Swooning A Little, Guys

Ohh Emm Gee did you see who liked my RHOBH recap tweet? Did you? Did you?!?!?

Erika Jayne?????

Yaaaaaassssss. I know some will probably laugh at me for being SO HAPPY but it’s ERIKA JAYNE.

That “like” on my recap tweet will keep me going for a while 😉

Talk soon, Lovelies 



79 thoughts on “Swooning A Little, Guys

  1. Yay for you! This is really great Allie and I’m glad your so happy! I like Ericka, she really comes across as down to earth. I also like how she isn’t quick to make a judgment about things until she knows the entire story. So exciting to know she reads and likes your blog! Good things really do happen to good people!

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  2. Congrats!! That and more amazing things will continue happening to U and your blog!
    I’ve read all the comments and boy what a hate site this is NOT!! 😜
    Thanks and Keep up the great work!

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  3. Congrats!! That and more amazing things will continue happening to U and your blog!
    I’ve read all the comments and boy what a hate site this is NOT!! 😜
    Thanks and Keep up the great work!

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  4. That’s definite street cred right there, from one of the coolest housewives! You really need to monetize this site now — make it work for you for all the work you do on it. Plus it would really enable you to go after makeup sponsorships or at least to score some free schwag. You have an established readership base, which is the hardest part. And it would have the added benefit of royally pissing off The Idiot Blogger as her numbers continue to fall off…

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      • Well, Allie, if you are going to get the piss taken out of you …please make some money at the same time.
        At first this blog started as kind of a gathering place for refugees from The Beast. A rag tag assortment of people who found each other and delighted in sharing some stories about that place from long ago.
        But it has now turned into something different. Very different.
        This is a highly organized and well run blog about make up, books, tv recaps and even a recent interview with a cast member. The content is intelligent, fast paced and the comments cogent and lively without being crude and devisive.
        That s all great but I do marvel at how much work and research and time you put into it. It really shows. And look how successful and how FAST you have been able to do this. It’s kind of like “Allie’s First 100 Days” Ha.
        You know, I work hard at what I do also. But I get paid. That’s how it works.

        I know it’s not really my business but you allow open discussion here. With all due respect, I think I may have an inkling why you haven’t monetize this blog yet.
        May I offer this: the only thing worse than doing something because Tammy WANTS you to would be NOT DOING something because Tammy DOESNT WANT you to do it.

        This blog is your creation. It is your present and your future.
        You are a creative and talented woman. Now be a business woman also.
        I would love, love, love to see this wildly successful.

        Thanks for letting me have my two cents this morning.
        Maisey 😎

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      • You can do the whole clicks and impressions thing but honestly that isn’t where the real money is. Check out patreon and do memberships for bonus content. Much bigger bang for your buck.

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      • Late to the party as usual. However I completely agree with everyone. You should find a way to make money. The first thing about blogging is finding followers. You certainly have a strong following given the time you have been blogging.

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      • Maisey and Bethanney, I have been telling Allison the very same thing over and over. If she is going to spend her time and effort doing this, why not get a little coin out of it. I would.

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      • Maisey, just wanted to echo your sentiments below (but, there was no Reply tab)!!! And, ecstatic to know Allie will finally be compensated for her consistent & quality efforts!!!

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      • You needed that tweet! Especially this week! I made me smile. I think you have a right to make money off the site. I know it’s difficult but you can figure it out it. Maybe with some starts and stops. Writing all these blogs is very time consuming, I certainly don’t expect you do it for free. You’ve indicated, that like most people, money is tight and you’re getting on your feet. I’ve been in recovery more than half my life so I know how that goes. Maybe this is a chance to start something new?
        You have about 500 new friends behind you. ; ) That’s pretty exciting, I’d say!

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    • Allison if you would have just listened to your elders (me lol) you would have already done it. Ask my friend Jay. I do bop people in the back of their heads for not listening to reason.

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      • I endorse this sentiment 💯%!!

        As cliche as it sounds, I firmly believe that every single thing happens for a reason. There are no coincidences- look at this community of loyal followers you’ve built in such a short time. You’ve got what it takes…you should absolutely capatalize on this. The opportunities ahead are endless!! You go girl!! We’ll be here supporting and cheering you on!! ❤😘

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  5. OMG! This is fabulous, so exciting, I am thrilled for you. I also understand the feeling, the first time someone famous like a tweet I was in I about fell out my chair y’all!

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  6. Way to go Allie. First the interview with a reality show celebrity from Bad Girls Club and now this. Pretty good for “Not a Blogger” lol. Remember that ridiculous statement of yours?

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  7. After shit show from the other day this just goes to show how awesome you and this blog is! Stop saying you are not a writer, sorry to tell you but you are and it’s an awesome read!!! Lol plus you are getting sweet recognition as well!!! Put ads up, oh well if others have something to say about it they always have something to say no matter what so F$%# em!!! Lol

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      • Yessssss!!! That’s the empowered, confident beautiful Allie that earned her way up from the trenches of Hell!

        Cheering you on, baby doll- this is just the beginning!!

        Wishing you love, laughter, happiness and so much prosperity! You’ve battled and conquered the darkest days….now it’s time for you to shine!! 🌟💞💫💕

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  8. The way I see it, Allie, is that others are trying to profit from digging up your past and putting it on blast via their blogs/social media sites…why shouldn’t you profit as well? Why is it okay for someone else to make a buck off your name but not you? It’s your site; your intellectual property and there’s intrinsic value to it. Don’t let others prosper off your efforts while you make nothing.

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  9. What a fucking surprise. Not. They are begging you to take their money so you might as well.

    You’d get so many more “hits” if you let some of the “less than supportive” comments through. The cat ladies would lose their fucking minds and you’d get to enjoy the endless stream of complaints about how somebody’s feewings got huht. Hundreds of comments and emails from the same 10 people, oh my!


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