RHOA – S9/E18 Baby Nups & Breakups


RHOA SplashHi everyone, welcome to the recap, respectfully submitted by NoLife.  I’m not a writer, and this will be my first official recap for a site.  I’m just a snarky broad who loves trashy TV.  Feel free to offer suggestions going forward.  Hope that your read isn’t too painful.

I have a lovely glass of Bargetto Pinot Noir (Montery Coast wine….too good for this show, but good wine is all I have) with me and, now, onto the show. 

The “ladies” are back from Hawaii-which was a fun filled trip.

At the Bailey Agency and Cynthia doing a cargo runway practice with Nicole.  Nicole thinks Cynthia is being unprofessional with her lack of criticism.  She’s excited to do a show in the ATL.  Sheree shows up with Kairo, I guess to practice as well.  Cynthia says it’s all about the bags.  He’s never done runway before, but he’s sure he’ll do fine.  Cynthia and her partner, Kal?,  keep giving him tips.  He definitely needs works.  All Sheree cares about is press and compensation.  Kal says not everyone is getting a bag, she doesn’t care – she just wants to make sure that Kairo gets one.  Ooooh, Nicole and Kairo trade phone numbers so she can give him pointers.

Night falls and we head over to Porsha calling Phaedra.  She wants Phaedra to do a “Baby Nup” – better hope Phaedra knows how to spell their names.  Porsha loves Todd and he’s a “adorable”,  but she’s worried about him getting upset with her and not getting married and leaving her pregnant (hmmm, sounds like he might have a history of this, eh?).  Phaedra is trying to talk her out of doing, but wants her to send the document PORSHA came up with to her, or bring it over to the restaurant she’s in.  So Porsha gets her fat ass dressed to take it to her.

Over to Kenya with the dogs:  Che (her cousin) shows up – they’re first cousins, but like sisters because they’re so close.  Kenya counts on her to be there for her.  They talk about Hawaii.  Kenya calls it a roller coaster because they keep trying to blame her for everything…from divorce, to chateau, to no edges, but she’s not taking the blame for Trump (me either…GARY JOHNSON!!!).  Talk about the divorce party, the text and how Phaedra went in on her.  Kenya says Phaedra does not how to forget, Che thinks they should sit down and talk about it.  Kenya thought they were making a strong bond, but it was smoke and mirrors.  Onto Matt, and Kenya says she isn’t speaking with him since Charlotte (where he bitch-slapped her driver, then broke out the windows on her house).  She would like for them to get to the type of relationship Cynthia and Peter have.  Che thinks it will take time for them to be friends.  Kenya takes blame for problems, she didn’t slow down and give him the attention he thought he deserved which may have made him feel emasculated.  She wants to reach out because King’s birthday is coming up to thank him for the dog.  She says they had a solid year of a really good relationship which is why she forgave him so easily.  Che asks if she is sure it wasn’t about the sex.  Kenya says “I control the dick, it don’t control me”.

Commercial – pee break!!!

On to Kandi: She dropping in on Mama Joyce and the rest of the Old Lady Gang for dinner.  Todd is at the restaurant that taking over his life.  They talk about the trip and Kandi says it was all drama.  Aunt Doris notes they all hate Kandi, and that’s why they don’t let her (Aunt Doris) come on trips.  Kandi tells Mama about Porsha telling everyone Phaedra is divorced.  Mama asks if Apollo told Todd, and no he didn’t (you know, because he didn’t know, because Phaedra used the incorrect names on the documents so her divorce has been un-divorced FACTUALLY).  Todd arrives, and they pray.  I don’t know why, but they’re eating off of STYROFOAM TRAYS.  Like school cafeteria Styrofoam trays…they should pray for plates.  Ace eats a whole chicken leg as Kandi talks about doing a preview dinner thing….again….didn’t we do that last year in some grocery store?

