What Are You Reading? And Other Misc.

I figured I’d do a new “What Are You Reading” post since I’m sure y’all are onto new books since the last post.

I’m reading “Idaho” by Emily Ruskovich. I’m about 1/3 of the way through-I’m really enjoying it. I actually won a book on Goodreads this week- they email me and let me know when there is a giveaway for a book on my to-read list, and I won “Breakdown” by B.A. Paris. I believe out comes out in June but don’t quote me on that. 

In other news I tried that nail polish that came in my Ipsy bag-it was from LAW in the color Peri Or Whatever and it’s realllllly nice. It’s got one of the rounded brushes which I like a lot, and you really just need one coat. It retails for like 18$ so it better just need one coat. 

I’m probably going to use a matte topcoat-I’m all about the matte topcoats nowadays.

Finished product with the matte topcoat-I likey!

Anyhoo-my cable is spazzing the F out-since like 2am Fri night it freezes, gets all pixelated, randomly changes itself to one channel and won’t let you change it….I called the cable company 8 times yesterday. Each time they had a new solution. But I think they’re just throwing guesses out there and hoping something sticks because it’s all of our TVs, the internet is being wonky too, my kid is losing his shit at his PS4 because the wifi will freeze up or drop right at an apparently VERY critical time in his game….so they need to figure it out. Hello, I have recaps to do. I think it’s the router. We shall see. I know we’ll be talking more throughout the day-I love you all, and you know why. ❤️

Talk soon, Lovelies



95 thoughts on “What Are You Reading? And Other Misc.

  1. I’m reading The Girl before by JP Delaney it’s ooookkkkk

    B A Paris 1st book is pretty decent I think it’s called Behind Closed Doors

    My chick lit love – Sophie Kinsella, has a new one out so that’s next. I love Marian Keyes too and highly recommend

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  2. Love the nail color! I’m reading Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom. It’s very good and since I’m off next week for Winter Break I’ll soon be ready for another so please keep the recommendations coming

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      • Stop trying to sell us stuff!!! I’m kidding!!!! I love this color I made the mistake of doing my nails in a really dark blue and it stained my nails I should have maybe used a base coat. In other news it was 65 degrees this afternoon and my animals are crazy with Spring fever!

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      • Crossing my fingers that this nests properly where you are discussing you make-up selling or rather lack of 😉. There is a youtube personality who is apparently one of the highest paid ones, I have no idea how or by who because OLD. She tested a rose shaped highlighter that was as delicate as fairy wings yet so pretty. Lancôme La Rose a Poudrer highlighter – It’s super expensive (to me) but just so cool I thought about sending a message to Allie to see if you had tried it. Would that make me her dealer? A company rep? A non-paid broker?
        I do love that color of polish and might look for a similar shade at the store, oh wait, I’m doing it wrong again aren’t I, supposed to buy it from here. Oh well I will learn eventually.

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  3. Love the color. I’m reading the same books I’ve been reading for months…..This was the first year that I didn’t finish my annual re-reading of The Stand :(. Being sick has just kicked my ass, but hopefully we get the meds straightened out and I should feel more betterer. Plus when I get on the plane, I just want a Bloody Mary and a nap…

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  4. Love the color! Congrats on winning the book- I read the other book B. a. Paris and was hooked till end. In limbo with book right now- read several thrillers in a row so may need to try a different genre beforehand I go back to it. A friend of mine wrote a historical fiction book- not my usual genre- and I read the prequel- a novella-, A Ward’s Bride. Pretty good and I am looking forward to getting the novel in March, A Thief’s Countess.

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  5. I’m reading The Gunslinger. It’s the first book in the Dark Tower series by Steven King. I’m also listening to Decision Points, President GW Bush’s autobiography. It’s actually really intersting. I’be just gotten through the section on 9/11 and I was sitting at my desk trying not to cry.

    So lucky that you won on Goodreads. I enter those all the time. I’ve won once and the book was TERRIBLE!

    Love that nail color. I had mine done yesterday and they look like Captain America. I used the Jamberry nail sheets and they look sooooooo cute.

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  6. The latest thing I’ve read is “The Chronicles of Crazy” it’s a web series on the Twitter.

    I have been slacking in reading real books here of late. I’m busy, yet I really haven’t gotten a damn thing done but research – which is just mind effing me. I’m getting ready to redo one of the bathrooms, so I’ve been scouring the net looking for inspiration/ideas. This is me walking thru building supply…”ohhhh, I like that, oh….look at this, oh, now this one is really nice, what cha think of this babe?” Then it’s the, do I want poured concrete countertops, granite, quartz, or go with those slabs that already have sinks built in. Now, I just saw where people take old dressers and turn them into sink vanities, they look really nice. I think that may be the front runner.

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  7. I put my hand up and I painted mine almost the same exact color yesterday. It’s called Babe Blue by Sally Hansen. Love doing the same thing, a couple of my nails are in a light pink. I need to get a base coat this week. I did my nails in a dark green and it dyed my nails for weeks. I couldn’t wear anything light. Drove me crazy.
    Loving all of your book suggestions. I need to go to the library or see what Kindle has for Prime check out. How was the one book Allie? Wasn’t it American Bride, or Housewife. Don’t remember the title. Just remember the wedding dress on the cover. I like a good mystery but not scary. Enjoy your afternoon all.
    I’m going to try and hang a lighted mirror in the bathroom. Just waiting for the drill battery to charge. Only 12:30 and I’m already ready for a glass of wine. One of those mornings. It’s 5pm where Mousie is right? lol. I’ll be good and wait. The mirror will be crooked otherwise.

