What’s For Dinner?

I’m nosy and wanna know what y’all are making for dinner tonite 😁

Here, it’s pulled pork, corn bread and brownies for dessert. I did the pork tenderloin in the crock pot so that’s kinda cheating because it’s so simple. Son # 3 wants pulled pork tacos but son # 2 just wants plain pulled pork.

What’s on your table?

Talk soon Lovelies 



71 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?

  1. I usually cook, but have been pushing on the home stretch on a volunteer project. For now the only thing on the menu are brownies. Even though I’m a scratch cook, hubster sneaks Girardelli brownie mix into the gorcery cart whenever he can. I use strong coffee instead of water and coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. We’ll be punting the rest. I may whip together a quick spinach quiche.

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    • I use applesauce instead of the oil. It makes them light and fluffy. But, like you, I am a “from scratch” baker. But, in a pinch (like the night before they need them, I am told we need treats for school) I will use a boxed cake mix, but I always make my own butter cream.

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      • Hey not a huge baker but me and my little one are starting to experiment in the kitchen ! See how I don’t say baking cause I don’t know if I would call it that! Lol Any awesome butter cream recipes you can share ??? I know butter cream is simple but I never make it!

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  2. I have strep throat and some gnarly virus on top of it. I am getting better, though. I haven’t made shit all week. My husband is on his own when I feel like this.
    Anyway, I need a good series. I have HBO, Showtime, Netflix and Hulu. So please advise! I am bored off my ass! 😘

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    • Me too Pip 😦 sinus infection, fever, the whole 9 yards. Been working too much to post… but witnessing the drama… I hope you feel better soon.

      Making an attempt at soup from scratch — when I’m not passing out from feverish delirium 🙂

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      • Sorry Allie, my damn WordPress keeps giving me the middle finger emoji. Don’t mean to be a moderation nuisance 🙂 love the dupes posts and gonna get infallible makeup spray — LOVE Ud’s setting spray. My makeup lasts 12-24 hours (God forbid, lol) if needed. Also, GA’s Silk foundation is my HG – so pricey tho! – gonna give L’Oréal another shot.

        Sorry wrong post I know, but I can hardly see straight. I’ll take my sick butt over to the makeup post there 😉

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    • Feel better! I’m the wrong person to ask about shows. I’m so behind on everything except RHOBH and VPR. LOL. I haven’t even watched Stranger Things on Netflix, yet. We did like A Series of Unfortunate Events, though. NPH was so great!

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      • Same! My DVR is at 81% 😬….I know it holds at least 200 hours!🙊 I cringe when I see the number that high. Tomorrow I shall weed out the things I won’t ever watch.

        Hope all you sickies get the rest you need this weekend and are feeling up to par, soon! ❤

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    • Feel better! Stranger Things is amazing if you like scifi and a seriously brilliant homage to the 80s and 80s film culture. All the netflix originals are great, as I’m sure you know. I just watched the series Girls on demand on HBO. If you can appreciate that they are mocking the whiney millennial thing it makes it better than if you try to relate to them ha ha.

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    • Hi Pip, my suggestion to you is for Netflix. It’s the Netflix series called Bloodline. I just finished season 2. It’s starts slow but hang on! It gets REAL good. Hope you give it a try.😊

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      • Oh Call the Midwife is great. I’m watching Gilmore Girls for the 100th time literally I think. Putting together a bench and ready to throw a socket wrench through the sliding door. Ugh. Didn’t want to have to concentrate on two things at once. Not too bright at walking and chewing bubble gum, lol.

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      • Allie- I had my tonsils out in high school, because I use to get strep so much it made
        My mom crazy! Well, one of my tonsils has apparently grown back and I still get strep almost every year. Even after getting them removed. Sucks.