Lake Bailey and Cynthia is having some electrical work down.  Phaedra shows up in something skanky.  Her stylist really should be shot for what he makes me look at.  Today we have painted on jeans with a 4 sizes too small, net, see through shirt.  So, yes, you can see her stomach rolling over the top of the jeans in profile (remember, kids, I watch this shit so you don’t have to).  It’s also army green.  It’s also soo tight at the elbows (where the sleeves end) that her hands are purple.  Dressed by Baby Gap, I guess.  Oh dear God in heaven, I just unpaused and now I have the full frontal view.  It appears to be a leotard with high cut.  So high cut that it ends at the rib cage on the sides….and I get full views of her saddlebag fat on both sides.  Fix it Jesus!  Anyway, Cynthia says the last time Phaedra crossed her doorstep she wasn’t married yet.  She wants to know why she came for Kenya so hard before the fashion show.  Chit chat.  And Phaedra brings up that being divorced is hard, and Cynthia casually drops the bomb that Porsha told them all that it was final.  Stank face and says “Porsha mentions a lot, doesn’t she?”  They even subtitled it!  And Phaedra admits that it’s been finalized.   (NOT.  Her divorce has been divorced from the divorce).  Now she Phaedra says she feels comfortable talking with Cynthia now.  The divorce party made Phaedra question Kenya’s motives.  Phaedra actually says “I didn’t think the text was really bad”.  Cynthia says that she went back to a situation. Phaedea is not upset with Kenya she’s just offended.  Cynthia wants, the spirit of moving forward, them to resolve their differences.  Now Phaedra wants to baptize people.  Phaedra asks what time it is because she has to get to the “schoolhouse”…..Cynthia responds that it is AFTER 5.  Honey, you should have been to the “schoolhouse” about 2 hours ago.  Cynthia has  gotta go too to see about the show.

Commercial – I have to go acid wash my eyes after that Glamour Don’t Phaedra was wearing (back in the day, I used “My Official Real World Eye Gouging Stick”, but I’m an adult now).

On to Porsha, with her Todd, at her new house.  He brought a satchel.  She’s giving him the tour, but he’s “touring her body”….thanks Porsha, I just threw up in my mouth.  In her talking head she says “he just can’t keep his hands off all of this chocolate”, and I did it again.  They sit on the couch, he wants to get handsy, but she wants to talk.  Really she wants to present him with the baby nup.  He’s reading it and shocked.  He asked if Phaedra wrote it up, well, it does look like it is handwritten so I understand his confusion, but the crayon should’ve given away that it was Porsha.  She said Phaedra is mostly against it, but aren’t we all?  She goes on to say that this doesn’t say that they’ll get married, just what will happen if they have a baby before they get married (good fucking grief).  He asking if he’ll be getting any if he don’t sign it, and she says “no”; therefore, giving him the defense of signing under duress that will allow him to get out of any contract.  Idiot.  He’s reading it, out loud.  Things like he must disclose all financial assets, father is responsible for providing 50% of all expenses, 50% education and childcare costs, prospective mother has absolutely authority to travel domestically and internationally at will.  Honey, if you gotta put all that in writing, maybe you shouldn’t be having a baby.  Even right down to HER absolute right to put her child on social media.  And noooow, they fight.  I can’t even follow this foolishness, but Todd is absolutely correct that this only controls his behavior nothing about hers.  He says “If you thought I would say ok to half of that stuff, then I don’t know what you thought what kind of person I am, what kind of father I would be.” (I’m liking Todd more and more).  In her talking head she says she doesn’t understand what his problem is.  He tells her he ain’t signing it, and leaves.  Porsha lets him go without saying a word.

Cynthia’s fashion show is at ST Art Gallery they arrive 4 hours before the show.  She, her partner Kal and Noelle all arrive in separate cars, and Noelle cannot parallel park.  This is Cynthia’s first show as a designer.  Noelle didn’t invite any friends, but Cynthia is glad she’s calm.  1 hour before, Noelle tells Cynthia that Kairo isn’t there yet, even though the call time was an hour before.  Cynthia is freaking.  Generally when models don’t show up on time a call goes to their agent or manager, in this case, she’s calling the Momager.  Cynthia calls Sheree, and Sheree blames traffic…apparently, she’s not escorting him to the show.  Now Cynthia is freaking out.

Commercial – I need to do a personal inventory to see why I watch this shit….

