RHOBH recap: From Dogs To Diamonds

The bomb that Rinna dropped about cocaine use is still sitting amongst the women. Dorit says that SHE wasn’t doing drugs. Kyle is indignant and Dorit says she’s got no idea if anyone was doing Coke in her bathroom. Rinna tells Dorit “all you have to do is say no” so Dorit says “Fine, no.” Rinna would have never brought it up had the Xanax insinuation not occurred. LVP tells Rinna that she’s just low-blowing, and Rinna comes back with “Well, you know low blows better than anyone” and Eileen has to agree. Dorit wants to make sure Rinna is done with questions-Rinna says she is and leaves for the night.

Dorit doesn’t understand where Rinna’s question is coming from and in the car in the way back to the hotel she mocks Rinna. Dorit keeps reminding everyone that she has kids, so. LVP tries to commiserate with Dorit and says she’s been through much of the same with Rinna.

The next morning, Rinna tries to FaceTime with her daughter Delilah to say hello and let her know that she’s leaving. Delilah is too interested in looking at herself in the iPhone. Rinna then calls LVP to say goodbye and thank her for the trip. LVP scolds her for last night and insists that Dorit is a “nice girl”. She goes on to invite the Hamlins over the following week for a Rosè tasting which Rinna accepts. Rinna has no regrets over how everything went down.

Eden and Erika are waiting for the rest of the group in the hotel lobby-its shopping time! Eileen is there and says she feels weird because the incident from the night before hasnt been discussed at all. No one has slept, either, besides Eileen. The ladies hit a boutique called Shanghai Tang-Eileen buys a bracelet and a purse, and that makes everything much, much better. Erica discovers she’s an XL in Hong Kong sizes, to her chagrin. LVP shells out almost 1500 American dollars in the boutique. Erika admires a ring, so Eden says she wants to buy it for Erika as a friendship ring. Erika isn’t comfortable with that but Eden is insisting-its a Rose Quartz which apparently has healing properties, especially for the heart. Erika says she definitely needs THAT.

Erika tells the rest of the women about the whole friendship ring thing and how it makes her uncomfortable. LVP said she’ll be friends with Eden for a ring! Erika finds a sales clerk to ask how much the ring is, its 172$, not overly expensive so Erika ends up being fine with that.

Now, it’s off to a dog shelter to meet the dogs that have been rescued from a horrific fate in Yulin. There are 85 dogs there, and 3 truckloads were intercepted on their way to Yulin. Kyle sees a dog there and asks what a mongrel is, she’s never heard of that breed. 😳. Oh, Kyle. Eileen finds a shar-pei mix she really wants to bring home, but it would take way too long with the paperwork. Next they sit in a large room and get to interact with all kinds of dogs.

Back at home. Erika and Eileen are meeting for lunch. Eileen reminds Erika that her Y&R filming is coming up in a few days. Neither of them have the scripts yet, but they will before filming. Eileen doesn’t like that they are ignoring the obvious elephant in the room. Kyle shows up, greets them and sits down at the table-then asks if anyone has talked to Rinna. Eileen says she has, and Kyle wants to gossip about Hong Kong. Kyle didn’t appreciate Rinna’s “low blows” such as saying that Dorit doesn’t trust PK (Rinna did not say that, she ASKED Dorit). Erika doesn’t care, she’s glad it was finally asked, she thinks that Rinna saw how poorly PK and Dorit were treating her, so fair is fair. Kyle wants to know if Erika thinks that she and Dorit are better after that. Erika pauses, then diplomatically says she doubts Dorit’s sincerity. LVP’s party is brought up and Erika says that she hopes Dorit and PK try to make it right.

Speaking of making it right, Erika turns to Eileen and apologizes for her meltdown in Hong Kong, she says it had zero to do with Eileen. Eileen accepts her apology and all is well.

PK summons Dorit to the home bar they have, and he offers to make her a drink (Red Bull and vodka). Dorit says it feels like a date-PK says it is a date! And Dorit let’s out an inhuman highly annoying squeal. They discuss Boy George’s upcoming tour which starts the following week. Thank God she doesn’t have to go to Switzerland! PK says he was very upset when Dorit called him from Hong Kong and told him everything that was going on. Dorit says she’s not sure what to do with Rinna, and that she can be different people one day to the next. PK, in all his infinite wisdom says that Rinna is dangerous and not to be trusted. Next is Erika’s turn-Dorit says that Erika had a”big, dramatic hoo ha” and mocks her for being an ice queen for months, then having feelings. She tells PK that Erika asked for the Kemsleys to apologize to Tom but PK is all hell no, and starts making rude cracks about Erika and Tom’s marriage. Ugh I hate PK. Both he and Dorit wonder how it’s going to be at LVP’s party.

