Ok…Whaaaat The F!?

So something is weird and going on. I went from 78 followers on Twitter to almost 800 in like-a few hours. And they’re real people too, not eggs. How is this happening? I mean-it’s superwicked cool-but how…who…wow.

Confused? Not mad about it at all-but…..how?

Talk soon, Lovelies



36 thoughts on “Ok…Whaaaat The F!?

      • Yup. What happygal2 said. When you first open a Twitter account (whose branding is a little bird) the account preset is an egg until you upload a profile pic. Accounts with an egg as the profile are usually not considered to be “real”. Generally when you call someone an egg you are calling them out for hiding behind their keyboard. As we are all aware, a profile pic does not a real account make and many people seem to have time to make multiple fake accounts so they can talk to themselves and/or harass.

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  1. Allie — be careful! I had that happen as well, right before my account got hacked! I was locked out and my Twitter feed was full of nonsensical posts about football (soccer). I had a bunch of followers from India that I had to go through and block one by one.
    If they’re true followers, that’s awesome. But you may have gotten caught up in some kind of auto-follow program or bot.

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  2. It’s me the glutton for punishment. You got some bought follows and favorites there. Guess you prob knew that already though. 😉 Hey, whatever ya gotta do…
    For the rest of you mean girls.. why do you escalate to personal insults? I am one person btw. ONE. byyyyyeeee.


      • Some celebs I know have been accused of buying followers – the last one I read of being accused of doing so was one of the guys on Million Dollar Listing that real estate show in NY which of course he denied

        Why anyone would buy followers or anyone would care if they did is beyond me

        Why can’t people just stay in their own lane and be happy for other people’s successes

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      • Yeah when you get a bunch of followers overnight it looks like you hit up fiverr for paid followers. Everyone accuses everyone of doing it. Some might even buy followers for another person just so they can accuse them of it. Twitter really doesn’t like it when users do that and they threaten they will shut down accounts who buy followers, so all the more reason to buy a bunch of followers for someone you hate. Allegedly.

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      • *not saying you bought followers, not saying anyone bought them on your behalf for nefarious reasons* just telling what I know 🙂


      • Ha ha ha! I’ve heard either yes they are real and are paid very VERY nominally, or they are really good fakes.


      • Allie maybe some of the ones were picked up when Erica Jane liked your tweet ? Or maybe from others reposting – hell it could even be from some of the not so nice ones – they say there is no such thing as bad publicity 😁

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      • He’s still a fucking idiot. How many times has he left? Must like hanging out with the pretty girls hoping some will rub off on him.


    • Hey OK we seem to have gotten off to the wrong foot with you – do you want to start over and maybe participate in some of the fun blogs ?

      Talk about the Housewives and dish on who you like or dislike maybe talk about some recipes (I don’t really cook but I am going to try 😂) maybe talk about your pet if you have one or even makeup ?

      Let’s give it go? Why not – first impressions can be wrong so let’s turn this around and have some fun

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      • Thank you happygal2. Dracla and Miguelito, you guys are real assets to the organization. Keep it up and you can probably, single handed, keep this blog @ Pop. 20.

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    • Okay – ok; (and, in case everyone didn’t get it); ok & ok, buh-bye (see what I did there). Your opinion, like your handle, is redundant – that’s all!

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      • Yeah, and look at how the punk ass responded to your kindness. Once a punk always a punk. Wasn’t a popular kid. Ever, no matter what he did so he lacks social graces. Not a popular adult and probably wonders why at night curled up in a ball on the sofa watching reruns, drinking a flat beer and eating pork rinds dreaming of Hawaii and Birch Boxes no one will send him.
        I saw Okayokokok’s true colors in the For You thread. Just here to be a trouble maker because he has been ran out of every other blog and has no where else to play. Kicks sand in everyone’s face then cries he’s a victim.

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  3. Is anyone else having Twitter problems?? I can’t re-tweet or respond to tweets. If NotADeplorableC reads here — I’m still showing you in my following list so I don’t know why you’re showing me as having unfollowed you.
    I think someone reported me as a spam account & it’s locked down. I’m blaming the Russians.

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  4. Hmm. I know that I started following u yesterday and retweeted some things. I have a few followers & I have my daughter’s followers as well. That whole teen & younger gal crowd jump on things very quickly. ESPECIALLY beauty and blogging. They tend to retweet, follow, rinse and repeat down the line. Moreso, I think it probably has more to do with people may be digging for information about someone’s pity party and having a “ah ha” moment & following something that you like. For real. Or mine like “OMG are you kidding me? I should have seen this before.”

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