always suspected Kathryn had an agenda from the get go. I don’t like Kathryn. And I never use to admit that because it was an unpopular opinion. Kathryn is pretty fucking awful. Trapped a wealthy dude… probably. And then stayed with the only one who would stick around.
      I seriously agree with you guys 100% !

      Liked by 2 people

      • Great recap; thanks! I also never cared for Kathryn. I hope she gets and stays healthy but I am not a fan of how she treats others. Shep has been my favorite but between the premiere and the preview, I am wondering if he is getting the “bad” edit, if he changed dramatically or if he previously got a “good” edit. It seems his winsome personality has been replaced with one similar to the ghost of Craig’s past. Again, great recap and thanks. I hope you keep recapping. I do love this show.

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      • I’m no Kathryn fan, she is immature and obnoxious. However I really dislike TRav. He has the kids and the nanny in the guest house while he lives in the real house. ASSHOLE. Fucking piece of shit he can never ever pretend he is a good dad if he cares more about his rugs than living with his children. Those kids will be so fucked up. And then he is at the pool party drunk and hitting on girls literally half his age and slurring as he talks shit about Kathryn’s sobriety. Really bitch, who went to prison for selling cocaine. He is such an utter hypocrite and washed up gross old man. Funny how no one is really all that charming anymore on Southern Charm. I’ll still watch though, tirade over.

        Liked by 2 people

      • While I’m no Kathryn fan, I completely agree with you, mrsmuffins.
        He is as smarmy as they come. They both have substance abuse issues that have been all over the tabloids. He has done some questionable stuff as well. It ain’t just her!

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  4. I LOVE Southern Charm, and so glad you’re recapping it Pip! Good job!

    For the most part I like everyone on this show (although that can change at any given moment) except for Kathryn. I didn’t like her the other seasons, and I don’t like her now. The only difference this season, is I can express it. Yay!

    I even like Patricia, and I will confess, that I like Whitney too (I can hear the boo’s in the That horrible plastic buzzer has got to go permanently. I’m glad the cheap, plastic thing quit working and Michael the Butler had to bring back the real silver bell. I’d much rather hear a nice tinkling sound that that obnoxious buzzzzz, buzzzz, buzzzz.

    At the pool party, TRav’s swim trunks look like they were a couple of sizes too small. Did anyone else notice the long, lingering look Landon was giving his nether regions? Maybe that’s why TRav wears swim trunks too small for him, so he can show his full effects to the world. Yuck.

    I agree, Cameron looks really good in a swimsuit. I think I kind of hate her. 😉

    I can’t really blame Shep for being bummed out with Craig, and I think that Craig needs to give up this law business mess. He so obviously doesn’t want to be a lawyer, and his wood work looked really good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • But are we really buying this TRav/ Landon thing? Landon doesn’t seem like TRav would ever be her type. He’s a bloated old booze bag.
      However, Landon was on The Hills and I suspect she moved to LA for fame and fortune and she has told us she was married to a VERY rich dude. We all know how rich TRav is, so I suppose that could be her ticket, if that is her true intention.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I think this is a bit production driven to give us a good storyline, in order to make an interesting season. Regardless, I’ll take the bait because it’s gonna be fun!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • NO! You can tell the poor guy’s heart isn’t even in law. I think Shep’s observations are pretty astute when it comes to Craig. He really should do something he loves and is good at, like cooking or even making things out of wood. I was fairly impressed with his woodworking skills, and very surprised to see that side of him. I guess he feels pressured somehow to go into law, probably his family are the ones behind the pressuring. I would suppose anyway.

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  5. Great recap Pip! Thanks for taking it on.

    I am not liking anyone at all on this show anymore. I did used to stick up for Kathryn. I liked her and her not taking any s**t from the other phonies. I am disappointed that her failures seem to be mounting and she is proving her critics to be right. I still think most are a bunch of gossip mongers that feed off the weakest among them. Thankfully, Thomas is a man of means, otherwise he wouldn’t be any more attentive as a father than their mother is. I feel Shep has become a useless semi old letch caticature. Well, not really any change there; hs’s too old for the young girls he likes to chat up. Craig does have a job, it’s called Southern Charm, cute how they must all act like that doesn’t exist. I don’t see one person on this show that in any way deserves the fame they are climing for. They aren’t really friends, most never were, it’s all for show, literally. I probably used “literally” wrong, but does anyone really care? It feels to me like strangers that answered a casting call ad now strung together by a relationship of 3 seasons of either bitching or praising each other. None of these people hang together while not doing the show.and never did. Pretty typical of a lot of reality shows. I guess the genre and it’s pretense is wearing thin for me.

    I will continue to watch for the lovely southern scenery, but this bunch is anything but charming, IMO. I’m not holding out much hope that the new faces added as full or part timers will add a lot. Landon’s young man is likely another beefcake looking for a camera, seriously, he couldn’t really be into Landon! Who needs enemies with a oousin like Kathryn’s? Ms, Lighthouse, will likely have too many silver spoons stuffed in her mouth for me to be able to relate to her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do have to agree on several levels , Dawn. This certainly seems like a “scripted” reality show. Don’t they all now? The only one I can think of that doesn’t feel scripted is Below Deck.
      However, I am somewhat engrossed by these people and their lives. I will continue to watch it because I am rather sucked in.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Fantastic recap Pip!!!

    I have to admit I am rooting for Kathryn and hope she gets it together. I like her for some reason when she is she sober and think her addictions have a death grip on her which I find tragic

    I think Trav is a douch

    I used to like Shep but his obsession w putting down Craig is obnoxious

    Nobody on this show seems to really like anyone else in real life

    And why is that Cams hubby never makes an appearance?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I think everyone certainly feels hope for Kathryn. But she has made some pretty bad choices now (according to the DM article that Allie posted) and has to face the consequences. She is very smart, and she is certainly beautiful. But I must admit, I don’t find her to be all that genuine.
    Cameron said in season one that her husband will never appear on this show. He is a Doctor and has no desire to be on tv.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Great recap Pip. I really enjoyed reading it!

    I can’t believe we’re going to have another season where the focus will be on the red headed hussy. I’ve never liked her! I thought she was a gold digger from day one and tried to bag TRav by having his babies because he’s possibly the richest. I remember last season where she met up with K Cooper Ray for lunch or something and she was rocking a new Birkin yet she had been moaning about the lack of money she was getting from TRav. In her talking head she said it was fake. Yeah rubbish! That was not a fake Birkin. Such a liar. On top of that, I think she’s quite unhinged and just a nasty person. So yeah, it’s awesome that we get another season of her shite. FFS…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I love the fact that most of us see Kathryn for what she is…some young hussy who tried to snag a rich older guy by getting knocked up and guess what? Not the fairy tale she imagined, especially as she choose the perpetual bachelor douchebag TRav. This used to be one of my favorite shows but it’s no longer light-hearted and fun now that children are involved.
    I’ll just come here and read your excellent recaps, Pip. You done good!!

    Liked by 2 people

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