Erika arrives at CBS studios to film her Y&R scenes. She’s really nervous, and Eileen comes to her dressing room to give her a pep talk. The dressing room Erika is in holds good memories for Eileen as it used to be hers a long time ago.

Kyle is in the set of her scripted series, she hasn’t been there for a while because she’s been away. It’s the last day of filming.

Eileen goes and gets Erika out of her dressing room because it’s time to film. They walk to the set, Erika gets some direction-she’s playing Farrah DuBois. The scenes are filmed, Erika was great!

Kyle is hanging out with a different producer when Mauricio shows up to support Kyle.

At Villa Rosa, the annoying Kevin Lee is planning LVP’s party. Her talking head is complaining about Rinna- she says that initially she gave Rinna the benefit of the doubt but now she needs to say something and let Rinna know she’s crossed a line. LVP’s pony wranglers are getting the ponies ready for the party, and Kevin Lee is sizing one of the pony handlers up. LVP tells him to calm down, he’s straight.

Kyle has a major fashion emergency. She didn’t have anything to wear to LVP’s party which has a pink, diamonds, and wedges theme. She took an outfit off of a mannequin at her shop and it was too long, so she took scissors and hacked at it herself. It’s a pink lace jumpsuit. It should be hacked up more, in my opinion.

Erika’s glam squad is there to help her get ready for LVP’s party. They’re fine with the pink and diamonds, but horrified at the wedges, especially after DARK. Quelle horreur. Erika says wedges aren’t her thing anyway. One of the glam squad whips out a pink wig, Erika loves it.

Dorit. Dorit has some weird shit on the top of her head. It’s gold leaf, apparently she got the idea from a runway couture show, but sometimes couture needs to stay in the runway. It looks like she was at the hairdresser getting her hair foiled and left right in the middle of it. She asks her son Jagger if he likes it, that’s a no. It just did not translate well-the back of her hair looks wet, the top is just-Noe.

Rinna asks Delilah in one word to describe what it’s like having Rinna as a mother. Delilah says “crazy”. Then says just kidding- it’s fun especially when Rinna is on a sugar high “or whatever it is you took”. Rinna is all um thanks, I’m being accused of being a drug addict helloooo-Rinna jokes that she’s going to take a Xanax now and starts pretending to stumble. Delilah says “now you look drunk-I’ve seen THAT before!” Rinna launches herself across the kitchen on top of Delilah hugging her and laughing.

LVP is directing party prep-everything looks beautiful, the tent, the decorations-she’s satisfied with the result.

Erika is wearing the pink wig and an LBD. She knocks on Kyle’s door and Kyle answers, shocked, and calls her “My Little Pony” in her talking head. As Kyle lets Erika in the house, her dogs make a break for it. Kyle is wearing the awful pink pantsuit.

Dorit and PK are leaving for the party, Dorit says she feels like a princess, but that gold leaf skull cap is awful. Just…what a waste of gold.

Eileen and her niece Devon arrive at Rinna’s, the niece is wearing a very unflattering pink muumuu. Rinna is wearing a gold dress, which is pretty, and Eileen is wearing a white off the shoulder dress which is pretty but sort of informal for the event maybe?

In the Kemsley limo, Dorit is worried about the inevitable awkwardness that’s LVP’s party will be. PK gives her a pep talk and tells her not to let anyone walk on her.

Rinna tells Eileen in the limo that she feels like she’s an easy target and starts quoting LVP. Eileen hopes that Rinna will start to think before she speaks.

The party is in full swing. PK and Dorit make their entrance and LVP is gushing over them. She asks Dorit why she seems so melancholy, Dorit brings up the dinner in Mexico and asks LVP if she remembered Dorit calling Rinna a drug addict? LVP assures Dorit she never heard her say anything if the sort. PK agrees, and then makes a snarky comment that maybe Rinna IS on drugs. I hate him. Dorit looks nervous.

Next week: Season Finale y’all! The ponies are glittery, Rinna isn’t a fan of Dorit’s gold head, PK and Dorit gang up on Erika, Eden yells at…I can’t tell who.

