VPR, RHONJ, Manzo, and Lala Goss

Here’s Scheana with Amber Valletta’s brother. Shay must be not happy. 


Told ya Stassi Posse would be pissed at Scheana today:


Looks like Jac Laurita isn’t laying off the plastic surgery at ALL. DM story below:


No more Manzo’d With Children. And Lauren’s daughter’s name is Marchesa. 


As far as Lala-the word on the street is that she has 2 men in her life. One is a pro-football player from FL named Hayes Pullard who plays for Jacksonville. They allegedly had a falling out because he’s a Conservative Christian, and some sort of rim job comment came out at the last reunion and it caused major ish. The second man is the sugar daddy who is promising all sorts of things for her career, allegedly, and that would be married producer Randall  Emmett, who she met during a breakup with Hayes. Stassi let a major hint drop in a c*nty tweet to Lala because, jealousy. So that, my dears, is the alleged goss on Lala. 

Talk soon, Lovelies 



27 thoughts on “VPR, RHONJ, Manzo, and Lala Goss

      • It was horrible to see how selfish she was after he was so brave to air his story, on TV, in real time of deciding to get sober. They always seemed like an odd match. I hope he finds someone who will love and support his recovery fully.

        She does look great. Shorter hair is definitely becoming on her. She jusy strikes me as very shallow and immature.

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      • She didn’t know how to handle his addiction at all. You’d think at the very least she’d go online (I can’t picture her reading an actual book) and read up about addiction, maybe attend a few
        Al-Anon meetings. She managed to turn his addiction into something about her. “Look how this affects meeeeeee!” She continued drinking around him and told him smoking pot was ok.

        Grrrrr. She’s as shallow as a sheet of paper.

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  1. I think I would like to see Caroline Manzo back on RHONY. Just for one season. Just to see how she’d hand Teresa. I would love that. I can’t stand Teresa and her talk of going to camp.

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  2. I remember a rimming comment. Conservative Christian or not, most men would not want the world to know the woman they are having an intimate relationship with is licking some old man’s asshole and gets freebies for it.
    Just not a good look. Some things are meant to stay private. Lala. Lala. Lala. No bueno.
    Her producer friend has a type.


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