60 Days In Discussion Thread

Have at it, guys! I still can’t believe they don’t strip seach inmates coming into Fulton Co jail. That just seems basic? I would think it would be expected. Oh-and it SUCKS.

Talk soon Lovelies



10 thoughts on “60 Days In Discussion Thread

  1. Lyric and that girl were fighting a LONG time before those CO’s showed up. Those CO’s seem very lax.
    This jail is fricking scary. And the women do seem much more angry and dramatic to me than the men. I’m not sure how Calvin is going to explain his way out of the loopholes in his story. He’s busted.

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  2. They should have practiced their back stories a lot more.

    I have a friend who lived in Atlanta for a few years. He left & his son stayed. His son got some tickets & was gonna be jailed if they weren’t paid, they came to his house & arrested him over a grand in moving violations which seems crazy to me, but they did. My friend pulled me out of a meeting to loan him some money so he could get that paid so his son didn’t go to county lock up. I didn’t agree, but I loaned him the money. He’d pay me back, I knew that & it was his son not mine. He told
    me that his son was soft & a black man so he’d be eaten alive in there & I thought he was exaggerating so I’d loan him the funds.

    I now understand where my friend was coming from. Same situation, I would do the same. I was ignorant. County jail where I live, its nothing compared to this, nothing.

    All these people are so guarded & cautious & street smart. The men better mind their mouths. Looks like 2 of them are already screwing up.

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  3. Thank goodness you did loan it. Imagine the guilt you’d have if you hadn’t after watching this show?

    I’m still waiting for the show to come on demand to watch it. They put it up really quick last week.

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  4. Do these people ever spend any time outside of that community room they all share? What do they do all day long?

    And why is it 2 to a room for the guys, but there like 10 to a room for the women? That’s crazy.

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    • Usually you’re either in your cell or that big gross room. If you’re lucky, once a week you can go to a big gym and just walk in circles there. No thanks. Incarcerated women face way different challenges than the men-the rate of women getting locked up has like quadrupled in the past 10 yrs (drug policy) but jails haven’t made adjustments, so the current population is housed in facilities meant for a far smaller amount of inmates. Also-if you don’t have $ on your books and need tampons/pads? Your at the mercy of male COs who 1) don’t care 2) don’t mind humiliating you and 3) don’t care. It’s not good. I should write in depth so you guys can get a feel of just how degrading it can be-the whole experience.


      • I get the impression that because county Jail is temporary, there are no programs. Basically people have to sit on their asses day in, day out without anything to do until they either make bail or are sentenced and sent to prison (or found not guilty and sent home).
        I think prisons are more set up to deal with long term inmates and so there are social programs, jobs, etc put into place. I get the impression women are better off in prison than in an inner city jail like this.


      • Yes Allie- I would love to hear a true perspective of someone I know who has been through it.
        I find reading your posts on this show very interesting, because you KNOW!


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