Talk soon Lovelies






81 thoughts on “RHOBH recap: From Dogs To Diamonds

  1. Yeaaah, Dorit’s head. YIKES. It looked cheap and stupid, like she’s wearing a tinfoil hat. And PK’s comments about Tom and Erika were nasty. Did you notice her dress tho? It has a draping across the back that wrapped and attched to the sleeves at the elbow. I have no clue how she can move her arms, but she also won’t be able to take a punch at anyone.

    I’m thinking Eden is screaming at Rinna.

    Rinna is getting DESTROYED on Social Media. People are calling for QVC to drop her. I get that she’s said some hard things and doesn’t really own up to how out of line they are, but to come for someone’s livelihood over this is a bit much to me. But, I am the person who is supporting Ivanka Trump because I think it’s wrong to come for her business too. BTW, her perfume is lovely. Floral with a hint of vanilla, and might have Frankenscence in it as well…there’s a slight spice tone I can’t quite place. I get a lot of compliments on it, until they hear who it is :). If you don’t like her, don’t buy her shit, don’t take her entire bank. Let those who chose to support a sister, support her. I haven’t eaten in Burger King for over 30 years because of something they did (Iceland and whales and fish sandwiches), but I’m not calling for them to shut down because i don’t agree with it. GTFU.

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    • So agree with your points, No Life. I followed Rinna on instagram, I sent her a message (not that she read it) and told her I couldn’t follow her because of her horrible behavior! I would never attack her business–2 separate issues!

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      • You really felt the need to message a reality tv persona to tell them that you’re NOT going to follow them?

        So you dog piled onto someone you don’t even know but at least you didn’t come after their business – what a hero.


      • I just personally don’t see how horrible her behavior was. I mean, she didn’t kill someone’s child 😂😂😂 but seriously-I just don’t know what she did that others in the franchise haven’t done worse. I’m not offended.

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    • I agree with you completely. I’m not so offended by Rinna, tbh. Dorit offends me WAY more, and her slimeball husband even more than that. Maybe it’s because all along I’ve been saying something is rotten in the state of Denmark with Dorit, and Rinna vocalized it? I feel like saying listen ppl-she didn’t accuse, she didn’t say Dorit does lots of blow-she asked if ppl were getting high in her bathroom. Dorit’s phony accent annoys me, and I just feel like something ain’t right. QVC has nothing to do with anything and her livelihood should be left out of it. I’m not sure what ppl think Ivanka is supposed to do, if they think her father is going to let her tell him what to do they’re insane-leave her business alone. Ppl just amaze me-to get that invested in a tv show that they’d go on twitter and call for boycotts etc? Get a life. Puh-leeeeeze

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      • Yes, I think something’s off. I’m wondering about everyone leaving her at the table. Who was everyone? Could they have been touring the home? Of course I don’t know how rich people live. Lol

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      • Well I heard and some yellow little butterfly told me that the reason why LRinna asked that drug question, was to create diversion to the filming process, take the focus off such an extremely tensed situation off of Erika, so that Erika could regain her composure and do some touch up make up.
        Nutshell-Production prodded.

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      • Agree. To me, I doubt Rhinna would have asked anything about drugs if Dorit hadn’t been going around to everyone saying Rhinna has a pill problem. Or very strongly implying she has an addiction. So how is it ok that Dorit runs her mouth about Lisa Rhinna but Lisa Rhinna can’t question Dorit without getting blasted all over the place? Seems hypocritical to me. Also, Dorit saying she has children like that in itself means she couldn’t possibly be doing drugs is ridiculous.

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      • The only one that has insinuating that Rinna has a pill-problem is Rinna herself by waving that big bag of pills.


  2. I need to report abuse to my eyes and crimes against good taste on Bravo. 1st we get Phaedra’s display, followed by that hideous Wedding dress on VPR and now the gold leaf crown of shame.

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  3. Again thank you for your recap ! I alway record this show and read your recap first ! I love to do this so I have a blow by blow to know what to expect ! This looks good and like next week will be awesome !

    I am sorry to hear that LVP from your description is having a pretty awesome party and the fashions are sub standard !

    I think this is the finale so you would think they would want to knock it out of the park

    I don’t like Dorits hair but I do give her points for trying – I look forward to seeing it on TV and seeing her entire look as usually I like what she wears

    Thanks again Allie for the recap!

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  4. This was a pretty fun episode. You’ve been living in BH too long when you don’t know what a ‘mongrel’ is. Also, it’s hard to believe Kyle didn’t have anything pink to wear to LVP’s party. Now, evidently she didn’t since she had to take a pair of scissors to that pink jumpsuit, but maybe she really does think that LVP owns the color pink. Look, I wouldn’t even do what Kyle did with those scissors, and I’m pretty redneck. It was kind of refreshing to see someone like Kyle do something as tacky as that, when I redneck like me, wouldn’t dream of it. I would at least have to hem them (actually I would have to measure them first) and then iron the hem down.

