Creepy RHONJ Goss

Thank you, No Life for sending me this. Sheeeeeesh….

Kim D of Posche and RHONJ? Her burned-up Audi was found with 2 dead folk in it. Police are calling it a homicide. No duh, police. Story below:

Talk Soon, Lovelies!


Sorry about the Atlanta error-I had RHOA on the brain and was super tired. Thank you, O for proofreading 😉


23 thoughts on “Creepy RHONJ Goss

  1. Didn’t Kim D say one time that she “ran with the big boys” or something like that? I don’t know, but this sure sounds like a hit job from the big boys. Regardless, it’s terrible.

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  2. Found this GEM under her Brandi Glanville post:
    tamaratattles says
    March 19, 2017 at 11:59 am
    Y’all really hate rich people. DJ has worked all of his life in the family business. His father has shown tremendous philantrophy. Being rich doesn’t make you an asshole. There are plenty of poor people who are assholes and plenty of rich people who are great people.

    I AM DYING WITH LAUGHTER HERE!!! Tamra, the self-described SCHOOL TEACHER, just spelled Philanthropy as “philantrophy”!! ENGLISH, anyone??? Bwahahahahahahahahaha

    WHO is that woman?! What a lying, self-absorbed horrid person she is!

    *apologies for bringing up her name, just found that outrageously funny

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  3. Oh my goodness. This is very serious, and very tragic. I hope they are able to identify the bodies and notify the family(ies). How do these sort of things even happen?

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    • How? I can speculation that it happened bc of something that the 2 victims were involved in or people they knew who were not happy with them. It could have been a robbery gone bad. Highly doubt it is random by any means. Attempting to destroy the evidence by torching the scene is going the extra mile to cover ones tracks.

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      • The car was found in Patterson, NJ which is a pretty dangerous to be at night. It’s one of the towns around here where people go to score drugs-a smaller version of Newark. There are hardworking people that reside there but many people live below the poverty line and there’s a a thriving drug scene on the streets and in the projects.
        Interestingly, Teresa G. was born and raised in Patterson and lived there with Joe and the girls for many years and during Season 1 while they were renovating the, “Mansion”. (Which actually was a, “used house”.Lol.

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  4. I woke up to this story yesterday morning….what a horrible thing to have happened. The car was registered to Kim, but it was the car her son drove. It was a top of the line Audi, which for some reason got a lot of people worked up. Her son left for California sometime last week, his buddy Aaron Anderson took him to the Airport and then had possession of the car. So many unanswered questions…like was it really this Aaron and his passenger they intended to kill or was Kim’s son into something bad, and it was meant for him. Also, the thing about the car being so expensive had a lot of people questioning why would Chris (Kim’s son) let his buddy use his car while he was away. I guess they were implying that maybe it was a shady situation….like a trade-off for something illegal. In my world, it wouldn’t be a big deal to let a friend use my car if they were in need, but then again I don’t trade use of my car for drugs. I’m not saying that was the deal, I just gathered that was what people were getting at in their comments. I felt for the Mom of Aaron Anderson, she was at the scene and kept saying she knew it was him because she kept calling him and his phone went straight to voicemail. Later I read a report where she said they found wire in the driver’s jaw, and her son had wire in his jaw. She said she just wants people to know that her son was a good kid and really good father. That poor woman. Even if he was into shady stuff, he was her son and she loved him.

    Kim for some reason booked it out of town, according to a phone call she had with AATT. I don’t know if she went into hiding until they discover the who and why…..or if her and her son are actually in danger. I’ll be waiting for the episode of “Dateline” on this story.

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    • Something is funky about the whole story. Sad all around though-she should not have left town. There’s a big mess and she should help clean it up. I feel awful for the mom who lost her son. Sad. I don’t see the big deal over his using the vehicle regardless of make/model, I’d have no problem letting a good friend use my car, fancy or not. That poor mom though. But until there’s more released, for now I’m sideyeing Kim D.


      • Allie,
        Heres my take on it… I live amongst these Jersey housewives. I see them in Market Basket, Starbucks, Shoprite, but do not know them (I spoke with Dina in CVS once… she is a doll and so beautiful in person).

        The place they were at was where people go to score drugs (Heroin in particular). I believe it was just an ALLEGED drug deal gone bad. They did not pay up, owed money, etc… I don’t believe it was that complicated or orchestrated. I believe Kim D had NO KNOWLEDGE of anything, and her son is guilty of being a rich ass, and lending his friends his mommy’s expensive car.

        Once again, my humble opinion. NO KNOWLEDGE of anything.

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  5. Just a crazy story. Really sad, and scary that Kim reportedly sais that the kid wasn’t supposed to be driving the car.

    One of the interesting things is the in the E story comments….a bunch of people forwarding the story to each other, with a tons of shady references…..weird


  6. I saw that too! People typing in other peoples names to alert them. This is just awful. As a Mom I would go out of my mind.
    Why are they so quick to say he shouldn’t have been driving the car when no one really knows who was in the car?


    • Even though the Authorities haven’t officially identified the bodies….the parents knew their son had the car, they can’t get in contact with him so it wasn’t too hard to figure out. I just read that the second victim is a guy only known as “Tone”.
      Kim is covering her and her son’s asses if she is saying that the car wasn’t supposed to be in anyone else’s possession. Her insurance company most likely won’t cover the loss if someone else was driving. If she says the use was unauthorized, she most likely will get covered under a theft clause. Then there is the whole taking some of the heat off her son, blame the dead guy for using it without permission.

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  7. Ahhhh, it was found in Patterson, NJ. Patterson is one scary effing place. It’s the ghetto of the ghetto. They could have been driving through and carjacked, or there for a reason, you know, the type of reason you go to incredibly dangerous places.

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    • <<<<THIS…. Paterson is a war zone (a mini Chicago) Rich boys in fancy cars do not just drive through Paterson. The Brownstone is right off of 80, and that is as far as I would go into Paterson.

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  8. This is a scary situation. What makes the most sense to me is that Kim D.’s son was showing off and allowed his friends to use “his” car while he was out of town. They likely were the ones to chose to go to Patterson for their own purposes. I’m not saying that her son hasn’t gone there in the past but it doesn’t seem like someone had plans to kill him and killed them by mistake. From what y’awl are saying, going to Patterson is done mainly for drug purchases. Sounds like they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and for whatever reason, they were the victims of foul play.

    Kim D.’s son probably isn’t surprised by what happened considering where they were found but she is going to claim that she had no knowledge of them having permission to drive the car after dropping him off at the airport. She is hoping to distance herself and her son from any connection to the murders and be able to get her expensive car replaced by the insurance company. I think that the criminals who committed this crime were trying to cover their tracks and that’s about it.

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