Let’s Talk About The Weekend And New Makeup

Good morning everyone! The Oscars are Sunday night and you KNOW I’ll be doing a best and worst dressed. I can’t wait. I’ll probably have a page on each because I plan on going deep.

I’ve got some more dupe posts up my sleeve-some Kylie lip kit Dupes are coming up-as well as a ton more color dupes.

I’m looking for a new-ish foundation and I found one but you can only get it in the UK. It’s called Bourjois, and I could get it on Amazon but it’s way more pricey. Plus I want to have something that no one else around me has-because, shallow.  I’m definitely getting some dupes as well, but this is the palette coming home to me next week:

The Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette-its SO PRETTY!! And it’s going to look perfect in my makeup box. And only 26$.

I love this, it’s intriguing to me, but I’ve got no idea where or how I’d wear it:

Too Faced Unicorn Tears Lipstick-here it is swatched:

I love it but not sure where I’d ever wear it. I’m sure I could wear it over a pink color?

And Colourpop came out with Highlighter Trios which are coming home to me next week a well. I LOVE their highlighters, y’all know that. There are 3 sets for different skin shades: 

The Waffle Trio:

The colors are: Scrumptious which is a pearlized baby pink, Glazed, a pearlized Ivory Gold, and Flexitarian (my fave) which is a pearlized white champagne. This is best for lighter skin tones.

The Cannoli Trio

We’ve got Frosted:  Satin soft true gold. Whipped is a tie-dye warm silvery gold and Wisp which is a pearlized golden champagne with gold pearls. For medium skin tones

The Shortcake Trio

This trio is recommended for deeper skin tones. The shades are Soft Serve, a true satin copper; Iced, a tie dyed rosy gold, and Candyman-a pearlized metallic rich gold.

They run for 22$, which in true Colourpop tradition is fairly inexpensive.

Talk soon, Lovelies



27 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Weekend And New Makeup

  1. Hmmm, that Unicorn Farts (whatever the name is, I shall only be calling it this, because UNICORN FARTS!) could be tricky. I think a deep maroon lip pencil filled in under it will make it less….Forever 21.

    I’m bummed about Top Chef last night, but looking forward to the finale anyway.

    Have you seen the news that Lagerfeld came out saying Meryl Streep won’t be wearing Chanel because they customized a COUTURE dress according to her specifications and then cancelled it because Chanel won’t pay her?!?!? I always thought that celebs borrowed the dress, now I know that Chanel, at least, designs, makes, and GIVES the dress to the celeb. I need to figure out how to get famous….Just being infamous doesn’t get me free couture.


    • Oooooo I haven’t watched Top Chef yet!!! Brooke is my fave, but don’t tell me haha-being infamous doesn’t get me couture but it’s gotten me some amaze peeps. 😉😘 I’ve never heard of fashion houses, much less Chanel, paying celebrities to wear them. Lagerfeld might not be telling the whole thing, it makes no sense?

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    • Not only do they pay the celeb to wear it, the stylist can make a serious amount of money for putting them in a certain designer. Same with Jewelry, shoes and other products. There was a panel discussion of stylists that I read about, Google it – it will make you sick seeing the payday’s these people are getting for wearing stuff. We as consumer’s pay for it eventually – they have to make that money up somehow.

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  2. Holographic stuff is so hot right now, of course they have a name for people who are into the look: Holosexual’s. I guess Duochrome is the same thing? I have a duochrome highlighter, it’s one of those things you can use on eyes, cheeks and lips.
    Oh…yes and yes on that lippie. If it didn’t look good alone, I’d use that as a topper over a deep shade matte lip color.
    Jesus H Christ, Allie….every single time you do these makeup posts, I shop. Ohhh..that reminds me – I got one of the Wet and Wild Catsuit lippies yesterday. A bunch of YouTuber’s gave them rave reviews. I forgot about it until now, I gotta to check that bad girl out.

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  3. Ok I KNOW you all will think I am totally off my rocker but totally plan on dressing up my Pug and Boston Terrier in their best gowns to watch the Oscars hehehehe

    I love to take their pics for a special calendar I have made each year and I have tons of gowns and dresses so why not 😂

    I cannot believe the stars demand to be paid – like they are not Rich enough already – do some good in the world and donate something back – make an arrangement w the designer to donate a “fee” to a charity instead of being such a greedy bitch

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  4. I love that unicorn tears lippie! Allie- your makeup blogs are seriously starting to hurt by pocketbook! I have been spending way too much money and my husband is gonna catch on! 😬

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  5. Lol! I agree with everyone,Allie is good for the soul, Bad for the pocketbook.😊 I’m ready for a facial moisturizer/cleanser dupe post. I will totally be able to weigh in as I buy a new moisturizer about every other week (I’m hard to please I guess) but I think I have found a good one last month,will share details on the post. Have a great day everyone 😍

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  6. I’ve been a pretty dedicated Clinique user for moisturizer and mascara as I have sensitive skin but am always willing to try something new! Just as long as there is no fragrance otherwise my face breaks out in hives. I hate that as it really limits what you can buy. I don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for good quality but there’s the rub, finding good quality so these posts really help!

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  7. I’m unreasonably excited for the Oscar’s fashion post. Nobody I know IRL is interested in dress scoring. 😁 Had no idea the star got paid to wear designer gowns, why was this never discussed on career day? I guess it takes the sting out of a Worst Dress mention if the check cashes.

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  8. Also, Maisey-
    Got the hourglass veil primer. I am still sick, but I put it on today anyway with my foundation. It’s like VELVET!!!! Best primer I have found! Good call! 😘😘💥


  9. Those colors are so pretty! Have you seen the new Harry Potter collection? I really really want that! LOL

    I haven’t decided if I”m going to watch the Oscars on Sunday. If Matthew McConaughey or Jake Gyllenhall aren’t there, then there’s no reason to watch. lol… although — Ryan Gosling.

    Tomorrow it’s girls game night over at a friend’s. We’re going to drink wine and play board games. It’s a new thing we are trying. We used to play Bunco, but started getting bored of it.

    Other than that, for once, there are no weekend plans.

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      • That’s what I can’t stand. I don’t want to hear celebrities bloviate when they should just say thank you. Did you hear about the poll done about them and the speeches? A lot of people interviewed said the celebs didn’t influence them in any way and they didn’t want to hear them. That their job is entertainment which is supposed to take our minds OFF all the crap going on.

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  10. Oh God…Baseball- I get this text from my daughter – who is 30. OMG MOOOMMM. My heart skips a beat, I think something is wrong. No, she is geeking out over the fact that there is a Harry Potter palette. It kinda pissed me off, I’m still nerved racked over the boy almost getting fried – I don’t need any scary all caps messages like that. I told her that wasn’t heart stopping info, that she scared me. She said it was heart stopping news to her. That company also has Harry Potter makeup brushes that look like wands.

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