Kairo finally shows and says that he was “waiting on his Mom” but Cynthia throws back that he supposedly left before Sheree.  Cynthia welcomes him and he goes in and talks to Noelle.  She asks if he’s nervous, he says no, and she says he will be.  FUNNY STUPID EDIT MISTAKE:  They show Sheree arrive and after all these scenes with Kairo, Kairo is now standing behind her.  Sheree asks if they’re underground because she heard water when she walked in and thinks “It’s sewage or something”.  Cynthia talking head (and me) “Really Sheree?”  No other HW’s are there yet, Phaedra and Porsha are not coming.  Sheree wants to make sure she has front row “seats”.  Bob is coming too, but she realized after Maui, they ain’t getting back together.  Lots of random celebrities show up.  Sheree is bitching about the lack of A/C to Kal, so he is asking her why Kairo was late.  She says it was 10 minutes and several people were later than him.  He claps back with it was more than 10 minutes.  Then they do cheers and he walks away.  Girls around Sheree say he tried to come for her and she acts like she slayed him.  Kenya shows up, and in talking head, asks if it is the dungeon Porsha was locked up in.  It was packed, standing room only.  Noelle opens, then models, then Kairo.  Sheree says he was killing it “he shut down the runway tonight”. To me, he walked funny and looked scared shitless.  More models, and it’s over.  Cynthia thanks everyone.  Kandi and Kenya talk about how good the show was.  Kandi asks if she heard from Phaedra with an apology or something.  Talking head Kenya “Phaedra lives this life for the public where she wants everyone to think she cares about everyone, and then you got the rachet side.  She’s going continue to do her dirty work behind closed doors.  Knees open.”  Cynthia walks up and hugs and congratulates.  Kandi loved the show.  Sheree shows up.  Cynthia thinks she’s a force to be wreckoned with, not just a pretty face.

Commercial – This recapping thing is hard!  Oh, Kandi on WWHL tonight!

Next up Phaedra with Johnnie Winston….funny, I thought when he came to her, she said she was staying out of it, but I guess not.  Oscar Prioleau Jr, who I guess is a real actual lawyer.  Phaedra says he is the king of employment law. Oscar: Phaedra gave him background.  Johnnie says he hasn’t been paid and some agreement that hasn’t been adhered to.  She has no issues with Kandi, but because Johnnie sought out her help, she’s obliged to help him because she’s a lawyer.  Johnnie shows up and gives his story:  Johnnie apparently invited her to be silent partner in a restaurant, she said yes, but never heard anything from her until she said that she was opening one with Todd – which is the exact same concept he had.  They had nothing in writing, it was all verbal other than the proposal he presented to her.  Then he goes on to say that she also stole “A Mother’s Love” from him – he came up it and Kandi ran with it.  He wants a lawsuit.  Johnnie leaves and Phaedra asks Oscar if he has a case.  Oscar thinks he might.  Phaedra says she wants nothing to do with this or Kandi, or the Factory, or “the Plantation”.

Kenya takes the dogs to some kind of dog shop for King’s birthday, then Matt shows up and she calls him King’s Daddy.  In her talking head, she says she invited him to the birthday…..whatever it is…..because he’s their puppy Daddy.  She doesn’t want anything else from him other than wipe the slate clean and to be friends again.  They look around the dog shop and then sit down to talk.  He says he misses the dogs as much as he misses her (I’m sure there’s a bitch joke in here somewhere).  She tells him that Cynthia told her about their conversation.  He wasn’t pleased with it.  He felt the conversation was about what Kenya wants and what Matt does wrong, he says “no one ever talks about what you do wrong”.  Kenya leaves the shop and Matt follows her along with about 5 production people.  She says this isn’t about each other’s problems.  He’s stalking down the hall and he says “because this is not about your faults.”  Kenya says this is not what I’m here for and he agrees. In talking head she says that he’s taking her back into the anger and negativity.  She asks why is he doing this and he yells “Let me point out some of YOUR faults”.  The dogs are freaking out, and clearly so is production.  If you have any confusion that Matt is dangerous, their response to his following Kenya will clear that right up.

Commercial:  Gird your loins.