    And wedges? Oh hell no. I couldn’t get a real good look, but it appeared a lot of people ignored that stupid requirement.

    Erika wears a size 6? I know that designer clothes are made larger than what the masses have to wear, but a 6? In my world, she would be sporting at least a 10, or maybe even 12, or even a 16!

    As far as Dorit telling PK that Erika was having a “big dramatic hoo-ha” she used the exact same word (hoo-ha) when pantygate exploded. That girl has a real issue with Erika’s hoo-ha and the fact that PK drooled over it. She needs another word because she’s totally telling on herself. Just saying.

    Loved the recap Allie!!!

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      • I’m wondering the same too or maybe she just make those comments because Erika freezes her out so much! Regardless you know she will see them eventually so be nice! It was really apparent in this last episode, but then again we have that flea/gnat of a husband whispering in her ear!

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      • Dorito came on to be team LVP remember Erica’s bff is Yolemons and after the whole The Gigi and The NonGigi have DaLymes dibocle.

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      • I thought she was much taller-she’s shorter than me! I thought 5’8 or so. She looks tall. Rinna is 5’7, LVP 5’5, Kyle is 5’2, Eileen is 5’7. I have a “thing” for how tall people are. Don’t know why, I just do. 😂

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      • @oveish ~ (I have no idea where this comment is going to land) Anyhoo, since we’re talking about designer clothes, I was under the impression they are made larger than ready to wear, so I decided to google it to make sure I knew what I was talking about. Unfortunately, I came away with very mixed answers. I don’t think anyone seems to really know one way or the other, or maybe I just didn’t search enough, but I did search a fair amount. Or maybe times have changed. Whatever!

        But NO, I had no idea that Erika was only 5’5″, she seems so much taller! Of course, she wears those really high heels a lot, but I think her posture has a lot to do with it too. Even when she wears flats, she seems taller than that. I guess it’s the way she carries herself, if you know what I mean. And Kyle is 5’2″…the same height as me!

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      • Erika has long legs, so I think it makes her look taller. Her legs and arms are skinny, she just has a curvy figure, so a size 6 makes sense to me. Amy Schumer claims she is a size 6, which doesn’t seem possible. But its hard to tell on camera. And if they say so, I will take it as truth. To me it’s a weird thing to share.

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  5. PK is one of the reasons why it is hard to buy that Dorit is a nice girl innocently repeating snide things with no ill will. Nice people don’t usually marry jerks like PK and shreak with laughter every time he says something terrible. Sorry, no. I’d take Tom over PK any day. 1.) Tom is actually intelligent 2.) He earns his money through legitimate avenues 3.) He likes art and appears to be cultured (not wearing some veneer of culture) 4.) He doesn’t go out of his way to be on camera 5.) He doesn’t go out of his way to be mean to random women. PK is a joke compared to Tom, so he might just want to keep his mouth shut.

    So if we are the sum of our friendship, so far Lisa is the sum of Mohammad, Brandi, and Dorit

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  6. Well, Rinna was forced to issue and apology after these comments on her social media:

    “I’m convinced all the haters/trolls are fat hoarders with 50 cats”
    “With no teeth, and they couldn’t find their vagina if they tried”
    “Well all you nasty people need to go”
    “So get the fuck off my page, now”
    “I’m going for it. I’ve got nothing to lose, you sick fucks”

    QVC was hammered with complaints, the fat hoarding cat ladies that can’t find their vaginas with their toothless mouth were pretty pissed off, maybe they were sick….bawahaha
    I’m sure QVC could give a shit – so long as her stuff is selling, but they do have an image to uphold. It’s going to be interesting to see if they make her grovel for forgiveness again. Girlfriend needs to learn some self-control.

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    • I have to say, not that what I went thru is even REMOTELY in the scale of what Rinna has, but when you get barrage after barrage from troll after troll and you ignore 99% of it, sometimes it gets to you and you snap for a minute. I can’t imagine what her IG and Twitter look like. For all we know she was following producer leads or was fulfilling a “role”. One thing I’ve learned over these past months is to try not to be quick with judgement because there are most likely a ton of factors none of us are privy to.

