Oh, Kail.

So still married to Javi, and after announcing on Teen Mom she didn’t want any more children-baby number 3. Her publicist will have us believe that this was planned-but her divorce is far from final, no boyfriend that we can see-sure it was planned. But her biz, whatever. Plus the major plastic surgery overhaul she just got? That’s down the toilet.

So who’s the daddy? We know who it isn’t, and that’s Javi-but the 2 possible suspects are Tyler Hill, who she was caught FaceTiming with during her husbands deployment, or JC  Cueva, an MTV producer she was rumored to be dating.

She’s playing the victim, saying people in her life “sold her out” by spilling the pregnancy beans-but I have a feeling these people may have a bone to pick with her anyway-she’s not the nicest girl to people in her life. She’s actually pretty angry, and, well, mean. If the way she’s using the sons she already has as weapons against Javi because she’s mad is any indication, the new baby daddy is in for a long and difficult 18 years.


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