Today’s Ulta Deal!!!

Buy one get one free NYX face and eye cosmetics! Offer good until 3/4/17


Buy one get one free Real Techniques Makeup brushes (excluded sponges) offer good until 3/4/17


Online at only NARS pencil eyeliner!


17 thoughts on “Today’s Ulta Deal!!!

  1. Isn’t that perfect timing…I just said I was going to get a NYX eyeshadow palette this weekend, and BAM!!! BOGO sale. And I have Utla points to redeem.

    “I don’t have a problem, I can stop anytime I want to. I’m just a social makeup buyer. I just need an eyeliner to take the edge off.”

    That is going to be me when the Intervention is held. 🙂

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  2. OMG! I also think, what a coincidence! I was just about to get some NYX! God’s wink? LOL
    Intervention, so funny @GO. I needed one 20 years ago. I have so many products I can’t get in the bathroom. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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    • Xana messaged me yesterday so I’ve known but Xanadude asked me to keep it quiet-I’m sure you can all guess why. In his words he didn’t want his loss “co-opted”, and I know he doesn’t want it made into something more hurtful. So I’m absolutely respecting his wishes and this is the only mention I’m making publicly. He and I spoke yesterday so he knows how I feel-but we are ALL sending him love, strength and light.

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      • If you want to delete my message, please do so if it’s hurtful to him. I saw it on his Twitter, but since I don’t do the Twitter, I figured he may see it here. I certainly don’t want to add to his distress at this difficult time.
        Thanks Allie

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    • Sure thing-it’s easiest if you have some tweezers-put the glue on the lash, grip the lash with the tweezers and place the lash along your lash line. Once it’s aligned correctly gently press into place with your finger. Once you get the hang of it it’s easy peasy


    • Hi Mel.. a few other tips that help me for false lashes 🙂 1… you may need to trim the lash to your eye size, sometimes, they can be too long and poke your eyes quite a bit… so before you start, hold it up to your eye and see if it’s properly fitting over the lashes. 2.. once you apply lash adhesive (Duo is a good one, the white dries clear or they have a dark), let it get tacky for maybe 20 seconds. Some glues are thinner than others. If it’s too runny, it can be a bit of a pain. 3… To get mine into place, I also tweeze them together along with my natural lashes and use the opposite end of the tweezer (or you could use anything, like the handle end of a small makeup brush)to push them down when my finger Is too cumbersome.

      Last, some makeup artists prefer to curl and mascara your real lashes first (how I learned it), while others insist on curling, then mascaraing after applying the strip. You can do it ether way, just make sure you let the mascara dry a little if you do it first, because wet glue + wet mascara – mess:)

      Hope that helps:)


      • Putting all these tweezers near my eyeballs are making them all twitchy!

        Thank goodness I don’t need them. (Maybe I do, but just don’t realize it, but I’m still not doing it!)

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