RHONY Next Month!

Yessssss-the ladies of New York are back! Season 9 begins on April 5 and you KNOW I’ll be recapping 😘

I’m curious to see how Tinsley Mortimer fits in with them. 😒 Bravo link below:

Talk soon, Lovelies 



23 thoughts on “RHONY Next Month!

  1. From what I can remember of Tinsley and her Mom from a reality show they were on….they were quite ambitious to be included in the social scene. Tinsley is from Virginia, but she speaks like Dorit from BH. That kind of accent that they use to try to show they are in the wealthy elite. There was a lot of drama with her and her “friends” actually, don’t hold me to this but I think one of them wished another to “Die in a fire”. It was quite a few years ago, so my memory isn’t crystal clear, but I do remember being intrigued about NY society and how cut throat those bitches were. I think Luann will be her biggest fan, because you know – I think Luann is a big old poser herself.
    This really is the only franchise I’m interested in anymore, they keep it pretty raw. I also just love the buildings in NY and seeing the inside of some iconic landmark restaurants and shops.

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    • I bet Luann will think she’s better than Tinsley. Lol!

      I can’t wait for the new seadon. Does this mean RHOBH is ending soon? If so, then the whole season was about Erica’s lack of underwear and Rinna causing a fuss about Kim. If, so, that’s really lame for a season.

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    • She comes from an old Waspy family that is pretty well off but not “wealthy” but today’s standards. She claims she is a descendant of Thomas Jefferson on one side and James Madison on the other. Her ex-husband is from a very wealthy family-Upper East Side etc-I think his grandfather/great grandfather was the president of Standard Oil Corp. She met her Ex husband in High school-they looked cute together.
      She was very popular on the NY social scene but it went too her head-her husband became boring and she thought she didn’t need her his name anymore…once she left him it was all downhill. She was arrested a year or two ago for trespassing.
      God, that info is taking up valuable space in my tiny brain…lol.
      There’s tons of articles of on her online. I live in NJ and used to read about her in the NY papers.

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  2. Ugh, do we really need to see Bethenny’s naked ass? Ok, we get it, you’re in shape within an inch of your life. I used to be too. It sucks having an eating disorder.
    Sometimes I like this show, sometimes I don’t. I definitely liked it better when Beth took a break. She’s a hypocritical judgmental bitch and I’m also tired of her lackey Carole (who I liked in the beginning). I felt sick last year when she went off on LuAnn and earlier when the two of the them made fun of Jules summer home and ran out giggling like mean girls.
    I really like the Ladies of London. I’d rather watch that.

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  3. I’ve lost interest in RHONY. I just can’t after watching a season of Jules being bullied for having an eating disorder and wanting to talk about her cultural background.

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  4. Bethenny just about broke me last season. Her voice is too much for my ears. I use to like Carole too but when she attached herself to Beth’s ass, well that was a disappointment.
    Jill Z? Oh god no. Please Bravo.

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