RHOBH recap: Feeding A Need

LVP has bought a new property-it needs a TON of work but she can’t wait to get her hands on it and make it beautiful, because that’s what she does. It’s a surprise gift for Max. A condo. Max is still interested in tracking down his birth parents so LVP has hired a PI. She says she’s going to wait in giving him the condo until more happens with that. I get it-a little remember who raised you gift.

Kim and Kyle are shopping-Kim is just realizing that a baby is coming now that Brooke’s cervix is thinning. I’m sure Brooke is overjoyed that the world knows about her cervix. Kim says the Great Gatsby party was fun even if interacting with Rinna was bizarre.

Rinna is on her way to confront Eden. She’s really committed herself to this amnesia-Eden asks how she is, but Rinna says she’s not sure. She says Mexico was a bust, and tells Eden it was because she went to LVP of all people with the Kim gossip that Rinna was spreading. Rinna thinks she might have trusted Eden too soon, but Eden says she only told the truth. Rinna is still having memory loss.

Kim and Kyle discuss Eden’s weird Richards sisters obsession, Kyle tells Kim that she’s still the topic of conversation. 

Rinna asks Eden why LVP of all people? If she wanted an unbiased opinion Eden went to the wrong person.

Kyle tells a shocked Kim the deathbed rumor and everything Rinna has said.

Rinna tells Eden to stop talking behind her back-Eden insists she’s not a troublemaker but Rinna is disappointed in her. Eden breaks the whole situation down and basically tells Rinna she put herself in the shitty position. 

Rinna is volunteering at a place that delivers meals to homebound and sick people and is getting an award for her contributions. All of the ladies are coming to help prepare meals-but LVP, Kyle, and Dorit are super late. Supposedly LVP had gate issues. Rinna does the knee slapping seal clap. 

Hairnets for everyone! They all get little jobs-Eden is scooping granola, Erika is chopping chilis, Kyle and Dorit are washing zucchini and acting 12 years old about it. At one point, Kyle, LVP and Dorit are working side by aside and Eden is shooting them some major stank-eye. Kyle’s next assignment is scooping fish and she’s not handling it well-Kyle then gets moved to the granola scooping with Eden and it’s quiet and awkward. Kyle apologizes for seeming rude and not talkative-Eden asks if she wants to sit down another time and talk. Kyle says she does.

They all decide to sit down together as a group to hash everything out-Eden can’t wait.

Ken and LVP are shopping for Max’s new condo. She’s looking for bargains and somehow I think that her bargains and my bargains are vastly different. She’s got her eye on a blue velvet couch for max that was $5200 but is on sale for $1550. Also, a coffee table that was $3200, but for LVP? $1200. A matching rug for $599. LVP wants mother of the year. 

Dorit is playing with the kids-she’s trying to teach Phoenix to crawl. I’m warming up to Dorit a bit I have to say. Eden’s dropped by to chat-Dorit says she was surprised to see Eden volunteering because last she knew, Rinna was mad at her. Eden says they met and talked, Dorit believes Eden about what Rinna said. Dorit asks if Eden thinks Rinna’s personality “induced”-whatever that means-and Eden thinks that Rinna is just in denial.

Erika and Tom are having lunch-Tom is glad to be lunching with his wife instead of mean lawyers. Erika thanks him for letting her borrow the plane, and he says he loves the “Expensive” video. I know a lot of people dissect their marriage but I don’t think it’s fake. I’m not sure how typical it is-but I don’t feel like it’s an “arrangement”.

Kyle visits the set of her scripted show “American Woman” and is checking out wardrobe. She admits the show created tension between her and her sisters but it’s all good now. She gets a lesson in baby laxative being used on film as cocaine.

Rinna is getting made up for her award presentation. Eileen calls because she can’t make it-some eye problem, she can’t wear makeup or contacts. Kyle comes to pick up Dorit in a limo-I am drooling over Dorit’s outfit and her shoes? Dead. Dorit tells Kyle about her visit with Eden.

The Hamlin family is walking (the women teetering) down to the car, once in, Rinna asks Delilah what her favorite NYC moment was. She says when Gigi taught her to walk. She told her to walk like she’s going to get food. Harry asks if it’s a hungry walk?

Everyone is posing in front of giant angel wings on the red carpet. Camille is there-Eden gets an awkward hello from Kyle and Rinna. Eden brought her best friend, Dru, but LVP isn’t there. Supposedly because her nephew in in town.

At the dinner table Kyle is grateful for the huge table and noise separating her from Eden. I noticed some guy in a flannel and a trucker cap sitting next to Rinna-the ladies notice too and he’s pretty underdressed. Dorit brings up Eden’s “kindred spirit” internet boyfriend that she’s never met in person. Kyle is throwing maaaajor shade-saying if she was Eden’s friend (ouch) she’d tell her this is a flipping disaster (ouch) but Eden would just like some support.

Kyle continues the shade, but Eden thinks she cares. Kyle admits she is starting to feel sorry for Eden. Harry introduces Rinna-she’s cheesily mouthing “I love you” from the audience. Rinna takes the podium and gives her speech and it goes well. After, Rinna joins everyone at the table and thanks them for coming.

