New Hobby and Apology

Guys-I’m not going to have time to recap RHOA-I’ve got 50 things to do and I just don’t have time-I’m sorry.

I want to start collecting coffee table books-I found some that I can’t wait to get! There’s Chanel Collections and Creations, Face Paint, W: The Stories, In Vogue: An Illustrated History, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, Vogue: The Covers, The Complete Book of Shoes, 100 Years of Fashion, Kevyn Aucoin: Making Faces and that’s just the start. I’d like to put shelves around my makeup area and have them up there. Plus I really want to read them. 😊 they’re not expensive thru Amazon but holy crap Annie Leibovitz has one for 2,500$. It’s got Keith Haring art on the cover but still. No.

My Ipsy and Boxycharm are supposed to be here today so I’ll post reviews if and when they get here.

Talk soon Lovelies!



22 thoughts on “New Hobby and Apology

  1. Borders/BAM/B&N have gorgeous fashion/art books. Long ago B4 kids.. I collected these. Actually have a few Chanel ones. Mainly art and architecture. That’s when I would go weekly to the flower shop and grab fresh flowers for the ikea coffee table in my little one bedroom apartment. To be 20 again! 😌 Anyway, last time I was in BAM they still have lots of these books @ the front in the closeouts. Good luck!

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  2. hmmm 🤔🤔…sooo, what would this mean for all us, stray kiddies that you have adopted? does this mean biddie bye..😥😪
    okay okay…I can play along and pretend to like coffee table Uge Uge books too. pretend in a bigely way.
    pretty soon, Mz Allie, the rate you are going with 20 thousand lipsticks, eye paint,etc etc and now coffee table Uge books, poor Mark will have to build an annex just to store you and Atticus.
    I guess I am going cuckoo crazy here thinking of ErikaJayne and her dance off that’s going to take place in around 3hrs&30mins&2seconds. ❤️❤️

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    • Dancing with the Stars starts tonight?!?

      Thanks, Juvial. I would have missed it otherwise. I’m only going to watch for Erika. Once she’s gone, I’m done with it.

      BTW, who is her partner.

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      • Yaas, tonight, Oveish.
        Erika’s partner? 🤔😬🙄 I don’t even know, and I don’t even care. I just want to see Mz Erika dance. I haven’t watched the DWTS jokers so long, it’s unbearable with their 20 piece orchestra music 🎶 😫😱😩. I hope my attention span is longer this time.
        Same here, once Erika leaves (and she may not) I m outta there.

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      • Well, the show just started. I never heard of Normanie before, but I recognize the music. She was pretty good and she seems like a very sweet person. She might be some competition for Erika.

        BTW, I care about who her partner is because I watching the male pros is the best part of the show.:)

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  3. I collect coffee table books as well. Mine cover fashion, art and architecture. I generally get mine from Amazon because even with the AUD/USD exchange rate, it’s still more cost effective for me to purchase it from the US then try and find it any of the bookstores here in Australia.

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      • If I try and source the same kind of books here in Australia I end up paying dboule what I would on Amazon including shipping. I tend to be hard covers when I buy books. If it’s priced at USD20 then I end up paying AUD30 with the conversion rate. Same book in a local bookstore would be AUD50-60. So yeah, it’s a no brainer for me. 🙂

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  4. Okay okay I promise to stop laughing Allie. I just can’t help it. Every time someone talks about coffee table books, I think of Kramer.

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  5. Oh dear, apparently I have to say it again; “RHOA: Discuss among yourselves” Replace RHOA with any number of shows you can’t recap. Come on now!

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  6. Just because I can, I look at a few designers IG accounts. I like to get ideas on how to refinish my projects (current one is a Waterfall Buffet) The coffee table book is making a comeback, gone is that sterile look of nothing on any table or mantle look. They are putting books on nightstands with small lamps on top of the stack, even dining room tables are getting the love of books.

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  7. Is anyone watching the Imposters? It is on Bravo but I just turned on USA and it’s on there. I just started watching, it looks interesting. Also just saw Uma Thurman in the ending of one episode.

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