A New Pretty

Morphe launched a new palette today, the 35R, Ready, Set, Gold. Guys-it’s soooo pretty. Retails for $22.99-link below:
Oh. And Kylie launches new blush palettes Friday-I saw them. Yuck. I don’t know what they look like on but in the pan they’re garish. I hate her packaging anyway. So that’s a pile of nope.

I started watching The Arrangement on E!. I’m halfway through the second episode and I’m definitely intrigued!

Talk soon, Lovelies!



9 thoughts on “A New Pretty

    • I agree, they haven’t really talked much about the religion yet. I thought it odd that he has replaced her on the movie yet didn’t bother to tell her. That kind of goes along with Katie being interviewed for what she thought was a movie and instead they “fell in love”
      I can’t wait to see more. This and the Impostor has me hanging I love the colors in the Morphe Palette. The gold and brown are gorgeous.

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  1. I’m watching The Arrangement and The Imposters, both are good. I remember hearing that Tom was auditioning for women to date/marry when he met Katie. I also remember him insisting her name was Kate, it didn’t stick.


  2. I may have to lift my makeup buying ban just this once. That is so pretty. I’m going to have to start doing my makeup every day to justify all these purchases.

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing! HSN sells Too Faced, right now they are offering flex pay. I just got the Chocolate Bon Bon Palette and a lipstick, mascara, eye pencil. It was a good price, $53 for all. The palette is $49 on HSN. I just looked, they have more and they are so pretty. I love the combinations!


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