Aw Shucks, Guys

I went out to my mailbox and what did I find, but that I’ve got some of the kindest, most thoughtful and generous readers on the planet.

I am obsessed with Vanilla Chai-I get like, 2 a day from Dunkin Donuts but because I’ve got thoughtful and amaze readers, this was on my front porch this afternoon:

I’ve already had 2 cups of it today and omg it’s delish.

And this:

An adorable charm necklace with my initial and a cosmetics charm.

Closer look at the charms:

I LOVE it. Can’t wait to wear it. 

Thank you all for being the most supportive, loving, amazing readers and commenters I could have ever dreamed of. 6 months ago, writing this was nowhere even remotely on my radar-but I’m so happy I did it and wouldn’t change anything. I appreciate every last one of you-thank you for everything-your time, letting me into your lives a little bit each day, having my back, and to my   goodie-senders, thank you for thinking of me and for your generosity-what an awesome surprise.

I’ve got pics and a description of the Amazon “luxury” Beauty Box (those quotes should be huge) if anyone wants to see-I can post it or forward it on over, whichever you guys want.

Talk soon, Lovelies



32 thoughts on “Aw Shucks, Guys

  1. Wow such a pretty & nice necklace with charms. That’s a sweet and thoughtful gift. What a lovely surprise. The chai too.

    2 cups a day? Gadzooks lady Allie..where do you hide those calories?😉☺️😉😉pray tell us

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  2. Well that is a very cool thing to do!! It is very generous and I am happy for you Allie-you deserve it! I also really love Oregon Chai tea and also Hot Cinnamon Sunset by Henry and Sons.

    Please post on the Amazon Beauty Box. I am super curious about all the details. ☺

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  3. After you mention Amazon had a luxury box, I took a look. They have a lot more than I realized. You can order a box of samples, it comes with a coupon of a full size so you get your money back. I think it is only on prime, I’ll have to check it out!

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  4. I agree with everybody else, what a super nice thing to do, and for Allie to receive! I want to thank them myself, because it made me happy just knowing about it! <3<3<3

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  5. Wow!! What a sweet surprise!! I totally dig that this person did so anonymously! There’s no better feeling than blessing someone with kindness!!
    Enjoy your goodies!! They’re good ones! The quality of the readers you attract is a direct reflection of you!
    I love being part of this amazing community! 👏😘🌟💕

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