Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow 

Well-that’s a long-ass product name but I don’t care because I’M IN LOVE.

Stila released this metallic/glittery liquid eyeshadow earlier this year-it was available on Sephora in December on a limited-basis but now we can all get our paws on this amaze-ness.

It retails for 24$ and you can get it via Sephora, Stila or Ulta. The only thing is at the time of this writing Ulta was sold out of a lot of the shades. Speaking of shades-the Magnificent Metals comes in 10 shades which can be found on, I think there are only 9 on Sephora-Ulta has 8 but only one shade left in stock.

I bought Kitten Karma which is a champagne, silver and copper shade, a little pinky too.  It’s a version of Stila’s iconic and popular “kitten” shade. 

This liquid eyeshadow applies super creamy, not patchy at ALL- it glitters without looking like glitter and when it dries down it’s not cakey and loses none of the shimmer. It’s got a great doe foot applicator, really soft.

I’ve heard some people complain about fallout when it dries but I haven’t had that problem. I would suggest putting it on last after you’ve blended and shaded though.

That’s just one swipe, too. It’s buildable but why would you need to-very easy to work with.

It’s a huge win for me-in fact I’m sending my daughter one and this is on the giveaway list for April. My next color will probably be Molten Midnight because I can see the most amaze smoky eye look with this adding an incredible something extra. I can’t wait.

Talk soon, Lovelies 



26 thoughts on “Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow 

    • Ha! Believe it or not I only actually put makeup on once a week 😲 if I have somewhere to go then I do but sometimes I do just for errands. It takes about 45-60 minutes and sometimes I just want to run out quick and get back quick.


  1. Me too Sammie! This is fun!
    Allie, I just found a site where they make handmade eyeshadow, glitter, better than Kylighters, she compares them. I sent you a link

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  2. Love the Stila. It’s really pretty. I think my hubby will have a fit if he sees more then 1 Sephora box come in a week right now though. So I just ordered a Rose Gold and Liquid Gold from e.l.f. along with a bunch of other stuff. My reward for working on taxes the past 4 days. I love that they have a couple matte eyeshadow palettes also. I got some of those and the crème matte eyeshadow. I think Blushing Rose and Linen. Seven items and a free gift (the face palette) for what I pay for one item usually. So excited. Now I’ll be pacing hunting down UPS or the mailman. I like to add my highlighter separate. Everything ships from the east coast so it will be at least a week. Amazing how stuff sits 2 hours away for 2 days though. So annoying.
    What e.l.f. box? It’s those thingies you asked me to order a couple weeks ago, lol.
    forgot to update my son never got his potato. I was really bummed. He thinks they may not have delivered it because he is in an apt. not a house. If he didn’t pick up his mail it may have rotted which would not have been good in a communal area. I sent him pics I took of it before I sent it though. He though the Janis Joplin stamps were a nice touch.
    I’m also a new hummingbird mama. This is about the 6th year in a row and they reuse/rebuild the same nest. It’s used 2-3 times a year for different clutches. We have 3 different nests on the patio and several all over the yard. I looked earlier today. From the size I think they hatched on Sunday. I have a magnified mirror attached to a pole so I peek when mom is away feeding. We keep 6 feeders around the yard between front and back.
    Oh well enough rambling. Sorry for the long post all. I’m sick of numbers. If you get the e.l.f. Allie let us know and make sure to swatch.

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  3. I’m glad I’m not the o my one who wondered if someone my age can wear this shadow ! And how to wear it as well

    I do love it 😍 also I have large eyes so I am not sure it would look good on me . I might look like a giant disco ball 😂

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