George Michael’s Cause of Death

Let me just say how glad I am it wasn’t drugs. And shame on the “boyfriend” for selling such sordid stories. 

Natural causes-they say dilated cardiomyopathy, myocarditis and fatty liver. Article below:


12 thoughts on “George Michael’s Cause of Death

  1. So odd. With proper diet & healthcare he would have lived a lot longer. He was wealthy so its odd to me that he died so young.

    I am glad it was not a drug OD. Sad it could’ve been prevented if caught way earlier.

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  2. Such a sad death. 100% reversible. Damn. Maybe if his boyfriend would have been more supportive and concerned about his health he would still be here. I shouldn’t judge. Just get sad at how many greats we have lost the past 2 yrs.

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  3. He was such a handsome man. Even though his life was short, I hope he lived it with few regrets.
    Sometimes the fast lane is hard to get out of.


  4. I’m sorry no matter what causes someone to die too young, too soon, and with lots left to give. I hate the ghouls who need to make it worse for others by their baseless or thoughtless comments. Does knowing the whys make any difference? He is gone, it is tragic and he is loved and missed. The end.

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    • I agree with you that its tragic and that he is missed. However – yes, it is important to know how someone passed, especially a pubic figure. There is always speculation as to what happened, in his case all the whispers were that he had died from a drug overdose. These findings being made pubic can now take that black mark off his memory.

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      • But does it really change the gossip, people still talking about drug/drinking history etc. To the people who love him it’s a great loss, it wouldn’t be less so no matter what the immediate cause.
        I think looking an easy answer like OD is people being either judgemental ass holes or trying to scare off their own boogeyman and feel “safer” because they don’t do (that) so it can’t happen to me.

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