Too Faced Haul

It finally arrived and did not disappoint. First let me say, they are NOT stingy with their samples (sorry, Ulta). I got a eyelid Primer and 4 packets of Born This Way foundation, and the packets are thick. You can select which samples you want when you check out, and I love that.

The Sweet Peach Palette is everything and more. The smell-omg-like peaches but its light, not overpowering. Every shade is nicely pigmented, and with 18 cohesive colors you’ve got a million combos to try. Worth the 49$. I’ve been eyeing this play for months-but it’s 50$ and what if I hate it blah blah, I just threw caution to the wind, haha, and glad I did.

That’s just one swipe, from the top down: Just Peachy, Candied Peach, Peach Pit, and Carmelized.

From top to bottom again: Delectable, Tempting, Luscious, and Peaches ‘n Cream (across the tattoo-sorry)

I also purchased the mini version of the Better Than Sex Mascara for 12$. I didn’t go with the full size for the fact that my lashes are SO PUNY, it takes one hell of a product to make them exist, so rather than spend the 23$ I wanted to try it first. Which I haven’t yet.

I use fake lashes, but the one mascara that lived up to the hype was Physicians Formula lash extension kit. It’s the one with the fibers. But it took a while to apply-and I can be impatient. Worth it-it worked beautifully. But that’s not a Too Faced product is it? 😁

I’m looking forward to the Born This Way foundation, I’ve heard great things, and y’all know I’ll let you know 😉

Talk soon, Lovelies 



25 thoughts on “Too Faced Haul

  1. Oh my my!
    I love that Sweet Peach palette. That’s a good pic and really shows the colors. Nice!
    I want to know how the mascara does for you. Can you do just one eye for comparison or a before and after? My lashes are not what they use to be.:*(
    Girl, you have been busy. hahaha
    If you are referring to Sephora and their samples, they do it right. I love that you have a choice.
    I’m really digging that Peachy palette. Yessssssssssssss!

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    • Sephora does their samples tight but I was talking Too Faced as well-you can pick 2 samples each order and they’re NICE. I love love this peach goodness and I’m so glad I got it. Yes-I’ll do a side by side w the mascara this weekend. Good idea! My lashes are so short and sparse, they always have been. Son 3 has looong-ass deer lashes. Wtf? When he was a baby/toddler they were ridiculous.

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  2. Those Peach colors are gorg!!!! 😍

    Can’t wait for your review on the Too Faced foundation! That’s what I’m really in search of finding my Holy Grail of!

    I think I’m the only person I know who wasn’t a fan of the BTS mascara. It wasn’t necessarily the formula, but the brush I had a hard time with. It was clunky and I made a mess with it. I ended up cleaning and re-using a wand from a Benefit It’s Real vial. It didn’t look the prettiest, but it fit amd worked, nonetheless. I will sat that the formula is the blackest black I’ve ever used. I just didn’t repurchase because of the brush. If it were an $8 mascara I would.
    I hope you have great results! Smart to try the sample size first! 💕

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  3. I almost bought the peach palette for my daighters on Sunday. I’ve decided, on my grandsons birthday, to buy my daughter gifts instead. Seems so silly to buy a baby gift when he already gets 100 of them. & she buys him more too. So I buy her what she should splurge on herself. Like very nice makeup & hair kits & salon cuts & dyes.

    I think I’m going to buy this now.

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    • You are such a nice Mom! What a great idea! I just ordered one of their chocolate palettes, I hope I like it. I’ve never spent so much on eye shadow. If I like it it should last a long time. I love the white chocolate palette but have to wait awhile.

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