Next week: Carnie Wilson is at Kyle’s house. Ken cries. LVP runs off. Rinna admits it. Arguments ensue.

Talk soon, Lovelies 



45 thoughts on “RHOBH recap: Feeding A Need

  1. Watching these people, live their “fabulous” lives, I wonder how fab they are if they have to show it on TV. I did find LVP’s gif of “Own it” pretty funny.
    Thanks so much for the recap. You make the show even better than it is.

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  2. I don’t have any interest in watching anymore. I just read your recaps – that keeps me in the loop of what’s going on. I would enjoy watching LVP doing Max’s condo, the rest of their drama – I have no interest in.

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  3. I’m also starting to like Dorit, her ‘accent’ doesn’t bother me and i think she’s fairly genuine. Her son Jagger is a doll – my nephew was like him, didn’t really speak until about 3yrs but had his own language that we all learned. Turns out he’s pretty brilliant, gifted in many things and about to become a scientist. i told him he has to solve climate change haha.

    I’m an LVP fan and don’t see all the ‘machinations’ that everyone else sees, i love her dry wit which is easily misunderstood (i have the same problem) and I think that while she gives the kids a lot, they are not entitled. I really love her and Kyle together.

    Rinna is acting, this whole thing about not remembering is an act – but i think it’s a planned act, what she said and her current denial are an act. i want to vomit when the girls and rinna gush over gigi, that’s also so calculated. but man, i love me some harry hamlin!

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  4. Thanks for the recap ! I taped the show and still need to watch but thought I would read to see what I would be watching 😊

    I love LVP and saw on another gossip site that she may be getting another show about her dog rescue / shelter – I hope so as I think that might be fun

    I too would love to see her re do Max’s condo !

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  5. I honestly can not stand Lisa Rinna. She seems so fake (just my opinion)

    My heart breaks for Kim. Bravo is totally exploiting her. She looks so fragile. I only hope they are paying her decent.

    I love Erika. She is so blingy!!!

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  6. I do believe Lisa the Seal is going to blame her lack of memory for speaking about Kim’s “near-death addiction” with Eden on her bag of pills.. namely Xanax which can cause memory loss. If she does, the irony is strong.

    The Seal is really grasping at straws to get attention as evidenced by her posting naked selfies this week. (Or was it last week? I can’t recall and I’m going to blame my prescription painkillers for that. Irony? No because I don’t talk about people’s addictions and then claim I didn’t.)

    Dorit is growing on me as well –if only we could send PK on tour with Boy George.

    I was a big Erika fan but her WWHL appearance last week was cringeworthy and I was embarrassed for her swooning over the other guest and answering his questions for him. I also think it must have been hard to watch as her husband because the guest (whom she was clearly flirting with) is nearly the exact opposite of the man she is married to. I get it that a lot of it was innocent flirting and I am not a prude but it was too much for me. The crown is safely in place on LVP, in my opinion.

    I’m heading to Beverly Hills in March, staying in West Hollywood in between SUR & PUMP. It’s only a few blocks off of Rodeo Drive… I’m hoping to get a glance of Pinky and Jiggy and Harrison! Excited!

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    • @every1becalm have fun on your trip and hope the weather is better when you go versus now! !! I can’t believe the rain they are getting down there, my family lives down in Southern California and I feel like the weather has gone mad! Lol I live in Seattle we are use to the rain lol but not southern Californians!! Take a lot of pics and share with us when you get back !!!-
      I heard about WWHL episode I need to watch cause I love Erika and hopefully she was just drunk or having off night with all the crazy flirting!!! Oh one more thing I never got to say thanks for leading us here!! It’s so nice to post and actually have a conversation with other people without having to worry about getting chastised for having a different opinion!!! 😉

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    • E1B, I have to leave for the store but wanted to tell you how much I admire you. I hope to be more like you, it will have to be my next life but better late than never LOL

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      • Dee199 & Chanaloulou.. I will definitely try to document all I can. I am hoping Erika Jayne was drunk too on WWHL because I really, really like her otherwise.

        I didn’t do anything really but stick up for Cat but thank you for the compliments. I am so glad we have this place too where we can have different opinions without putting each other on blast. ♥️💗❤️

        I am happy to have Allie steering the ship & I am thankful for all of the support she is getting.

        I need to clarify the Lisa The Clapping Seal comment… I think she might try to use the xanax as an excuse but I don’t think I agree that she has a problem with them. The times I have had xanax, I get even more chill than I normally am. (They don’t call me The Calm One for nothing. 😂)

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      • Yes sticking up for Cat was really nice. I did that and was banned, I’m sure my comment to TC was deleted. More recently I saw you defending Allie, I was so proud of you! Thank you!

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  7. Great recap! I watched part two f the show and am glad I had your recap to catch what I missed when doing laundry. I like Dorit too. So over Rinna- her lies, clapping, laughing. She is just trying to stir up trouble.. I do want her to own what she said- cannot wait for reunion since she is avoiding it w/blog and show so far. I feel bad that she keeps attacking Kim and her recovery. Kim is. It another housewife- only FOH- so I do not think that Rinna should go after her this year (or last). I like LVP- her humor and the fun she has.

