Giveaway Review

Baseball and Books received her giveaway prizes today and was awesome to write a first impression/review for them. See-people really do win on Tattletales 😜

The following is by Baseball and Books:

The Tarte Tartiest Tease:

It’s super smooth going on and smells really good. A bit like chocolate. I can’t wait to wear it and play with blending it with other colors!

The colors are super pretty. Swatched on my arm from the wrist up are: Whisper, Crush, Heartbreaker, Wink, First Kiss, BFF.

Next, the highlighter. I got the Rose Gold Lights. The container is a little difficult to open which is a little annoying, and it smells a bit like plastic, but that could be from the container.

Swatched on my arm it looks really pretty. I’ve never really used a highlighter before so hopefully I’ll like it.

Removing both was easy-you’ll definitely need a eye makeup remover for the shadows, water didn’t really work unless I scrubbed. The highlighter came off with water, which worried me a little about its staying power when I wear it.


Thank you to B&B for taking the time to swatch, photograph, and write!

Talk soon Lovelies 



20 thoughts on “Giveaway Review

  1. I like those colors. Thanks for the review and congrats on the win. I have to laugh at the size of the box they sent it in. It’s huge! But at least it guaranteed that nothing would break. 🙂

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  2. My newest obsession is with highlighters and contouring. AEsthetica has a great one with excellent directions for contouring; My favorite highlighter is High Beam by Benefit. It comes in a bottle with brush(looks like nail polish)
    My Allure box should arrive today, I’ve yet to be disappointed so can’t wait!

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