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  8. I read Tinsley Mortimer’s “Southern Charm”…meh. She’s no Candace Bushnell but it wasn’t as horribly written as NeNe’s or Brandi Glanville’s.
    I use the Overdrive app to check out ebooks from my library. I love it! It doesn’t cost a thing to read the latest titles and the books are automatically returned once the lending period is up. I am the Queen of Library Late Fees. I might have paid enough to have a reading room dedicated in my honor. Or at least a a comfy chair with a little plaque on it 😀

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  9. As soon as my mom finishes the book I will reading a book on what Heaven is like based on the Bible but it is suppose to be super easy to read and she tells me it is fantastic 😊

    I really need somthing uplifting and what better than what Heaven will be like !

    Somehow I spent so much time thinking about getting into Heaven I never much thought of what Heaven would be like once there so I think this will be an interesting read

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    • My mum always told me heaven was whatever you wanted it to be, so heaven his a 50 ft screen that plays Bette Davis films, has on demand cheese and red wine, carpet to my ankles, with a Sephora to the side and Eric from true blood as my sex slave ☺️☺️☺️ p.s and I’m a size zero with no wrinkles and a magnificent rack… shallow? Moi?

      Ok heaven is peace on earth etc etc ☹️

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      • Thank you for the much needed giggle. Just started Last Tango in Halifax. It was between that and Happy Valley again. Another rainy afternoon. I also contemplated Ricky Gervais. Loved, loved, Derek although I know his David Brent is the complete opposite. Netflix just released it here. Allie and you are the only thing I’m following on WordPress so I’ll head over there tonight or tomorrow. A girl can never learn enough about makeup and skin care.

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      • Hehehehe now that is funny 😂

        I think mine will be filled with all kinds of animals and of course I will be able to understand them. I will be able to eat all the carbs and sugar I want and never gain an ounce! I will be perpetually be 30 looks wise and I will be able to belt out a song like the best Diva ! (Currently I don’t even dare sing happy birthday as I am that bad !)

        To just be w all my loved ones again would be fantastic and of course w God 😊

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      • I sometimes have a hard time believing in heaven as the Great Reward because some people make God into Santa Claus with his naughty and nice list. I do believe we will continue to grow in our relationship and will be healed by our Creator. But I do want non stop Bette Davis movies, and to be able to eat all I want and never gain weight. If course, heaven will have all my friends and loved ones, and people I don’t like so much because Grace is given freely, just have to accept the Grace.
        The mean person in me wants to be able to watch all the people that did me dirty fry as I drink champagne, but lucky for me God doesn’t work that way.

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    • OOH cool 5Cats! I’d like to read that. I read Embraced by the Light and it gave me such hope. It was about a woman who died (true story) and what she saw also what she was told. I’ll have to find that again. Thanks for all of the book idea everyone! I love this blog so much!!

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      • My best friend gave me Embraced by the Light many years ago following a medical trauma she weathered with me and a few months prior to the death of my father. It was one of the best gifts of my lifetime. I have given that book as a gift to several people who I have felt could benefit from the message.
        Reading your post was a wink from God (as Tulsateacher would say) as just last weekend I told my niece about the book but could not recall the title for the life of me. Thank you, Dee 199.

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    • Try Howatch’s the Starbridge series. She writes about 3 clergymen in the Anglican church. It’s not sweetness and light, but the message of redemption and healing is wonderful. It does deal with sex, alcohol, homosexuality, so it is not typical “Christian fiction”

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  10. Of you like historical fiction, murder crime, Tudor era, read Anne Stevens series about Tudor Crimes. It’s on Kindle unlimited and a great fast read. She wrote about 13.
    Hester Browne and Linda Francis Lee are great Chick lit. Also I love Susan Howatch, Pennmarric, Cashalmara, and the Starbridge series.

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  11. Omg, you guys… if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you listening to the podcast of My Dad Wrote a Porno. It is effing hilarious. You can also buy the book on amazon, but you should listen to the podcast.

    The authors son and his friends read a chapter a week and their comments about the story and how horribly it’s written is the best.

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  12. I watched the series premier of Big Little Lies on HBO tonight. I think it is the best series premiers I have ever seen.
    Big names…. Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon. Anyway, it was really good. And suspenseful. Please watch!!!

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  13. I’m reading the Swans of Fifth
    Avenue by Melanie Benjamin. I watched the premier of Big Little Lies on HBO. Monterrey California is so beautiful. The coastal scenes were breathtaking.

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  14. Check out this site. http://www.e-reading.mobi. It’s Russian and English. Lots of free downloads. I read McCullough’s Masters of Time series. Starts with Gaius Marius and ends with Octavius. Well researched. I got the Truman Capote book about his society swans there. Answered Prayers is the name.

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  15. I’d like to thank whoever recommended “Escape” by Carolyn Jessop. As an avid watcher of “Escaping Poligamy” this was something that interests me from the standpoint of how is this possible in the US? Anyway I read that book, “The Witness wore Red” & downloaded “Breaking the Faith”; safe to say, I’m now obsessed so, thanks……. lol!


  16. In the “other” portion of this post… BFF and I went to see 50 Shades today. We went to the theater that brings you food at your seats and has a full bar.

    The service was terrible today. I ordered a cookie butter drink and they were out of cookie bitter, so I ended up with a Margarita. Then, they were out of half the menu, INCLUDING FRENCH FRIES… how is a restaurant out of French fries. They screwed up the burgers so we sent them back (I hate sending food back, but they were cold and totally plain.) We ordered dessert, but the server forgot to bring it. So we get the bill and we’ve been charged for 4 burgers and the dessert we never got. Ummm, no. We pointed it out and it took the guy 15 minutes to bring the new check.

    The movie was okay. Better than I had anticipated but still not great. Jamie Dornan is so hot and has a great ass… lol. Hubs would have walked out after 15 minutes so I’m glad I didn’t make him come with me.

    Anyone else see it?


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