Cats Are Mean.

I had to share this-it cracked me up and with all the pet people here, I thought y’all would get a laugh out of it ❤

Talk soon Lovelies



14 thoughts on “Cats Are Mean.

  1. OMG! This was perfect for first thing in the morning! I laughed so hard at all of them. The one that really got me was the dog moving the bed, folding it up. The cat didn’t budge. It looks like they often play this game LOL They were all very funny! Thanks for sharing!

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    • Wasn’t that hilarious??? If we had a cat, I would hope Atticus wouldn’t be too much of a wuss to give up his bed. But my lap and is his bed. So is our bed. So I guess it would be a non issue 😜


  2. I was looking at that last night before I hit the bed….I had seen the pit bull tip toeing past the cat before, but it never get’s old. I could look at that kind of stuff for hours.

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