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  7. Does PK have any clients besides Boy George? How much do we really know about this guy?
    I’m team Dorit. But I know you all still love me regardless.
    Gotta say though, I was impressed with Erika’s apology. That was a sincere apology, not buried in a bunch of excuses. She owned her meltdown and let Eileen know that it was not about her. I really love and appreciate when people just admit they are wrong.
    And I am sure I am the only one, but I think Dorit is so damn beautiful she could wear anything or any accessories and still be gorgeous.
    The gold leaf was a leeeetle too Game of Thrones for me.

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    • Hahahaha you are so bad!! Actually I liked the gold crown! I thought it was very different and I really admire Dorit for daring to be different with her attire! I like Dorit too but I really wish she would give Erika a proper apology and I hated the whole panty thing! She took it too far and quite frankly I was shocked the other women didn’t admonish her about doing that! It seems they wanted to see the drama but I would have told her not to do it!

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      • I am not a fan of Dorit, but I LOOOOOVED that gold crown! She looked stunning from head to toe. She gave Erika’s pink-wig-squad a run for their money.

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    • Pip I actually like Dorit too – I like her sense of fashion and for the most part I think she is a nice person and fairly smart

      Not everyone likes everyone and I don’t think she and Ericka like each other but I do think she held her own w Erika and did not stoop to Rinnas level while fighting

      As for Erika sometimes I like her like when she was in Greece other times not so much – she can seem very pretentious and I am over her glam squad making her in my opinion looking like a drag queen . I am one of the people who does not get the clutching of the pearls at pantygate one min while standing stark naked the next to get a spray tan in front of entire crew – I find it odd she wore a necklace last season with the word proudly proclaimed cunty around her neck yet forgets or on purpose wears a short white dress w no underwear and then does not keep her legs together

      Once I thought I would be that cool girl who dared to go out wo underwear and then tell my date I did not have any panties on and I have never been so self conscious of any breeze in my life ! Or of how I sat! You simply cannot in my opinion forget to keep your legs closed

      I don’t think Erika likes LVP because LVP did not like Yolanda and Dorit is LVPs buddy and the teams were thus drawn

      I don’t see a lot of emotion w Erika towards her hubby or her friends and that is just not someone I find interesting or engaging

      I like LVP because she has a loving long marrigae w Ken and dotes on her kids while not spoiling them. She has had a long friendship w Kyle. Has amazing taste and loves animals . And she can take you out if you come for her lol 😂

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  8. I am also going with team Dorit. She took all the mud that was slung at her and threw it right back in those witches faces. You don’t need to be so nasty and vile to get your point across. I detest Rinna and Erika. Two desperate housewives crying for attention. One who has nothing going on in her life so she has to intrude in everyone else’s lives so she can keep those Bravo checks coming. Erika is so full of herself and her sycophants tell her She is the best thing since sliced bread. Her ego knows no boundaries. The wedge shoes was probably requested so they didn’t tear the lawn up with their heels but of course Erika can’t abide by any rule that would cause her to be out of fashion. Ugh, I can’t with this desperate wannabe.

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  9. Best line of the night: Erika (after bitching to everybody that she really didn’t want the ring Eden gave her and only accepted it because she wanted to be polite but then found out that it was worth ‘only 172 USD’): “Eden! I want a better gift!”

    Best line next week: Dorit to Rinna: “Lisa, if I can smell your breath, you are to close!”

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  10. I loved how Erika apologized to Eileen for “snapping” at her.
    That was snapping at someone??!?
    Okay. I would hate to see Erika if she was ever really mad.

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  11. Obviously I’m team Dorit. I don’t think she’s mean. I don’t think she has a drug problem and I certainly don’t think she’s intimidated by that bitch. To me that’s absolutely laughable. I’m pretty sure that her bed was made when she came on board as LVP’s friend. There was no way Erika and her two lap dogs were going to give her a chance. Nope. Also Erika’s supposed glam squad are taking the piss with the hideous outfits they put on her. That pink wig was awful! Anyway her and Rinna can go kick rocks. I really can’t watch these two batches anymore.

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  12. So, on BravoTV we are down to Eileen, Eden, and Dorit doing Blogs. All are worth a read.

    But here’s my question: Eileen said she was totally prepared to adopt that dog, but, not because of paperwork, because he’s short-snouted, the flight would have killed him. She goes on to say (in her blog) “Let someone local adopt him”. Ummmmmmmmm, okay so these dogs were rescued from the festival, so what’s to stop a “local” from adopting and killing the dog? Yeah, I know you have to sign a whole bunch of paperwork, but really, what is stopping them from doing it?

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