Now they’re in a stairwell. Kenya asks why he’s always acting like he can’t control himself.  She can’t with him because it’s always this.  “Everyone tries to talk with you and you always do this.  You ruin everthing  that’s good.”  Matt says “No, I had some thing good and YOU ruined it.  You’re the only thing I care about”.  Kenya: “And this what you call caring about.  Talking loud, not listening. The problem is Matt, I cannot talk to you.” Matt is now sulking on the stairs.  Kenya “I’ve been there for you, I didn’t do anything that can permanently change your life like sending you to jail for your behavior.”  Matt: “Kenya, pull the trigger, it’s clear you don’t care about me.”  Kenya:  “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t care about you, you’re like a broken record.”  Matt “You’re a broken record because you won’t.say.you’re.sorry.”  He said that in the really angry way that girls who have been there before recognize as right before the smack….but he didn’t hit her.  After bickering that is causing me SERIOUS FLASHBACKS, she said “I’m not the one calling you” and he comes back with “You saying we didn’t have sex in my truck the other night because you wanted to”.  Kenya “Don’t play that game, I’m going to allow myself to move forward because I know you care, but whatever you’re holding on to you can’t get past.”  Matt is now crying.   She begs him to look at her, and she holds his face and says “Baby I can’t do this no more.”  Matt says “ The stuff you say to me it hurts, it hurt bad”….and Matt starts the argument again. Matt says “Go get whoever you need to get to be whole because I’m not the guy.”  She kisses his head and leaves.  She’s done, just has to let Matt go, they’re toxic together, and she has to grow.  And walk away.  Which she does.  Annnnnnnd…..end.

Hope you enjoyed this!  Again, hints and suggestions welcome!



57 thoughts on “RHOA – S9/E18 Baby Nups & Breakups

  1. Really great recap! I’m surprised all that happened in the episode. You did a wonderful job!
    I feel like Kenya keeps leading Matt on. Why would she have him on her show?
    I can’t stand Phaedra, she really is Phakedra. Clothes too tight. What kind of stylist does she have. Like you said, you can see they don’t fit. And Porsha wanting a babynup? That is insane! If I was him I’d want to see a negative pregnancy test first.
    Again, really good job. Thanks so much!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you, Dee! This season is crazy. Not to make it appear that I’m defending Kenya, but I’ve been where she is. There’s that thought in the back of your head that says ” Look how much he loves me! I can fix him. I just need to stop doing (x) and he won’t get mad”.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. NoLife!!! Excellent recap. Well written and on point! I don’t even watch this show anymore, although I will admit, sometimes when I’m scrolling and it’s on, I do think… hmmm…. this is more interesting than I remember! I haven’t watched since the scepter incident at that reunion. I remember everyone at that site we use to go to was all “don’t lay hands on ANYONE, EVER”! And blaming Portia for that whole event. But sorry, scepter bitch was the culprit and enough to turn me off forever.
    I’m glad you are recapping!!!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • I hear ya Pip, I blamed scepter bitch as well. She deserved to be dragged. Pity you don’t watch anymore. I advise you though to start watching again next season: Nene and Kim Z. will be added to the cast and they are gonna give scepter bitch hell. You might wanna get front row tickets for that!

      Liked by 2 people

      • I agree, Allie. I have a really hard time with both Nene and Kim Z. HOWEVER, can you imagine the dramz they will bring? They probably both still hold resentment. And is Sheree staying? Because those three together. Oh my! I will probably tune in.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I can take Nene over Kim. Kim has completely forgotten where she came from, I have no use for someone who so blatantly changes their appearance so drastically yet insults my intelligence expecting me to believe pregnancy did it. Plus her daughter wasn’t even 18 and Kim was allowing her all sorts of cosmetic surgery before she was even done developing! I just think she’s a fake, phony, vapid liar and I can’t. How do I REALLY feel? Ha


      • I completely agree. I saw Kim at the airport last year. She is very tiny (which surprised me) and very pretty with a face cake-full of makeup. I am talking a quarter inch thick of foundation. I am not a Kim fan at all, but she was very nice and she and Kroy also had their little ones with them. HOLY CRAP!! Those kids! Seriously, just about the cutest things I have ever seen! Especially her little daughter who talked all about her airplane ride with me.
        So anyway, this made me like her a little more. But I still don’t like- like her. 😂😂😂
        But I do agree… why do these women deny the plastic surgery? Do they really think anyone is buying it? I also think she is obnoxious.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Here’s my “shade” on all this: I saw Sheree pimping her son as usual. After all she is still trying to finished the moldy monstrosity known as Chateau Sheree. Maybe if Kairo becomes good at modeling he can finally buy a bed we know Sheree never bought any furniture since we saw her son sleeping on an Air mattress at her rented apartment.
    I want Phaedra’s mirror. You know, the one where none of her side fat appears or her lopsided booty looks small and tight, not large and jiggly. The one were she looks thin and not a pork roll in a sausage casing.

