RHOBH Tidbits

So it appears Eden was screaming at Rinna in the preview for the finale. This has been a tough season for Ms Rinna-dayum. Link below:


Erika is my hero in this vid.

Thank you No Life for bringing these to my attention! ❤️

Talk soon Lovelies




12 thoughts on “RHOBH Tidbits

  1. Where in the hell did that fit come from? Sounded more like a jilted wife who dedicated 15 years to a marriage. Very much displaced anger & extremely misplaced boundaries, on Eden’s part. I just might watch the reunion, but maybe that’s why the fit was pitched, bump up those reunion numbers.

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    • I know I don’t quote understand where her anger is coming from. I mean it wasn’t Lisa R who blabbed about a conversation that was meant to be between Eden and Lisa R. Eden was the one acting innappropriately with the Richards sisters and butting into something that really wasnt any of her business. It wasn’t until Eden was called on the carpet by Lisa V when Eden decided to place all the blame for her actions squarely on Lisa R’s shoulders. That wasn’t cool. But I suppose, until we see the entire episode play out we won’t know for sure. I still don’t like people who go behind your back and throw you under the bus. Eden lost me with that one.

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    • Eden definitely seems a little off. She doesn’t seem like a bad person just maybe a little coo-coo. And maybe not the right fit for this sort of environment. Rinna has had a rough season, but she seems really resilient. I think she might have a healthier attitude about this than most. She doesn’t seem to let the hatred from viewers or the women deeply affect her.

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      • No, I don’t think it was her last ditch effort to stay on the show. Eden is a bit loopy, but I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body.

        The poor thing just didn’t fit in with this group and she only wanted to be liked and nobody wanted to play with her. Except Rinna wanted to, when it suited her. She filled Edens head up with negative stuff about Kim, which effected Edens relationship with everybody else on the show. Eden went to Lisa V to explain herself and told the truth. What else was she supposed to do when told that someone is this close to dying? That’s some serious stuff. And Rinna can’t remember saying it? Puhleaze! Rinna used her and then threw her away. Rinna is pissed that she got caught. And she would have been caught anyway, even if Eden didn’t say anything, when the show aired. Rinna is a gossip. Who else did she run around town, talking about Kim?

        Rinna keeps going around pulling crap and begs for forgiveness (then does it again.) Shouldn’t she do the same for Eden and forgive her? In the clip, when Eden started telling Rinna how she felt, Rinna was very dismissive, and cut her right off and used the f word. Eden realized at that moment that Rinna was never her friend in the first place and lashed out in hurt and frustration. I would have stomped on her toes. (No cameras under the table. Unless there’s one to get film of Erika’s whoo ha.)

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  2. In hind sight, I feel like Eden was used by production. Her demeanor and story was as if she either approached them with being a recovering addict would make her a relatable asset or production proposed that to her. Then, it all backfired because Rinna! They keep giving Kim checks because she still wants that camera and Kyle wheedles for her. Eden seemed like a deer in the headlights and tried to set things right using LVP. She didn’t know LVP had ulterior motives. I expect she is blaming Rinna for her poor showing. Eden seems too mellow for this crowd.

    I will never think Dorit has any style as long as she speaks so faux pretentious, (so well practiced I must admit), and has PK as an ugly appendage. Dorit should come back next season, even though I loathe PK, because she is well suited to the tinsel town fakery. I love seeing her get her ass in a jam.

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