Beauty Box Reveals & Neat Ipsy Link

So I figured I’d do a post where you all can show what your subscription beauty boxes had in them for the month. I have a few submissions including what the Amazon “luxury” beauty box has in it. So, since beauty boxes even from the same subscription tend to vary, if you’d like me to post what came in your subscription, email me pics and descriptions.

For you Ipsy subscribers-if you want to be able to select one of your April products for your glam bag, here’s a link to do so. I chose a Tarte liquid lippie this month, and for next a Colourpop Creme Gel eyeliner. Link below:


First, generic213 sent what she got from Ipsy this month:

Her glam bag came with: (the descriptions are her own)

The Balm Bahama Mama-(aka worlds smallest bronzer-the size of my thumbnail) Haven’t tried yet because my face is larger than a Barbie’s face-lame.

Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Possessed- nice neutral color, tiny size, weird chemical taste.

MPrincess Pressed eyeshadow in Chestnut-looks darknin tray but goes on as a pretty, light bronze. Excited to try this for a shimmery twist on a smoky eye this summer.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer-I’ve heard great things about this Moisturizer for sensitive skin. It goes on smoothly, feels very lightweight and soaks in immediately. Good summertime moisturizer.

EVA NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer for Hair- I havent tried yet.

Sephora Play (it’s a screenshot with all of the descriptions of everything that came in her exact bag)

The Benefit Watt’s Up Cream to Powder Highlighter:

The MakeUp Forever Artist Shadow:


From Tben the Amazon Beauty Box. She put a Starbucks gift card on the box so you can tell how big it is:

The contents:

It came with:

4 Fragrances-Eternity Men’s, Clean Cashmere, Euphoria, LaCoste Poer Elle,

MD Solar Science Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF30, Proraso Shaving Cream, Marcus Toothpaste, Vichy Mineral Water Gel, Phyto Specific Deep Repair Cream Bath (really a mask), NuFace By Carol Cole Prep & Glow, Obliphia Seaberry Hair Serum, Agave Healing Oil Treatment, Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Hand Cream, Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener, Skin-Co Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate, Elizabeth Arden Light Hour Cream, LA Roche Posey Redermic Anti-Aging Concentrate, Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream Natural Glow.

Sounds like a lot but they are teeny tiny true sample size. 

If any of you want to add to this, send me your info!

Talk Soon, Lovelies



9 thoughts on “Beauty Box Reveals & Neat Ipsy Link

  1. Very nice! Sephora play had a waiting list B4. For about 7 months now I’ve had Ipsy. They are pretty good at taking in feedback. They have ALOT of great giveaways each month (I set up a special IG for the 30 plus giveaways a month). Has anyone here won an Ipsy offer? As you review products you earn points for extra goodies. I’m excited for my Boxycharm. I don’t care 4 their website. Also the referral links don’t guarantee that party will get a “charm” or whatever the heck they call referral points. You have to email them. Boxycharm needs work with their web interface. Overall, seems more than well worth it.

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  2. Hey Mz Allie. Sorry to gatecrash, and be OT.
    Just wondering about Hopeful Gal. I do hope she is okay. And slowly readjusting to her Mama’s passing away. (btw, thanks Allie & Oveish for replying to my comment abt HGal in an old post) Hopeful Gal, those tears you cry, will one day, be the strength you need to carry on when life gets tough. Always here for you…

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  3. I’m digging that makeup bag. I’m prolly stuck in the 90’s, but I love the stank of Men’s Eternity…back in the day when I was young and hot and went to clubs that was like the official scent of men.

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  4. Got my BoxyCharm box! I don’t know what I will do with the eyeshadow, I still have a green that color from the 90’s that I never use :/. The rest is great. I don’t know why, but I was shocked at how small the box is, Good things DO come in small packages.

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