Sad News in RHONJ World

A sad bit of news to report-Antonia Gorga, mother of Teresa Guidice and Joe Gorga, passed away yesterday. She was only 66. It appears she had been hospitalized since December-I’m sure that the family is devastated. Say what you will about Teresa and Joe but they love their parents. She also leaves behind her husband/their father, Giacinto Gorga.

Our condolences to the family, sending them love and light. 

Talk soon, Lovelies 



14 thoughts on “Sad News in RHONJ World

  1. Allie,
    Thank you for this kind post. I’ve met her. She is very very lovely and kind. I wish her peace at this difficult time. I am glad her mother was able to see her and her brother reconcile before she passed.

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  2. Omg how sad!!!! She has to be soooo devastated!! The Dad and brother too…

    I also lost my Mom 3 yrs ago and she was 66! Not even sick, just had a heart attack n was gone next day. My world shattered n has never been the same 😦
    She was our Pilar!

    My heart goes out to Teresa and her family…, so so sad 😥

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  3. ANTONIA is a Beautiful Name.
    Joe Gorga named his eldest daughter after his mother.
    What a tremendous loss for her devoted husband, Mr. Gorga.
    Hope he gets lots of love from all his grandchildren and Joe and Teresa will finally understand and realize that family is everything.

    Wishing this entire family strength in this new journey of life without their mother and grandmother.

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