RHOBH Recap: Cake Therapy

Kyle is organizing her garage with the help of a professional organizer because if Mauricio had his way he’d just toss it all. She’s got a ton of random silverware and memorabilia. LVP is on the phone so Kyle invites her to a dessert tasting that she’s hosting with Carnie Wilson, who is a dessert chef, making desserts. She’s also invited all of the warring factions like Eden, Kim, and Rinna so needs some LVP backup. LVP puts her on hold.

Eileen and Vince are having Erika over to read lines in preparation for Erika’s upcoming guest spot on Y&R. Why is Erika’s shirt blurred? Vince watches them read and gives pointers-but Erika is fantastic and will do just fine. 

Rinna is calling Harry for some support-she’s slowly having an epiphany that she may have really said the things Eden said she did-she assumes Kim knows by now and with Kyle’s dessert tasting and everyone being there, she knows she’s going to have to answer some questions and “own it”. Her amnesia is fading and she says that “well, I guess I said it”. She’s expressing her apprehension to Harry and explains that she was only trying to connect with Eden. 

LVP and Ken roll up in the Bentley to check out the new space for their dog rescue center. LVP says it’ll be everything “doggie”. It’s a huge, beautiful space. Ken and LVP start to discuss the Dogmeat Festival (I can’t even stand typing that) in Yulin (I can’t. Brutal horrifying can’t). It brings them both to tears and I can see why. They’ve saved dogs and spoken in front of Congress and I can’t even talk about this anymore just tell me where to donate. I’ll post a link at the end of this recap.

Carnie Wilson arrives at Kyle’s and it looks like she’s got a crew with her. Kyle brings her to the patio where the tables are all set up. She tells Carnie that Kim is coming and she’s wanted them to meet for a long time. Carnie asks if she’s sober and Kyle says yes but doesn’t know for how long. Kyle asks Carnie how long she’s been sober for and it’s 12 years with no relapse. Kyle seems to be asking for advice-Carnie says she tries to lead by example. Now Kyle is off to change clothes.

Erika picks Rinna up in the limo for Kyle’s party-Rinna has brought along a stuffed bunny for Kim’s grandson.

Kim arrives with her sponsor-Kyle thinks that’s its to send a message to the others and backup/support.

In the back of the limo, Rinna tells Erika that she did say that stuff about Kim to Eden after all. Erika’s response? “Ooooooooooooh.” I love Erika.

Kyle and Carnie are reminiscing over their time on “The Apprentice”. Carnie talks REALLY fast.

Erika is disappointed to hear Rinna admit to saying those things about Kyle and Kim to Eden. She tells Rinna “you’re gonna GET IT!”-Rinna knows.

Kyle and Eileen are eating caviar, which apparently Eileen LOVES, and Eileen asks Kyle if she invited Eden. Kyle says she did and asks Eileen her opinion of Kim’s sobriety as of late, Eileen thinks that yes, Kim has been sober recently. Eileen also defends Rinna by saying she hasn’t heard Rinna questioning that.

Carnie is asking Kim about her impending Gramma-hood. Kim admits that a year ago it wouldn’t have been possible for her to be involved in everything.

Dorit arrives and shows a cute video on her phone of her daughter sort of crawling/scooting towards Dorit’s red designer shoes. LVP and Eden arrive, Eden does her weird, extra, awkward hugs. She looks like she’s trying to steal your soul. Anyway-Carnie and Eden have met but Carnie doesn’t remember. Eden greets Kim, and Kim gives her some serious side-eye. Side note: whoever is doing Kim’s makeup this season is on point. She looks younger without all of that heavy, poorly applied eye makeup. This natural look she’s rocking is much more soft and flattering. Love it. Anyway. Kim says that Eden makes her skin crawl. Carnie and Kim are having a conversation (with Eden sitting across from Kim) about the space Kim is in, not letting negativity in-and make no mistake that Kim is sending that as a clear message to Eden who is listening to every word. I almost think Carnie is in on it. Eden looks uncomfortable.

Rinna and Erika make their entrance-LVP shades the stuffed bunny Rinna brought so with that Rinna goes looking for Kim. Erika can’t help but spy and give the others a play by play. Rinna presents the bunny , Kim says thank you, then in her talking head says how fake Rinna is. Camille is here! We’ve been seeing a lot of Camille. Kim can’t stand Eden another second so gets up from the table.

