Foundation Dupes!

Ok guys-here are some tried and true foundation Dupes. I’m down to the last of my Physician’s Formula BB cream and I’m glad. It’s very patchy. Not horrible, but there’s better. Someone (thank you!) sent me the IT cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation which I really like, it’s seriously full coverage-it goes on more like a lotion. But I need something for everyday too. I try and save the IT for special occasions. So here you go!

NARS All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation $48

DUPE- L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation $11.99


Kat Von D Lockit Foundation $35

DUPE-NYX  Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation $11.99


Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Coverage Foundation $43

DUPE- NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation $18


MAC Studios Fix Foundation $27

DUPE- Maybelline FIT Me Foundation $5.99


Georgia Armani Luminous Silk Foundation $62

DUPE- L’Oréal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Foundation $12.99

That’s all I’ve got for foundation right now, if you have specific requests, let me know and I’ll see what I can do 😁

Talk soon, Lovelies 



41 thoughts on “Foundation Dupes!

  1. Great list Allie! You know I ❤️ my IT cosmetics, I use the bye bye foundation because of it’s full coverage and recommend it to anyone who will listen,lol 😊

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  2. OT but my son just got accepted to Carnegie fricken Melon for his graduate school!!! My hubby isn’t home and you’re friends. I had to tell someone. I’m happy dancing all over the house. I was a single mom from the time he was 4 and I can’t stop sobbing. He’s worked so hard. 2-3 classes a week at UCI while working full time and 8 yrs later. Gave up a damn full scholarship at 18 and I wanted to kill him. His dad lived in London until he was 14 and he’s been through so much hell with me. I just want to celebrate!
    He has several good schools to choose from and doesn’t know if he wants to give up his job and house. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for listening guys and letting me interrupt.

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  3. Another great post! Thanks for the foundation dupes, Allie! Of the trillion I’ve tried….both high end and drugstore varieties, I have yet to find one I can’t live without.

    Great list! Thanks for all of your hard work! 💗

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  4. Thank you Janey. I can’t stop sobbing. I’m so proud of him. He did all the work. I feel like I’m the one that kept screwing up. Maybe that gave him the gumption to work harder. Whatever it was I raised him alone and met my husband when he was 18. I didn’t want to date until he was done with school. I was screwing up well enough on my own. He still survived. I couldn’t be more proud.

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  5. On topic I went in to CVS with my list of things I wanted to get today. You’re dupes from yesterday were the bomb!!! I got the Milani blush and they actually had a pretty eyeshadow palette in matte I put on as soon as we got home. 4 out of 6 were matte but the highlighters are beautiful. Got a Milani blush. I want to take my Orgasm back to Sephora! A Revlon eyeshadow, and Rimmel eye pencil…Thanks Janey, the Scandel Eyes were perfect. Bought the NYX lip plumper in Liv (clear). Some nail polish and all under $50. I could kiss you Allie! I played when I got home, cried it off which was good. I’m going to start over.

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      • I use a few depending when in the month it is and how bad my ‘red face’ is. If I’m going to posh work meeting I use Estée Lauder double wear as it hides all my redness, for a normal day I use milani I think it’s called perfect and conceal – I sometimes mix it with revlon colour stay. It suits my skin dry/normal but I saw on YouTube it’s not good for oily.

        The normal true match is good it’s just the lumi which I can’t use, it’s light coverage so all my redness comes through and it does sink into my lines.

        If my skin is ok and not playing up I will mix a BB cream with moisturiser- I got a Marcelle one in Birchbox, I don’t like it on its own as it’s quite dry and dark but it’s lovely mixed in with moisturiser.

        I have heard good things about too faced born this way and tartes rainforest of the sea but if i can make myself save I fancy getting the Marc Jacobs or Dior. Every payday I tell myself NO spending then I go online…..

        There’s a YouTube channel called hot and flashy and she reviews for more mature skin so I tend to try what she recommends – the IT cosmetics CC ( I think it’s CC) cream always gets good reviews

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  6. Anything that has to do with makeup, I’ll overdo it. I have 8 or 9 foundations in different colors and formulas. Loose mineral, baked, cream stick, and liquid. I do use them all, depending on what look I’m going for – the full coverage not as much. I have Avon, Laura Gellar, Bare Minerals, Physicians Formula, Pixi – I think that’s everything. I have a couple tinted moisturizers that are great for warmer weather because they are lightweight.
    The two I reach for the most are the Laura Gellar Baked and Brighten and the Physicians Formula.

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  7. Thank you Allie and all,
    I hate to pay the price but I have found that for me nothing compares to the Shiseido Refining Primer (has lovely pearl finish and covers pores really well) and their new foundation – Shiseido Syncro Skin Lasting Foundation.

    My holy grail foundation- the Shiseido Refining Foundation is no longer being made so I tried this fairly new one and was surprised that I love it even more. Medium to full coverage which is buildable, lasts 10+ hrs, and looks so natural. I am very fair and get the Neutral 1.

    I have tried but have not found a good dupe for these products. I have aging, acne prone skin and no breakouts with these products and really has a gorgeous finish. Cannot recommend these enough!

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  8. I absolutely love Lucy Minerals mineral foundation. I’ve tried them all — was devoted to Bare Minerals but they got pricey and the ingredients are questionable for those of us with sensitive skin. Next was Everyday Minerals but they’ve also raised their prices and changed their formulations.
    Lucy Minerals has different finishes and her Try It sizes are $2.50. I have a lot of golden undertones to my skin so it’s hard to find truly yellow or olive based shades, especially the lighter ones. I love how buildable minerals are — love to just dust and go for running errands. And they don’t have that heavy feel of foundation clogging your pores.

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