The Old Allie

This is called putting out a fire lit by a weak, pathetic arsonist.

I have a criminal history. From 10 yrs ago. I have a drug possession, larceny 6, forgery, and several violations of probation. All having to do with an ex boyfriend who in misguided attempt to protect, I took a lot of charges for. The same ex boyfriend who repeatedly assaulted me over and over. I served a year in prison, lost EVERYTHING, but fought my way back LITERALLY from the bottom.

That’s not to say I am not a recovering addict-I have been clean and sober for years, and have chosen a career path in which to help others because I have NOT forgotten where I came from. 

Tamara has attempted to strip me naked in front of all of you. But I’m not ashamed-I made horrible mistakes and choices a decade ago, but I’ve made my peace with my children and family. Tamara has tried to shame me in front of the world, but it’s no comparison to what I’ve done to myself for the pain I caused in my own life.

It’s taken me a decade to overcome my past mistakes and I’m owning them before some miserable asshole in a shack in Atlanta tries to shame me before the world. 

And I’ll say this. Everything from then til now STILL makes me a better person and in a better place than Tamara Brawner. I wouldn’t trade what I went through 10 years ago because it’s brought me to the beautiful place of clarity, love, peace and sobriety that I am in today. And I never, EVER forget where I came from or where I’ve been.

So Tamara-today you tried to steal my peace, my dignity, my safety, and my pride and replace it with fear, shame, embarrassment and isolation. But you have not won.

You guys can choose to leave if my past disappoints you or changes your opinion of me-if it does I’m sorry to my core. I’ve tried to do a good thing. I can’t believe I’m bawling as I write this-ridiculous. I apologize to anyone I have disappointed or let down.



390 thoughts on “The Old Allie

  1. Imaginary team of lawyers (sorry, now a lonely paralegal), ad agencies (lol! she must have multi-million dollar contracts just like Nene), exotic long-haul vacations (while being on the Internet 24/7), accusing others of stealing her “revenue stream” (while she did that to Sheree) and being vile (while that’s all she’s known for!!) … this woman is delusional.

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  2. People living in glass ghetto shacks shouldn’t be throwing stones……here’s to seeing her glass ghetto shack being broken into thousands of pieces.

    No one is perfect; the most important thing is learning from your mistakes and moving on. Allie, you are wonderful and have done the right thing in many ways. ❤❤

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    • Tamara is too stupid to be self-aware. She’s doing exactly what she claims others are doing to her. Reminds me of Porsha claiming Kandi is putting her business out there when she is the one who is doing that to Kandi.

      People should start showing up in front of her property and taking pics. See how she likes it.

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  3. Oh jeez. We all have a past. Wow, that really cut me to the core. Tears in my eyes reading your post.
    The way this situation is being handeled, reminds me of a married to medicine episode. Quad and Lisa get background checks on each other. It was ugly.
    This whole situation is getting really ugly and sad.
    On one hand you are sticking up for yourself and doing the right thing.
    On the other, is it worth this hurt and anxiety?
    I don’t have twitter. I only have this site. This is brutal.
    Stay strong, you know your worth.

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  4. So I don’t get what her end game is? I’m so confused since I don’t know everything that’s going on… Is she saying that she’s been harassed non stop and this is a “hate site”? How are you at fault if she has enemies? Is she saying she has proof that you somehow concocted all this ?? And you sent “your”goons to do dirty work? ?? This is why she’s flipping out and outing all your info and getting a supposed lawyer?? So is she just trying to do everything she can to shut you down??? Like that would ever happen!!!? This is beyond ridiculous over a fucking blog, that sucks that her blog is all she has but that doesn’t excuse her crazy ass behavior. It must really cause her a lot of pain to see that you and others have a blog but that it’s not your everthing that you have a hubby, children, family, job,and friends that are IRL. Also(thanks to her evil ways) massive online friends that are supportive caring and completely understanding 🙂 I hope you know that your past does not make you who you are ! That is just a chapter of what happened just like everyone else who has shitty chapters in their life but doesn’t tell the whole story ! There’s just not a better way to say it other than this FUCKING SUCKS! I fully believe in karma and playing dirty, wishing harm, and trying to get “revenge” on others is gonna be a rough road ahead. I wouldn’t want to be her if you paid me a million dollars. Good thing is, nobody has to do a thing even if my/our instinct is to defend or fight non stop!! But in the end it will all be taken care of! KARAMS A BITCH even on her good days 😉 We definitely got your back Allie, I might not comment much but just know you got a lot of support regardless of your past being dug up by someone who apparently is insufferable! May you feel loved! To the enemies yes we see you, I hope you find whatever you need peace, friends,family,love something to heal you so you can have a life away from us !

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    • Thank you so much. I have goons? Where!?! What’s really dumb is-what do I have to gain by sending “goons”? Trust and believe I do my own dirt. I don’t need fucking agents. If I come for you, you’ll KNOW it’s me. So-there’s no proof or evidence because none exists. The delusion is either that real, or it’s all lies to excuse bad behavior. Where’s the lawyer? Can’t WAIT to contact the bar association over that one-clear misconduct if they even exist. I’m still waiting for the proof. And the lawyer. Any attorney would have told her to shut the fuck up weeks ago. More lies that all 3 followers believe.

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  5. To be honest, I think it’s time to let this one die. We need to stop feeding into her hatred. She wants this to be a hate site, so she creates it and gets everyone riled up so that’s what it becomes. We are better than that. We are better than her.