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    • Sorry your so sick and hope you feel better soon. Have you seen The Crown on Netflix? It’s about the early days of Queen Elizabeth II reign and is wonderful. Production is fabulous and I’m hooked. Then again me and my family are huge Anglophiles so anything British we are into! That and Grace and Frankie (also on Netflix), with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are great! Hope you find something you like to keep your mind busy while sick.

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  3. Friday night appetizers: Poquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese, pine nuts, golden raisins served with fresh mint vinegrette.
    Just recently had it at a restaurant—- so easy to do at home.

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  4. Oh damn!
    I told my husband that I wanted to do a pork tenderloin in the crock pot. He looked at me like wtf!
    I’ve never done it in the crock but why not? I don’t consider using a crock pot as cheating. Hell, I even use one of those cooking bags. No mess. Now that’s easy. This brings me to what’s for dinner & that would be chili, done in the crock pot. Actually, it’s left overs from last night. That’s kind of cheating. Not. 😕

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  5. My hubby got great news at work today so we will be going out to celebrate. His choice so I don’t know yet but he is a predictable panda so I will assume Mexican or Pizza ha ha.

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  6. I hope everybody who is sick feels better soon. And congrats to Mr. Muffins.
    I have no clue what I am going to make. We have been having some fantastic weather, so we’ve been grilling as much as possible. I have all kinds of different sausages in the garage freezer that are soooo good on the grill. Hubs loves his old school charcoal grill/smoker. We are in the market for a wood pellet grill. He’s eying up a Traeger – the son of a bitch costs almost a thousand effing dollars. It was my dumb ass who told him about them, I had no idea they cost that much when I said to him….”did you see these pellet grills they have?”

    Maisey, are those peppers hot? That sounds delicious. I like the flavor of hot food, but I’m a delicate flower. The absolute second hot food touches my tongue, it’s like hell has opened a branch office in my mouth. Not just my mouth either – I stuffed some banana peppers for my hubs, and my hands burnt for hours, it was intense. Banana peppers aren’t even that hot.

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    • Poquillo peppers are from northern Spain. They are sweet, not too hot at all
      Get Out you will enjoy this recipe.

      I’ve used the jarred ones and they are good. Soak golden raisins in water with a little bit of sherry. Let them plump up for about an hour. Mix them with an herbed goat cheese and pine nuts, a little chopped chives. Stuff, heat on skillet or microwave.
      I pick mint from my garden, mix with a white balsamic vinegar and honey. Drizzle on stuffed peppers on a bed of fresh greens.
      So good it will make you slap your Mama.

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  7. I made chicken last night. Just seasoned and baked. We always keep that in the fridge. Usually grilled but the bbq is wet.I can cut it on a salad, make a quesadilla, just get almost anything done real quick once the chicken is done.
    Made a really good brown rice I get at WF with chicken broth I made yesterday in the pressure cooker. If I toast the rice first it gives it a nice nutty flavor. Toasted slivered almonds in the oven and toss that in the rice when it is done. I’m just having that with some chicken heated over it.
    I started putting together a wood slat glider bench at 10:45 this am and still not finished. Just over 3/4 of the way there. Unfortunately I’m the handy one with tools around the house. Wanted something pretty and comfy for the porch for my hubby. It seems like it has been raining 3 months straight and that is the only covered spot. He’s a smoker so he’ll use it now and I’ll use it during the summer. It’s really cute. It has attached tables on each side for his ash tray and beer.
    Was just checking in before I get back. Ugh. I’ll be happy when it’s done. Now, not so much.
    Oh and I grabbed Cracker Jacks at Home Depot. That will be dessert.

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  8. It’s chicken curry with rice tonight. I cheated and bought a roasted chicken at the store to make prep easier.
    I am getting over an upper respiratory thing and still feel zapped so I am not feeling guilty about anything I do to make dinner easier. I am preparing enough for leftovers as I don’t want to cook tomorrow.
    Later I will have Girl Scout cookies and tea. Simple pleasures. Here’s hoping everyone soon feels better.

