Some Celeb Goss and Other Schtuff

I’m going to post a potpourri of articles and gossip so bear with me-

First, a sad and pretty alarming story-Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce from hubby number 4 is it? Michael Lockwood-with whom she has twin girls. Well. Allegedly a few weeks ago she found inappropriate images of children on his computers. I don’t want to say child porn-so I’ll let someone else say it. Anyway, the authorities confiscated all of his electronics and the girls were removed from the home. They’re now with their grandmother, Priscilla Presley. I can’t imagine-being married to someone, thinking you know him, having kids-then finding shitlike that? Wow. Story below:

Jenelle Evans got engaged to Uncle Creepy. Yawn.
Yolanda is almost recovered from Lyme. Hallelujah.
So just a few thingy things before I write the RHOA recap. I know I keep saying this but thank you thank you thank you ALL for your support, kind messages, and love through all of this. You guys make it all worth it, and I’d do it all over again. 💗

Talk soon Lovelies 



15 thoughts on “Some Celeb Goss and Other Schtuff

  1. I always felt sorry for Lisa Marie having to grow up in the Elvis Fish Bowl. She can never escape. I look at Anna Nicole Smith’s little girl, and want to smack the shit out of her father for putting her in the public eye.

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    • I think that Larry Birkhead is doing a pretty good job of raising her as a single dad-she’s faring better than she would have. I didn’t think he parades her around as much as some celeb parents do. You see them at the Kentucky Derby every year because they live locally and it’s a big deal for them-the occasional interview maybe? Which is nice to see her growing up into such a lovely young lady.

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  2. How chivalrous, after the baby he bought a ring with MTV money (or hers). 5 engagements at 24. Andrew when she was pregnant, Gary, Courtland who she married, Nathan, and now UBT. Love how she will say only 2 when we saw all of them on the show. What an idiot, both of them.
    They took it so slow. Meets him and pregnant in 6 mo. Her M.O. Trap them and then get a ring, baby born, claim abuse, and sell a ring. I would say poor guy but he’s watched the show and knows what he’s getting in to.

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      • Right?! I don’t think she’ll escape this one unscathed though. Something about him creeps me out with big danger warnings. The way he has isolated her. I think she finally met her match.

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      • UBT is beyond fucking creepy! He’s another level above her past choices of bums, drug addicts. I can’t put my finger on it, but he gave me a bad vibe from the get go.

        It is so bothersome for me to watch Jace. He breaks my heart. His eyes are always so sad. I just want to wrap him up with love.
        Almost every scene he’s in there is adult talk that he shouldn’t be hearing or he’s being grilled and manipulated by adults to choose one side. Poor sweet boy.

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  3. How can lisa Maria be broke – she had 300 million ! What happened to it ? I always hate to read when something like this has happened and a vast fortune is lost – a fortune that should have lasted for generations and done so much good in the world

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  4. I saw this story and wondered why Lisa Marie didn’t have custody of her girls. It’s very sad. I guess that DCPS could have stepped in first. Poor little girls.

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  5. The Lisa Marie Presley story is sad. I would never wish for that kind of wealth nor living life in the public eye. No thank you.

    A few million would do me well….just enough to fulfill some of the philanthropic endeavors I dream about!

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