    Amy- hope you have a great trip. That would be so awesome to see LVP and pups!

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  8. Just a couple of things:

    – I wish LVP would adopt me!
    – I LOVED Kyle’s grey Dior bag that she had when she met up with Kim.
    – Lisa Rinna is freaking liar. I can’t wait for the reunion. I envisage LVP and Kyle going at her!
    – Dorit’s children are gorgeous!
    – Dorit’s black dress and fringed belt was stunning. I couldn’t figure out if she meant the whole thing was Azzedine Alaia or just the belt. Either way it was gorgeous.
    – The red dress Erika was wearing when she had lunch with Tom was beautiful.
    – I loved seeing Joey doing Rinna’s makeup. He’s Rachel Zoe’s bestie and used to be on her show The Rachel Zoe Project.
    – No Eileen! Yes! Plus I think she’s distancing herself from Rinna because of the things she said about Kim are true and are on film

    That’s all from me. 🙂

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    • The fringed belt was sooooo cute, I loved it. Sometimes it seems the only reason I watch this muck is for the beautiful and cool stuff they have. I was glad to see Camille too, because her dress was so cool. I always really liked the way Camille dressed. Erika did look great in the red dress too.

      Gotta be a downer here though, because why did Rinna pick that dress for her award ceremony? Omg, it was awful. From the front her boobs looked weird, and from the back you could see each and every vertebrae in detail all along her spine. WTF? Her shoes were all wrong too.

      Damn, Rinna can’t do anything right lately…Lol.

      Sorry, didn’t mean to get into all that, but one thing just led to another 🙂

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      • To be honest, I only really watch it for the houses and handbags. I swear I start hyperventilating whenever I see a Birkin. Or a Prada. Or a Fendi. Or a Chanel. Actually just about any handbag. Hehe I have a bit of a problem. Anyway, I agree about Rinna’s dress. I thought it was more something you’d wear to a lunch with the ladies type thing. Plus it made her look like a lollipop. 🙂

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      • Rinna was never right with me! Nothing is right with her! She is an impulsive and compulsive lying, attention seeking mimic, sorry I mean every word! Her obsession with Harry is almost creepy sometimes and I know she did all that work on her face to look like him down to her hair cut! Sicko!

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  9. That couch was gorg. If it wasn’t velvet, I’d be ordering 1 myself. Velvet hurts my tongue, not that I lick it, but I touch it and my tongue does this really weird twisty, dry out thing.

    I’m beginning to think the only reason LVP came back is because Bravo promised her that she could completely destroy Renna.

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  10. A couple of thoughts:

    Did anyone catch Kyle imatating Erika’s helium voice while they were working in the kitchen?
    Funny stuff.
    In the kitchen, they should have just given Rinna a big pot to stir. That is what she does best.
    Eileen: from stink eye to pink eye.

    Okay this I just weird. Rinna’s daughter, Delilah Persnickety Amelia Belle, says her proudest moment is when the Gigi Born in a Manger High Fashion Model taught her to walk: “Just walk down the streetl like you are going to buy food” Oh. Okay.. Got. It.
    You know….don’t walk down the street like you are going to go the dry cleaners, get your shoes repaired or going to the post office.


    Rinna: how can something you swear you didn’t say ALSO be taken out of context. Uh, which one is it?

    I have almost officially run out of the fish in my bucket to throw to Rinna.
    Rinna is mad that Eden told Lisa Vanderpump about Kim. Rinna is not phased at all that SHE told 2 million viewers about Kim on camera.
    Rinna is not just a pot stirrer. She is the Human Cuisinart of Real Housewives.
    Kyle said she is not an enabler “whatever THAT means.” Okey Dokey Kyle. After all these years with Kim you have absolutely no awareness of what that word/concept means??

    On the next episode of,RHOBH Sandra Bullock shows up to snatch her nose off Edens face.
    Eden doesn’t notice,

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  11. If they don’t nail Rinna to the cross I’m done with this show! I’m wondering why they didn’t address it last episode but I hope they are keeping up the suspense! No one cares about Rinna and her humanitarian award after all the inhumane things she has said and done! How can you remember one convo with LVP verbatim but this you don’t even remember vaguely? She is a nut! Her daughters are vapid like their mom with the fake Gigi adoration! I don’t feel sorry for Eileen with her stomach troubles it’s probably catharsis from all of Rinna’s shit she’s been eating all these years! Loved Kyle’s imitation of erika’s voice! I’m not a great fan of hers I think everything about her is manufactured down to her attitude and voice! I’m curious why she felt the need to defend her marriage again; who is questioning it? Tom just looks like another fan boy on Adderall any ways, who cares? Spend your ‘quality’ time with your man, I’m sure you love it that way when you don’t have to pretend all the time lol! I love how they have to pencil that into his schedule but somehow he allegedly makes it home to be that virile man in the bedroom a few times a week…ok erika ☕️ ☕️☕️

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