Help Wanted

I want to have more television on the blog but honestly, I don’t have the time. I’m going to recap RHONY, OC-but Potomac is coming up and I don’t really love that franchise but I know some of y’all do. If anyone is interested in recapping Real Housewives of Potomac, send me a sample recap and we’ll go from there 😊. 

Send it to I can’t pay you so it’s volunteer work but I may send tokens of appreciation 😉. Thanks, guys. 

Talk soon, Lovelies



23 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. WOW! What a great recap! There is so much info I will have to re-read but I just about choked when Eileen had the nerve to say she aplologized, what did you want? For Eileen to say this says so much about her I’m shocked. All last year she kept whining about getting her apology. UGH!
    Back soon!


  2. Please recap RHONY. They have become my favorite over the years. Sometimes I can’t choose a #1 franchise. RHONY is kind the only one that has girls who are really friends and the messiness is real. Sonja is a freaking trip. When Ramona & her get together it’s hilarious. I kinda like Potomac but it gives me that “married to medicine” vibe.

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  3. I’m so happy to hear you are looking for help–the pay is just what I am looking for, too! Although DC is not my favorite franchise, I could make do. Or, maybe the Dallas ones? Anyway, I’ll send you a sample of 1 I wrote for Reality Tea tomorrow. For now, I’m going to check out Baseball and Books. I love reading blogs!

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    • You are one lucky lady! So many people hate their jobs. I would love to travel for work! I say that now, but I am sure it can wear on yiu, too. I would probably miss home too much!

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      • I do, and it’s not all glamour. But whodathunk I’d like Omaha or Kalamazoo? PLaces I’d never go, but turned out loving it! And everyone once in a while it starts to wear on me. Lately I’ve been in NYC far too much, and that’s wearing me out.

        What I miss most? Having a pet :(.

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      • I’m pretty sure Allie is from Kalamazoo! 😂😂😂. She runs a daycare there and is a
        Millennial. (Sorry, couldn’t resist). I’d miss having a pet, too. That would be difficult for me!

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