60 Days In: Atlanta

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12 thoughts on “60 Days In: Atlanta

  1. I’m watching now. The girls fighting is ridiculous that no co’s came at all. The inmates suspect Calvin is a fed because he got pulled for an interview. Thankfully, they pulled another guy out after he came back. But the inmates still suspect.

    The last person is entering jail, finally. He’s happy with everyone having to take a shower before going in. He’s giving us smell-o-vision and says the b.o. is so bad in there and everyone needs to take more showers.

    The bald headed guy (3rd picture top row) finally got some rec time. They get 1 hour two times a week. All the inmates were happy but then there was a power outage and they all had to go back to their cells for a lockdown. Inmates were pissed! They think it was done on purpose because it happens every time (so they say) . They are questioning why the camera lights are still on if there’s a power outage. They don’t get to go back to the rec room when the lights come back on, adding to their frustration.

    Now I have to get up and will watch the rest later on.

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    • Okey dokey, Oveish. Watching now. I have to watch and type this show because I forget a lot by the time the show is over.
      I think Jessica really is blending in well. But I am really worried for poor little Maura. These chicks don’t like her. I honestly don’t think Maura is going to last the full 60.
      Calvin got really lucky when that other dude got called for an interview. But the other guys still seem super suspicious.
      Lyric and Iaisha fighting AGAIN?!! Right after being on lockdown for fighting! These girls, man… I mean, they are just beating the CRAP out of each other!!! I have never been in a physical fight. I honestly have never even SEEN a physical fight in person. I would have no idea how to protect myself other than curling up in a ball and covering my head. I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to throw an effective punch, But I can pull hair!!!
      I am not sure why, but the guys are on lockdown. There was a power failure, which made them miss their rec time and even though the powers back on, they are still locked in their cells for like 24 hours now?! Why? That makes no sense!! I am sure that moving the prisoners to a different location for rec time is a dangerous proposition, but I bet these guards love taking their rec time away from them. These CO’s are just pathetic. These inmates need an hour of rec time everyday. Period. They are angry and pent up and they need to release that on physical exercise. I really think they would be more chill if they were able to have an hour.
      Jon’s roommate! Just OMG! Can you even imagine? He never shuts up!!! And he is blowing bubbles out of a shampoo bottle covering his penis??? “Look! I’m blowing bubbles out of my Peter”! Giggling like a 6 year old boy! Oh man… Poor Jon! Gah! Now his roommate is literally lifting his leg and letting loud, rancid farts. They are in what? A 10×10 cell?? Kill me now!!
      Uh oh… Matt’s cover story is growing weed in his basement… and his roommate is a professional weed grower and certainly knows more on the subject and laws on it than Matt does. Whoopsie!
      Maura is being asked to partake in the hootch the women made. She says she lives a clean life and doesn’t drink or use any substances. I don’t think they are buying it.
      Oh man!!! Some inmate named Marcus is claiming to be a Blood. And he isn’t. That will get your ass killed! And now he is denying that he’s a Blood. Too tall just punched him.
      Dushaun and Don are playing chess. Dushaun beat Don and is a VERY BAD WINNER. He’s just rubbing it in Don’s face! Dushaun is really immature. He is going to get his ass kicked eventually.
      I am so sorry for my wall of words! Just so much to say on this! Holy cow!

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      • I think the guys got lockdown bc one of the 60 Dayers didn’t know exactly what to do and that caused them all to get punished. Or at least that’s what I think I remember about that. Dang I can’t remember anything these days!!! Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken on the events of lockdown. Also yeah the dude with the pro pot grower might have a lil problem, as do I think the one (terrible with names) who said he was brought vs a closer jail. Seems his bunkmate is a pro at being incarcerated and doesn’t buy his story. Bunkmate was talking via the vents that he’s a plant. Man that’s scary and I worry that these 60 Dayers could be in harms way bc Clark County had to seasons already and I’d bet some of these folks in now saw it family/friends did and filled them in. I’m surprised they did another season any where. As for the CO’s oh hell they aren’t nice at all and I get this isn’t club med but dang these people are human beings for “petes sake” (had to use that my dad used it all the time today would have been his 90th RIP daddy love & miss you!!!) if they have life or their jobs that much go door opens same way it closes!

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      • Great recap, Pip!

        Thanks for taking the time to type as you watched! These women scare the crap out of me. I legitimately think I’d have a heart attack and die if I were ever sent to prison/jail.

        Like Happy, being falsely imprisoned has always been one of my deepest fears! (Also being shot or in a bad car accident) Thankfully time and life experience has lessened the overwhelming amd irrational fear I used to live with. It actually sounds silly to even type (admit) that! Lol.

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  2. Happy Birthday to your Daddy, mbluna. I hope you do something special for yourself, today, in his honor! ❤

    The pain of losing a parent never gets easier. I lost my Dad 5 years ago and there has not been one day that I don’t think of him or miss him terribly. Holidays, Birthdays and Anniversaries sting even more. My heart is with you! ❤

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    • Thanks Janey!! It’s fact no matter how long ago I still miss him dearly!! He was fun and got out there and did crazy things with us!! I’m 15 years younger than my next sister and we all have memories of him tossing us in the pool, playing catch and sledding and anything else we wanted to do! Where I grew up kids “borrowed” the keys to dad’s boats more so than cars or at least we did, one time we borrowed his truck to put his boat in the water and we’ll let’s say I wasn’t great with a parking break at the time!!! Once his truck we towed out I was still holding the line keeping the boat semi beached when he jumped in and said “so you wanted an afternoon boat ride?? Let’s go”!!! And off we went boy my mom wasn’t pleased with either of us but that’s one of my all time fav memories!! He’ll be gone 10 years in a few weeks. Thanks for listening!!

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