Ulta Deals-Free Lorac Gloss!

While supplies last, get a free Delux Alter Ego Lip Gloss in Goddess-

It’s a 10$ value! I’m including the store coupon below to print. That’s a pretty gloss, I might just go to Ulta and grab something little just to get this 😉

Talk soon, Lovelies 



19 thoughts on “Ulta Deals-Free Lorac Gloss!

  1. Hey Allie, I went to Target yesterday and bought e.l.f. hydrating primer. It is awesome! 100% better than the L’Oréal and Lancôme ones that I already own.also, my Target has a huge NYX section.just thought I would let you know about the primer🙂

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      • BoxyCharm is great. Wish I could get off the waiting list. Only been 2-3 weeks but it seems like forever. I’m becoming addicted to sub boxes. I have found some great products that I actually purchase.

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  2. Aww shucks!
    That’s pretty color for sure but I don’t have any Ultas anywhere near me. I could order online but then I have to pay the shipping. ;0x
    So I guess I just saved me some $$$.


  3. After last week’s Ulta trip….3 more shadow palette’s and 2 more liquid lippies I told hubs that if I ask him to “swing into Ulta for a minute” (that’s what I say when we’re out running errands) to punch me in the mouth. He said he will do what he always does, take me to Ulta. 🙂 He’s such a doll, I scored big-time when I landed him.
    I just need, well not NEED – I want a few more brushes. Morphe has a club for $20 per month, they send you at least $30 worth of brushes, it’s anywhere from 3 to 7 different brushes per month, never the same one. You can skip a month and cancel anytime. I may do that for a few months. I have lots of brushes already, but I like my Morphe brushes better than any other brand I have.

    Dear Twitter user who was wondering if we miss talking about the HW’s and now called us makeup martyrs. Makeup is what I like to talk about, I find it much more interesting than the HW’s. I don’t know why you thought that was all we were capable of talking about, I have many interests – I think we all do. I hope that answers your question.

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  4. I tweeted this but I thought I’d post it here for those that don’t use Twitter. It’s a great article about the makeup line Lime Crime. What is of particular interest is that the brand owner sued a blogger for negative reviews of the brand, citing “lost income” and “defamation of brand” (sound familiar??) The blogger was “served” papers via a blank email. Fortunately, she also happened to work for a law firm, who reviewed the email attachment and stated:
    “We don’t know how this was allowed to be filed.’ Because there wasn’t enough — at least in normal civil procedures in Georgia, the court would’ve said, ‘There’s nothing here; this is just interpersonal issues. And we’re not gonna waste time on it.'”

    The case was voluntarily dismissed a month into the proceedings.


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  5. I had a completely different experience with the Elf primer, I saw a IG or YouTube review on it so I bought some off the Ulta site. I ordered the Poreless in the pink bottle. First issue is the actual amount of product you get, it’s not much. The bottle is deceptive in it’s design to look like you’re getting that whole container full of primer….no – unscrew the lid, did you look yet? I bet when you do, you’re going to be like “WTF???” I know six bucks isn’t much money, but considering the amount of product that is in the bottle, it’s actually a pretty expensive primer at the end of the day. It initially felt very silky and smooth on my face, but the odor was offensive to me. It may be the tree tea oil, I don’t know, it’s very chemically smelling. Then my face got weird feeling and I felt like I was sweating. I am a delicate flower and have zillions of allergies, so it could be just me, I have since read other reviews on it and it is one of those things that people either really like or really dislike. I tried to use it a couple of different times, I thought maybe I used too much the first time but every single time, I had to wipe my face due to that sweaty feeling. Another thing I didn’t care for was how silky it was, I know that sounds dumb, we want smooth, silky skin. I just felt that my foundation was kind of moving all over my face instead of adhering to the primer.
    I have about 7 different primers, it all depends on the formula if I get that weird sweaty feeling, so there has to be something in them that I have a reaction to. I hope it works out better for you than it did me.

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    • I hear you. Strong scents on my face drive me crazy. Clarins has a new hydrating cream and it smells like my old aunt when I was little. Awful. I got a sample and I think another one is coming in either my Birchbox or Sephora Play.
      As we head in to summer I try to keep in mind that even though it’s chilly out now, it will be 85 soon Makeup will be drippy. I’ll probably still try the ELF. Got the Tarteguarde 20 which I guess is only at Sephora. Tinted moisturizer. Only had to use a little Smashbox undereye primer for covering those dark circles with it. It worked beautifully. I love spring but it is a strange transition time here in CA. Cold one minute and hot the next. No in-between.

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