Oscar 2017 Worst Dressed

Ok guys, one of the moments we’ve all been waiting for. This is only my opinion. Das’ all.

Leslie Mann in Zac Posen. “Tale as old as time..song as old as rhyme..beauty and the beast”

Jessica Beil in Kaufman Franco. I’ve seen this worn out velvet-y look in gold like 100 times this season and it never gets better. Stawwwp.

Felicity Jones in Dior. This would look great in a jewelry box in a 5 year old girls bedroom. Way too informal for the Oscars.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. Why? It’s blah, it couldn’t be more unflattering to her waist and cleavage.

Ginnifer Goodwin in Zuhair Murad. Matronly and severe. And she looks pissed and miserable. I think it’s because of Bill Paxton’s passing-but sheesh.

Scarlett Johansson in Alaia. I’m bummed-she’s usually on pint but this is too busy and poofy, I don’t think poofy was the goal.

Halle Berry in Atelier Versace. What a mess.

Dakota Johnson in Gucci. The hair is….why? She’s got a weird bib around her waist, the weird yellowy sayin is a no.

Olivia Culpo in Marchesa. A lot going on, the black ribbon is confusing.

This pains me. Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton. Nope.

Priyanka Chopra in Ralph and Russo. There’s structured, and there’s unmoving. The neckline looks sharp and the pattern/fabric looks immovable.

Naomie Harris in Calvin Klein. Some love this, think it’s edgy and a risk-I hate it. The opposite shoes are kitschy, the train looks like something I pinned on my waist or shoulders when playing dress-up as a kid and I used a sheet for a princess train. Don’t like it.

That’s it for now-who knows, there might be more 😉

Talk soon, Lovelies



10 thoughts on “Oscar 2017 Worst Dressed

    • I’m with you, her hair doesn’t look any better than mine. I mean if you have a stylist and a glam squad wouldn’t they want to do something? On the other hand, it makes me feel good to see someone else have a real bad hair day. LOL

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  1. For the expense, starvation and more starvation it took to wear these dresses, they are all a strike out. Fashion houses are either creating so-so no-go gowns or the stylist that dresses these starlets is way off base in what is offered a client.
    Hair makes a world of difference in showcasing the cut of a gown. I am majorly disappointed in the failure of the beauty industry to support fashion across the globe.
    I do not watch the Oscars and rhank you for your time and opinion, Allie. My opinion is based on what I see here and it is disappointing.
    In the height of their most sexy years when young women should flaunt their best assets, some look dowdy, almost matronly. They think the va-va-voom is nothing but breasts.
    When a man turns his head to check out a passing woman it is not her breasts he is looking at.

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  2. I’m not made at Olivia Culpo’s makeup. I saw a close up pic and she looked beautiful. I have not the first clue as to who she is, but her makeup artist is brilliant.

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  3. I know as I sit here in pajama pants I put on on Saturday night that “fashion” isn’t my thing. But I loved a few of these dresses! (Alicia Vikander looked gorgeous!) Ok.. should I go to the WLS now? Or are you just going to call me an idiot?? Lol.

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