While Erika and Kim talk babywatch, Rinna pulls Eileen aside into a living room to announce her sudden memory recovery. She does this with so much extra drama and just extra-ness-she ties Kyle’s admission in the Hamptons that she fears a middle of the night phone call about Kim into her “near death” statement (grasping) and confesses to Eileen. Eileen is very disappointed.

Meanwhile, outside, Kyle thanks everyone for coming and supporting Carnie’s new business-as Carnie is talking about her company, Kyle’s friend Jana quietly snitches on Rinna and Eileen for being in the house talking. Kyle goes in to check on them and Rinna starts immediately with the high drama-she can’t just SAY it, she’s got to pad it with copious amounts of bullshit. Just as Rinna is getting to the confession part-Carnie Wilson busts in and calls them all back outside.

They all follow Carnie outside and right away Rinna just rips the band aid off and starts the apology. I do give her credit for doing it in front of a big crowd. Kyle looks PISSED and says Rinna flat out lied to her in Mexico. Kim isn’t having this apology at all-then Rinna kind of throws Eden under the bus. LVP jumps in, then Rinna ruins the apology by telling Kim she provoked her. Kim then lectures Rinna on how her words affect Kim and Kim’s entire family. She shows her sponsor off to Rinna like SEE?! Rinna is all-well, a sober person doesn’t act that way so how was I supposed to know. Because Rinna is the authority on how sober people “act”. Kim comes for Eden-I think she’s been dying for this-and out of nowhere LVP tries defending Eden but Kyle tells her to “pick a lane” and shuts it down. Rinna wants to know if they can heal so asks Kim’s sponsor her opinion. She says they can. Now everyone is coming for Eden and there’s a lot of yelling-Kim and Kyle tell Eden to stop comparing the Richards sisters to her and Cat because it’s very different. Kim gets kind of snide about Cat (Kim still has that mean streak). Carnie pipes up and says if you’re holding on to resentment you’re still drunk. Kim is still playing semantics and innocent with her Harry comment to Lisa. That drives me nuts-she knows she was insinuating something negative.

Kyle actually defends Rinna about Kim’s Harry comment. Rinna explains how that hurt her family as well, and Kim gives a frustrated apology. Rinna accepts. Carnie says she finds all of this, as an outsider, “fascinating” (that’s one word for it) and tells Kim she needs to be compassionate to the loss of Eden and Rinna’s sisters, and understand that they’re coming from a place of fear. She tells the others that they have to understand that as alcoholics, they drank for reasons that may still be there. Kim explains that the death comment hit a nerve. Rinna really wants to move on but LVP doesn’t buy it. The sponsor tells Kim she feels that it’s done and Kim needs to let it go-Kim doesn’t look too convinced.

Next Week- chubby strippers on Kyle, Dorit shades Erika, LVP manipulates Rinna, Erika gets weepy.

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69 thoughts on “RHOBH Recap: Cake Therapy

  1. OMG, I LOVED how Erika went to the door and was spying on Rinna and Kim. I love her so much. I want to be her when I grow up.

    I don’t think Kim looks good. Could be because I really dislike her. I hate her on the show and how she just takes over everything. It’s like Yolanda taking over the whole season with her Lyme.

    I want to go to China and adopt all the dogs.

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  2. I do not like Kim Richards. I am O-V-E-R everyone on the show acting like she’s working a program. She hasn’t made ammends, she CAN’T apologize for what she has done, and takes no responsibility for what she has done to others, but she smugly demands apologies from everyone. If she is sober, she is a dry drunk. Bravo, can we get this off my TV?

    Eileen looked absolutely crestfallen with the Rinna admission. I hope I never disappoint someone that much.

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    • My sentiments exactly. I’m so sick of people on this show giving poor, poor Kim a pass when she really needs to have her ass held accountable. Kim will never stay sober if people keep making excuses for her and her behavior. After the horrible way Kim has treated so many people on this show I don’t understand all the “poor Kim” sentiment. Especially coming from LVP. Seems to me just a season or two ago LVP wasn’t a fan but since Rhinna and Kim are again at odds LVP is super supportive of Kim. I don’t trust LVP. Not saying Rhinna is a saint because she isn’t but LVP seems to have this revenge thing going on that I don’t find attractive. To me LVP seems particularly nasty this season. I support her efforts to save dogs but I’m not a fan of her personally. And Kim really needs to be off this show until she can be truly sober. I agree she is a dry drunk and that isn’t good either.