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  6. Allie this is your house. You have made everyone feel welcome. Obviously people like it here.
    I would never ask/tell you to take something down or delete a post. You put your heart and soul into everything. It is obvious. I just don’t want you to feel like you have to explain anything. I will comment as much as I feel the need
    to if I think any of my words could give you a second of comfort.
    This is your place to vent & no one is forced to read or comment.
    You are such a strong woman. Amazing. Really. Truly.
    😙 💟

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    • Thank you-I’ve tried to be nothing less than kind to people and honest. Whatever goes on with twitter thugs is not my problem. I’ve distanced myself-and if it brings new readers-awesome. If it brings looks loos, oh well, they’ll be bored because it’s drama free on this end. ❤

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  7. I’m still amused the big, fat shut-in thinks charges can be brought against someone for mocking them. Has she ever googled Donald Trump and seen home many fake FB and Twitter accounts there are under his name? Her “brand” is a lame blog where she steals material from other sites and plastered her website name on pictures that aren’t hers. She’s lucky no one has ever gone after her for copyright infringement. What a nutbar

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    • I’m very surprised that her team of high-paid lawyers and brand/ social media gurus haven’t advised her how highly illegal it is to not only use photos without permission of the owner, but to slap her own watermark on copyrighted material.
      You are violating copyright if you have not gotten express PERMISSION from the copyright holder OR are using pics that are public domain, creative commons, etc.
      When you have the audacity to watermark stolen photos, you are implying that you are the owner of those photos. Even if you take said photos down, you can still be sued for their illegal use.

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      • She does because nobody has come after her for doing so. Some of the owners of the photos (like Bravo) might not care if they’re used for promotion but it’s illegal as hell to use someone else’s work and put your own watermark on them.
        It’s called Intellectual Property Theft… so she’s a liar and a criminal. She just hasn’t been caught yet.

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  8. Oh blah …blah….blah. Tonight she is playing the victim. How could anyoneeeeeeeeee do this to meeeeeeeeeeeee? Seems like it was just yesterday she was out to expose someone for their past. Remember how giddy with excitement she was over that? I bet the 3 people who still follow her will give her comfort.

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  9. It was past time for one of her “Pity Party For One” posts. This is all part of her pattern…First step is to get all riled up with indignation and self-importance and announce the take-down of your intended target on a series of rabid Twitter rants, which gets 4 or 5 of her rabid, low-life fans smelling blood in the water and joining the fray. This manic frenzy — usually fueled by copious amounts of alcohol & little sleep — has her furiously drilling the nether-reaches of various search engines (she’s not called “Nilla the Driller” for nothing) and ordering as many US Search reports as she can, all the while cackling with glee that she’s on all these phone calls with her non-existent attorney (there is no more mention of “Paralegal Slave”…perhaps they have wised up and have her phone/email blocked).
    Then she mood-swings from manic to the depressive…woe is me; they won’t leave me alone; I’ve done nothing to deserve this; I’m so gutted I can’t even recap a stupid Housewives show. Which is the only “job” I have right now, and I can’t even suck it up to accomplish that.

    This is usually followed by the emergence of a kinder, gentler TKB, who praises her loyal commenters and suddenly loves babies, puppies and sunshiny days once again.
    God…it must suck to be her. I’m exhausted just typing this…

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  10. OMG!!!! I’m never speechless but I find no words for her actions!!!! I stumbled upon her blog a few years back looking to fill my reality TV fever. I happen to read her comments just bc they were there and could not believe the way she “spoke” to anyone who disagreed with her. The name calling, wish fires, death and deadly illnesses on others. Who does that stuff????!!!! A sick, sick person that’s who. I read back on Christmas Day and I must not be very bright bc I honestly thought I’d get to the end and read KIDDING!!!! Sadly that wasn’t the case and it seems it’s only gotten worse, what a sad person she must be. Hopefully her readership will drop causing her line of revenue to do the same. Talk about bitting the hand that feeds you!!!! Thank you so much for your site, I refused to give her blog “clicks” to generate $$$ for her. I’ve missed reading recaps and seeing the shows from others point of view. Thankfully I happen to see your blog retweeted via a google search for Pump Rules!!! Stay strong we ALL have a past good, bad or ugly by owing our past we grow and learn. You owe no one an explaination in my book!!! I’m sorry you have been faced with this bully and I’d hope she’d get the help she desperately needs and stops this hurtfulness she’s spreading. Thank you for your blog, I’m not a big commenter as a mater of fact this maybe my first ever blog comment!!! Stay true to you!!! Have a great day!!

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  11. Meanwhile, there are 4 comments on the latest blog post. Four. No one sees how awful this all is? You’re being manipulated, again, this time by someone carrying a long standing grudge nobody here knew about, nor needed to know about. Allie can have a past, but Tamara can’t? None of this makes any sense. Most of you were just banned from commenting, right? Are you enjoying this? It seems like it, and that’s just sad. Someone up there is trying to talk sense to you! Please listen!


  12. First time posting, long time ex-reader of unnamed blogger. Just found your page A!! It’s so nice to see Pip, Drac, etc. survived and happy in a new place. I missed you all and thrilled to have a non-negative place to read celebrity gossip. I wish you all well!

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  13. Hi all! Just stumbled across this site today and so glad I did. Can I ask what the initials SS stand for? I can’t seem to figure that out. I used to read the TT blog but noticed mean comments from her to followers that made me feel uncomfortable. I searched for the site she constantly mentioned foreverrrrr and finally came across you all. I hope I can feel more comfortable here to comment!

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    • SS stands for Survivor Sucks, a very sucky site that she commented on for years and also started a couple of threads. I’m not positive but I think she has been banned. Her last thread was shut down by the moderators.
      Stay away unless you want to become brain dead while reading. Her bestie/alter ego, the cretin TeeCee66, posts there as well and she is just as repulsive there as anywhere I guess. In fact, there are several familiar names from the Tattle site that pop up.

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