Manzo Baby News

Lauren Manzo Scalia had her baby today-a girl. Caroline is a gramma-congrats to the whole family!

Story below:


5 thoughts on “Manzo Baby News

  1. LOL at Daily Mail, they are forever mixing names up – Lauren’s husband isn’t Christ Manzo. Is it just me…or does that baby look like a mini Al Manzo? She looks so teeny tiny. Congrats to the family.

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  2. Congratulations to all! This little girl will be one spoiled princess.
    I am not a Carolyn fan and I hope Lauren shelters this little girl from Carolyn biting tongue. Some of the things Carolyn said to Lauren were so very hurtful. I could only imagine what she said to her off camera, in private.

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  3. There’s nothing like a new baby! S0 sweet! Congrats to all!

    I agree, Drac. I hated those scenes where Caroline belittled and picked on Lauren for her weight. It absolutely should not have been said, nevermind on camera.

    Wishing Lauren, Vito and family abundant blessings.

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