      Not supporting what Rhinna did or said but I can’t stand Eden for running off at the mouth. Eden is just as much to blame for all this drama be use she blabbed to LVP who then blabbed to everyone else. Someone who passes along tales is just as bad in my opinion as the person who started the tale.

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      • Here is the thing though! Since the first season people have been insinuating that LVP is manipulating people and the last 2 seasons were absolutely brutal with the gang ups! I’d want revenge too! This is some proof that Rinna is a liar, yeah I’d be right there with the popcorn and putting my 2 cents in! I loved her imitation of Rinna! LVP isn’t the first cast member to have a change of heart about another! Kim and Brandi hated each other and now are the best of friends!

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      • I agree completely Janshell. So sick of Kim and can’t for the life of me figure out why she’s a story line every year! The others have so much going on in their lives and I’d much rather live vicariously thru them than boring Kim.
        Rinna needs to go away. Most annoying human ever.

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    • I agree about Kim. I don’t know who she thinks she’s kidding and she may be talking the talk. But she’s not walking the walk and is probably white knuckling it. The worst thing she can do is be in tv where she’s being scrutinized. She’s asking for it.

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  3. Andy was raving about Carnie the first few minutes of WWHL last night. She may have baked her way into a spot next season. I didn’t know she was an addict, other than food. I watched her reality show and that was the only issue I remember her talking about. She makes an absolute perfect point about holding resentment.
    We’ve seen that mean streak in Kim more than once. I really don’t think it has anything to do with her addiction, other than it’s another behavior she can’t keep under control. Kyle isn’t so sweet either, she just does a better job of putting on a fake face.
    WTF is it with the HW’s and their caviar? I swear people only claim to love it because it’s expensive. If Bab’s from Teen Mom was selling that shit at the Wal-Mart deli counter for $5.97 a pound, wouldn’t nobody like that shit. It would be considered disgusting lower class food. Luann is gross the way she piles a pancake 3 inches high and stuff it in her big blow job giving mouth.
    There was a side-by-side pic of Dorit and Rinna on DM. Rinna looks beat up and old next to Dorit, it was the first time I noticed how pretty she is.

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  4. Okay…here goes nothing.
    I don’t think that Eden is that bad.
    I think she is kooky, wacky, new age-y and at times annoying. But I actually felt bad for her last night the way she was treated at the party. The way Kim and Carnie sat at the same table and purposely ignored her made me sad. I just can’t imagine doing that to someone.
    Then Kim announced “Eden makes my skin crawl”
    Of course, that was right after Kim lectured everyone about how sober women should stick up and protect other sober women.
    Right Kim.

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      • I don’t hate Eden yet, either. Only because I think all the other women are using her gor their own agenda. (Well, basically Rinna and Vanderpump). I have a feeling she won’t be back next season. The show doesn’t need her anymore. Just like Katherine from last year and the OJ thing.

        Speaking of which, where is Faye this season?

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      • I love it when Faye shows up. She can be such a cold bitch, but she is interesting. Why in the hell have they never given her a spot?

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    • The very first time Eden showed up, I really liked her, by the next episode, I knew I had rushed to judgment. I mean, she’s okay, but she’s kinda weird too. Those long ass hugs are, well, weird. Who does that? Besides Eden that is. They seem invasive to me, even though she must really believe getting a minute long hug is a real treat from her. Or something.

      Still, I felt bad that she was put in such an awkward position too. That seemed mean to me, but mostly from Kim, I doubt if Carnie has a dog in the hunt. Kim is a jerk.

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    • I don’t get all the Eden hate. She suffered a horrible tragedy and was clearly traumatized. She lost her sister! She’s in AA and our primary purpose is, “To stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety”. It’s our foundation. I take it very seriously- Did she over-reach? Yes. But I’m sure she’d rather be accused of over-stepping in her attempt to help rather than doing nothing and possibly witnessing a repeat of what happened to her sister. She’s not the poster child for AA-she never claimed to be and she made mistakes. I’ve seen people commit far worse crimes on these shows.

      What Kim said to her was horrible; it was mean, nasty and cruel and said with such venom. She was practically foaming at the mouth. We’ve all seen it before…

      “Get out”, in a comment above, wrote that she thought Kim had other issues besides alcoholism-I think she has a lot of narcissistic traits-she’s not a true narcissist but possesses several traits and that coupled with being a dry drunk is a very bad combination. She may be going to meetings now but she’s not practicing any program that I’m familiar with.
      Most women in AA are not like Kim-Please trust me on this-after attending meetings for 35 years, 24 of them totally sober – I know They’re much more like Carnie-she reminds me of many of my friends. I don’t know any women like Kim-not close.

