Chanel/Streep Dress Update 

I’m  making this a post in and of itself because I heard the story that Lagerfeld put out saying Meryl Streep was all set to wear Chanel until another designer offered her money to wear their dress-Lagerfeld admitted he lied. What a jerk. I thought maybe Lagerfeld was full of it. DM story below:

Talk soon, Lovelies



29 thoughts on “Chanel/Streep Dress Update 

  1. Hey there! WOW! I’m amazed that this happened. Karl admitted he said it. Maybe he was caught off guard? Meryl is up for 20th award. What a nightmare. I’m sure she is upset.

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  2. Why would he LIE?!?! This is so crazy. It’s not like he works for a small designer and needs the publicity…he’s the HOUSE OF CHANEL. He must have personal beef with Streep…he even threw in a fat comment.

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  3. What a dick. Even with the comment it does put the attention on this and takes away from her 20th nomination. On the plus side everyone will be sure to look for her and the dress now.
    He dresses the Kartrashians and Milania wore his white dress at the inauguration. He just had a flippin bone to pick. He’s the piece of washed up garbage.

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  4. Maybe I am the only one to think this but I don’t think she dresses well 😔 I love her as an actress but I think she looks terrible and I would so love to have her knock it out of the park especially in light of this

    Also am I the only person who just wants them to talk about movies and not politics? I really do not want to hear about politics tonight just fashion and moivies – I need a night off from politics

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    • It is called a rug. Yep, to my eyes he’s sporting a very bad hairpiece. You would think with his money he would have only the best to cover his bald head.
      His lips are u-g-l-y.

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  5. Red carpet is starting on E. Giuliana Rancic is finally wearing a dress that I like!

    My mother is on boob patrol again. She wants to know why Giuliana is so skinny. Does anyone remember the reason she gives?

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  6. I cannot stand Giuliana Rancic. I had really liked Bill on the Apprentice, so I watched their reality show. She is a dumbass – I don’t know how he stands her.

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