    Cynthia still trying to gain back all the money she wasted on Peter’s failed ventures. She won’t have do it if she listened to her family and didn’t marry Peter/ papa smurf con artist/ uncle ben.

    Kandi- I can’t with Kandi and her family. Never have I seen a more ungrateful bunch of old hens. Greedy and ungrateful.

    Porsha- Run Todd. That vagina has too many miles on it. It’s a petri dish of God only know what
    STDs. And that baby contract- don’t think for one second it would replace child support.

    and lastly Kenya and the rent-a-boyfriend Matt. I feel bad for Matt. He wasn’t good enough for her to have sex within in a bed. While his long-stroke is most likely amazing, he’s nuttier than a fruit cake. Maybe if he calls Mona Scott Young of Love and Hip hop, she can get him hooked up with one the talentless skanks on that show. Crazy people do make good tv.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Not reading it since I don’t want spoilers, but will read it as soon as I can see the episode.
    I use SlingTV on my Roku and Bravo is losing their minds. Sometimes the episodes are available right after they air, other times it takes almost 2 weeks! Girlfriend’s Guide hasn’t had a new episode for well over a month! Super frustrating!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Crazy, how do you like Sling TV? I was thinking of getting it, but was afraid of not getting the bravo channel. And HWONY is starting soon and so is Southern Charm.

      Bravo has their own channel on Roku, but you need to enter your cable info to get it. I wonder if you can still get it if you have just the Internet through the cable company. The Bravo channel seems to put things up a lot faster than the On Demand on cable. They are really slacking in that department.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I have Sling specifically for Bravo and for soccer games, while my husband uses it to watch Univision.
        It’s a great price, but Bravo not cooperating is really ruining it for me. Plus, due to the channel that has rights for World Cup soccer qualifying, I have to pay an extra $10/month to see the games I want. Still cheaper than DirecTV by a long shot, but seriously… Bravo is pissing me off.
        The episode FINALLY showed up today, so I got to watch it. Most of it. Be warned, on Sling, YOU CANNOT FORWARD ON BRAVO. It’s more bs with Bravo, because other channels fast forward without problems.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Good job NoLife!

    Am I recalling correctly that Phaedra had surgery (or something) last year that slimmed her down quite a bit? If I got that right, sounds like she is gaining it back.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Great recap! Love the snark! I haven’t seen the episode yet, so now I don’t have to. Thanks! 🙂
    I’m still not over it, watching them use the penis shaped lipstick and playing a Porno version of pin the tail on the donkey. (Good grief. Autocorrect hates the word penis. PENNSYLVANIA! PENNSYLVANIA! PENNSYLVANIA! Lol!)

    Interesting thing about Kenya. When she was last on WWHL, with Tyson Bedford, I forget who he was talking about that had a drug problem. I’m pretty sure it sounded like Kenya said under her breath that Matt had the same problem. Did anyone else catch that? Or was I just hearing things?

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Very entertaining recap! I can’t with Kenya and her bullshit storyline. If she was a truly nicer person I might believe some of the stuff that has happened but seeing as I don’t think she’s anywhere near nice, I have zero empathy for her. I wonder who she’s going to hire next season to play the boyfriend part. I don’t mind Sheree but it’s a bit of stretch to think that Kairo is going to bring in the big bucks as a model. I feel like this season has gone on forever and it’s the same shite being played over and over. Eighteen episodes and it’s still not done.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. OMG!!! ALLIE! Too funny! The description of Phaedra’s body then a “fix it Jesus!” I almost spit my Sprite Zero out all over my keyboard!

    Great Recap! I am frightened for Kenya. Matt seems really unhinged. I hope it is just editing by Bravo.

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Excellent recap, NoLife. Firstly, it was sweet, thoughtful & very noble of you to help out Allie.
    Secondly, your commercial break comments plus your description of Phaedra’s dressing or lack of dressing, is downright hilarious. And how she waddled into CBaileys new home.
    I love love your funny side comments. hahaha.
    Good job, NoLife.