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      • Agree agree agree-Kim is faking it til she makes it, we have all known a Kim. She’s still got a mean streak, she’s still self absorbed and not humble at ALL. It’s all so fake to me. And you’re right-Carnie is a way better example. I feel bad for Eden, I don’t think she knew what she was getting into. Kim is a vicious, still in her sickness woman.

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      • I’m telling ya, production set this all up with Rinna ahead of time to go after Kim. They used Eden for their own selfish reasons.

        And not to excuse Kim for her behavior, but she knows Rinna went along with production to have a story line.

        No Eden hate her. Just intense dislike for Rinna. 🙂


    • I felt badly for Eden too, Maisey; however, knew she was in hot water the minute she went to plead her case to LVP. Sadly, she may have accomplished the opposite in trying to be relevant to the season & lost the one person whom would (& did) film with her – Rinna!

      LVP certainly didn’t pick Eden’s lane when pressed by Kyle. Although, I have to admit that, if pressed, I’d take Eden on ANY season, over Kim or Dorit for that matter 😉

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  5. Oh God I’m so over the Kim thing. I think I’ve said it a million times already, here and on Reality Tea, I don’t care about Kim, her sobriety, her near death or lack thereof. I just don’t! And I certainly don’t want to hear about it every again. Kyle must have some pull with the producers since I think she’s the reason they keep bringing back her idiot sister. Ugh. As for Eden, I’m neither here nor there with her. I actually think she’s a one and done after this season.

    Erika has actually grown on me the last couple of episodes. So glad that Yoyo isn’t around anymore. She made me dislike Erika last season. Love LVP and Kyle and I especially liked LVP’s black and white Givenchy bag during this episode. I’d mug her just for the bag but give her the contents. 🙂 I still think Dorit is a good addition. I like her more and more especially when she’s talking about her kids. As for Rinna and Eileen, yeah bore off the pair of you. If Rinna’s lips are moving, you know she’s lying.

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    • I agree misha -.dorit is a good addition. She was really good on wwhl. And Eileen and rinna, they can go with their soap acting asses. I’m still on the fence with Erika.

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    • spot on Misha. Anyone that loves dogs as much as LVP does is all right with me. Eileen and Rinna need to exit, Erika is growing on me and I’m really warming up to Dorit. Jury is still out on Eden. She is so dramatic which comes across fake but seems fragile as well.

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    • I like Dorit. She doesn’t seem to take the things going on around here to seriously. I hope she comes back next season.

      Even PK isn’t bothering me as much as in the beginning. Yes, he’s an idiot, but he’s more fun than Ken.

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    • I completely agree with your Erika assessment, Misha & like her much more this season WITHOUT Yoyo. As the adage goes, if you lie with dogs…

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  6. More apologies to The Sound of Music. 🎶🎶

    Days filled with gossip and nights filled with drama
    Claps like a seal with lips like a llama
    Oh Lisa Rinna—the laughs that it brings
    These are not any of my favorite things—-

    She is no Pinky or glamour Puss Patter
    In fact our dear Rinna is mad as a hatter
    So lay off our Kim and the story she lends
    Shut up and go back to selling Depends—-

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  7. One more thing I would like to add , is that last night was the very first time I felt like Rinna’s apology to Kim was sincere. All the other times it was just lip service. (Sorry for the pun)

    I think Kim might accept this apology as sincere and I think she understood now why Rinna was upset about the what Harry did thing is all about. Hopefully, this will be the last rodeo on this topic.

    Sometimes I wonder if Rinna and Eden are taking their grief about their dead sisters out on Kim because she’s still alive and they are projecting their anger at their sisters on her. Either way, it’s one big unhealthy cluster fuck for them sll.

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    • Nah, I don’t think she took Rinna’s apology as real, or at least, she hasn’t forgiven or forgotten, that’s for sure. She’s been tweeting up a storm, now that she has Rinna totally backed into a corner.

      Kim Richards‏Verified account @KimRichards11 23h23 hours ago
      Yes @sassEden you came in with an agenda!!!