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  9. I am on some modified liquid diet for stomach issues so reading all of this made my mouth water ! Everything sounded delicious !!

    I hope everyone that is under the weather feels better soon

    Usually I have cereal for dinner or go out – or order something to be delivered . Can you tell I cannot cook !

    Basic food groups are delivery, frozen, and reservations around here or sometimes my hubby will cook and he actually is not bad at it

    I’m thinking for the oacars I will dress my Pug and Boston Terrier either in their Pink balls gowns or their Guici matching dresses 😂😂😂

    I actually have a lady that is a Fantastic designer for dogs that makes their outfits – believe it or not their is a fashion show in NYC for dog clothes just like for human ones! And she always has a collection. It is a very big thing ! And the gowns are AMAZING that Are shown – totally couture and one of kind just like the human clothing taking many many hours to make . I have not attended but would love to one day

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  10. I hope everyone feels better soon. Everyone’s dinner sounds wonderful.
    Happy, my dogs won’t wear any clothes, but I will be wearing my tiara. During big awards shows and anything royal televised I have a beautiful simple tiara. Sometimes it just makes me feel special and every girl should feel like a princess.

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    • I meant HappyGal, I wish my dogs would wear something. I have one older dog that could really use something warm with her arthritis and just won’t wear it. If it’s real cold I leave a sweatshirt on her for her own good. In the summer the vet recommended a t-shirt on her because skin cancers have been removed on her too. I put sunscreen on her instead. The things we do for our pets. 🤦

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  11. I work on Friday nights so no cooking. Hubs did take-out for the boys and I’m eating my dinner now….white clam pizza. Delish!

    I love hearing what people cook. Everything sounds great! I also work on Sat then hub and I have dinner at the bar of the resturant I work at. I won’t be cooking til Sunday.

    Hope everyone who’s sick or feeling under the weather rests and gets better, soon! ❤

    PS…I love to make pulled pork and pulled chicken. There’s so much to do with both. I gave my crock pot away years ago. I just use a dutch oven on the stove top or in the oven on low for the same effect. But, I’ve had my eye on that InstaPot! The reviews are glowing! What I like best is that it browns the meat so less pans to wash! I’m waiting for it to come down in price before I commit!

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    • If you get the InstaPot do tell us how it does. I’ve read mixed reviews when I was looking into one. That said one has to at times take some of those reviews with a grain of salt!!

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    • I got rid of my crock pot also. I only have so much room for all of these appliances. I’m like you Janey, I just use the dutch oven. Love the pressure cooker also. That’s also a double tasker for a large pot.

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  12. Sounds yummy and not cheating in my book!! Ok here’s my confession…….meal planning is stressful to me!!! Ha ha it sounds stupid but honestly I don’t like to cook and am so picky!! That said it’s only hubby and I now and he LOVES to cook, but he also has a new business to run so I feel guilty having him cook during the week. I mean I’m home all day how lazy of me ha ha!! Anyway the flip side of that he normally doesn’t leave the office before 6:30-7 and we currently are living in the heart of a foodie city!!! Everything is walking distance so 3-4 nights a week we take a lil stroll to dinner. The other nights my crock pot is my bestie!! Try a pork roast in the crock pot with a can of coke or Dr. Pepper oh man makes the best tacos or sammies!!! After that long ramble it was Hooters last night for us. Not my fav but such is life!! Oh and I may not enjoy cooking but I love to make different breads and bake all kinds of goodies. I have to be sure I have a “home” for said baked goods bc if they stayed here I’d eat them!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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    • I’m the same way! I dont like cooking but love to bake and I’m a bake from scratch gal like others here. Unless I’m being lazy and just have to have brownies or I’ll die then I use a mix. Even though I don’t care for cooking I love cookbooks and enjoy going through the recipes just don’t like making any of them! How odd is that?! We had Boston Market frozen dinners last night which are pretty good. My hubs likes cooking so when he is home early enough we have something on the grill even during the winter.

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