Update on RHONJ Car Deaths

They’ve identified the 2 young men killed in Kim D’s car. Sad story. Link below:
Talk soon Lovelies



4 thoughts on “Update on RHONJ Car Deaths

  1. Did anyone see the comment Kim D made, “The Mob doesn’t do that, this is gang-related” I think it would behoove her to keep her mouth shut. Those big boys she runs with don’t want to hear her spouting off their business practices.

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  2. Poor kids. (I guess these “kids” are a bit older but anyone in their 20’s is a “kid” to me.)

    Don’t even get me started on the use of confidential informants to do the job of police officers! They are tasked to do the job of police officers but given no training, no salary, no rights and no protection.

    One of my friends growing up was the mother of Andrew Sadek who was a college student found dead in the river weighted down with a backpack full of rocks (strapped to his body with WIRE) and a bullet to the side of his head. No gun was found but the police said it was suicide. It was not a suicide. His case was on 60 minutes and it will be upcoming as a Dateline or 48 Hours one soon..

    Anyways.. this one hurts my heart because when I see young kids mixed up in this, I see the faces of my son. Just ONE poor decision away.

    That being said, Kim D seems like someone I would not want to mess with. Her clothes store reminded me of a shill operation like on Breaking Bad where they laundered their drug money with a legitimate business. Of course I have no information to back up this statement! I’m just saying…

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