      Kim Richards‏Verified account @KimRichards11 23h23 hours ago
      WOW!! Is everyone supposed to feel sorry & forgive Lisa AGAIN!’ @lisarinna
      105 replies 8 retweets 160 likes

      Kim Richards‏Verified account @KimRichards11 23h23 hours ago
      Here we go.. @lisarinna I THINK I said everything!? You know exactly what you said! & this is right after an apology just the night before!

      Kim Richards‏Verified account @KimRichards11 Feb 24
      Kim Richards Retweeted Remi Vallez
      She uses people! Just like @lisarinna @sassEden They don’t care about anyone but themselves! #storyline #getyourownKim Richards added,
      Remi Vallez @RemiVz
      @Virgini64079572 @nbc @Bravotv @Andy @KimRichards11 If you are not Eden fans she wants you gone. Twitter, NBC & Bravo don’t care about us!
      92 replies 24 retweets 227 likes
      Reply 92 Retweet 24 Like 227

      There’s plenty more too.


      • She’s an idiot! Of course she took to twitter. It’s the whole ‘look at me’ thing that she does. I really dislike Kim Richards and how she uses her addiction as an excuse for her shitty behaviour.

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      • Exactly Misha, I feel like Kim thinks this is her show and she’s entitled to be on it and can treat everyone any old way. We haven’t heard much of her hanging out with Glanville-I think she was only doing that when she was using.

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      • Hey! Have you guys forgotten that if Rinna hadn’t shot her mouth off that Kim was this close to death and gotten Eden all worked up, none of this would be going on?

        It’s Rinna’s fault.


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      • Wow, Gingersnap—– thanks for all that. It was fun reading.

        Yup. It sounds like everything is resolved and the healing has begun! 😂😂😂

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      • Well, I just went and checked out Kim’s twitter after reading Gingersnaps post. Nope, she’s not over it. She says a lot more went on and she (Kim) walked out. hmmm…..

        I then quickly checked Edens twitter (I still need to go through it) and it looks like Kyle is still pissed at Eden.

        Sadly, this will all play out on the reunion.

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      • She is not aware of it but she needs these resentments-they give her an opportunity to (literally) point the finger at other person so she doesn’t have to look at herself.
        Unfortunately one of the biggest reasons alcoholics drink, is resentments. We’re also not good with, “justifiable anger”. We get all self-righteous and almost high off it–it’s just not good. These are all distractions from working on ourselves. As much as Kim hates that they talk about her, she will hold onto resentments for years-long after most people have let the anger go, she’s still seething.

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  8. Of course there is an unspoken reason Lisa R knows if someone is sober, and that is because Harry Hamlin was an active drunk when she married him. And like anyone who got sober he might regret that choice now. Her obsession with Kim?
    Look up who Harry Hamlin partied with pre-Lisa. Ursula Andrews. Nicolette Sheridan. BLONDES. L8ng hair. Hmmmmm.


  9. Of course there is an unspoken reason Lisa R knows if someone is sober, and that is because Harry Hamlin was an active drunk when she married him. And like anyone who got sober he might regret that choice now. Her obsession with Kim?
    Look up who Harry Hamlin partied with pre-Lisa. Ursula Andrews. Nicolette Sheridan. BLONDES. Long hair. Hmmmmm.


    • Not that I give a damn about Rinna but his marriage to Nicolette Sheridan was a bad one. I think he’s done much better since he married Rinna. I do think they’re good for each other. I just wish Rinna would mind her own bloody business and keep her lips shut. Oh and stop lying when caught out for flapping her gums.

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      • I really think she has a problem! You know there are some people who will tell a story exactly a it happened or close to what happened! Then there are people like Rinna who put their own spin and make up stories! I guarantee you she has forgotten her little pow wow with Kim and is thinking evil thoughts again! I think liars are dangerous! I would NEVER work with her unless everything is recorded! A liar is a thief is a murderer!


    • He really is an alcoholic? I find it funny she refers to him as sober but won’t say he had a problem! Meanwhile she is slinging everyone’s business all over town! What happened with her sister who was an addict? I’ve not dealt with the family members of addicts so I don’t know if the seemingly visceral reaction towards Kim is normal or not! Of course it could be Rinna hated her because she took all the attention away from her too! Sicko!


  10. Great recap, Allie!!! I noticed you got to more than 20 comments without me. Did you hire more people? You know I can’t function without this job & hope you reconsider reinstating me? Now off to read everyone’s comments for even more hilarity…


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