    Liked by 4 people

    • You know Juvial, I think that’s what makes this site great. Allie can’t do everything and that she’s allowing those of us that luuuuurve these stupid shows to recap them is great! We all contribute in our own ways, and I’m grateful that she’s allowing me to try out my writing chops. Plus, I watch this stupid shit anyway. So I’m dragging all of you along with me and I get to show my really snark side :). I’m looking forward to others recaps of shows I can’t or don’t watch! Yay team!

      And not to forget. I’m also incredibly grateful for thos lurkers who just read and don’t post! Thanks for reading! And, for the record, if you think I’m an asshat, and want to disagree with my thoughts, please do so. I won’t belittle or condemn you for thinking differently. 🙂

      Liked by 4 people

      • Yes, I do like & appreciate the way Allie treats us here. She lets us be, act silly and talk OT and go on, and yet treats us with love kindness and generosity. And to top it off, a gift giveaway for each month too.
        I do like your funny side eye comments on RHOA. It’s funny, hilarious, and true. I think everything is to be side eyed on AT.
        So keep up the good work, NoLife. Recapping is no joke. Maybe we need to subscribe to LRinna’s Depends. For you…but then we won’t get to hear Your funny Pee Break Commercial comments. All the best my dear. Thanks for helping.

        Liked by 3 people

  10. Great recap NoLife!

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the snark about Phaedra because she is truly my #1 hated HW of ALL time. That includes every damn body that ever appeared on any of the franchises. Phony Phucking Phaedra. Sorry, but I can’t keep a civil tongue in my head about that hussy 😦

    Cynthia in her talking head, wearing that red dress with the black puffy sleeves is so unattractive, in my opinion. It makes her look….odd.

    Kairo has a nice body, but a lot to be desired when it comes to his face. I don’t really think he’s all that good looking. Also, I agree about his “walk.” Really?

    I want Matt and Kenya to break up and just be done with it. They’re tiresome.

    Well, I wrote my comment and didn’t have a single good thing to say about anyone, so it may be time to step away from Atlanta, although in all honesty, I probably won’t. Old habits die hard. It’s come down to the only good and fun things to watch are Kenya’s dogs and Phaedra’s boy’s. Sigh.

    Liked by 3 people

  11. Great job, NoLife. That episode kind of felt like filler to me. I fast-forwarded through the Kenya/Matt nonsense I’m so sick of them. I’m ready to be done with this season and move on to the reunion and NY.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I agree mrsmuffins. Although, every season of every franchise i say the the same thing. By the time any season is ending, I am so sick of them, I’m ready for them to go away, and start a new season with whomever is up next. THEN, by the time their season is ending, I’m saying the same thing about them! Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

      I need help 😉

      Liked by 4 people

      • Ha ha totally! This season of Atlanta seems really lame. Im just really sick of Kenya’s fake relationships. She is a bad actor. And the rest of them don’t really have storylines that are real. Besides Kandi of course, although word on Mamma Joyce’s street is OLG is still not open. Phaedra would be more interesting if she was remotely honest, but she didn’t get the name Phake Phaedra for nothing. And Porsha is seriously dumb I can’t deal.

        Liked by 2 people

  12. Fantastic recap, NoLife! Witty!
    One tinsy quibble: you call Noelle “Nicole” in the beginning, but fix it at the end. That’s the only problem I can see with your awesome recap!
    Sling is a bitch so I only got to watch part of it. Really, really sick of Phaedra. She used to be one of my favorites, but bleck.
    Kenya’s psycho relationship, real or fake, needs to get off my screen.
    The OLG strike me as a bunch of clucking hens. The food looked soooo tasty though.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Oh BTW I’ve been diligently reading Sheree’s “novel”. Guys it is so much worse than I anticipated. I didn’t know the bar could lower to this level. I’ll try to finish it and report back in detail but it is A FUCKING CHORE to get through.

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Seriously fantastic recap! You are a natural! Your wit is sharp and hilarious!
    I haven’t watched the past few seasons ATL, but I really enjoyed reading your excellent writing!

    You got skillz, NoLife! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  15. Well done on your debut! I am so behind with all the shows .

    Off topic but … Misha,…. AthenaX 😡😡😡😡

    P.s. Line of duty has starred and it’s fab, you should be able track it down online if can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

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