Ipsy Review

Oh, Ipsy. You made me wait and wait-and for what.

Look at the inside-it’s traffic cone orange. Noe.

This is this months bag. It’s a denim with almost fluorescent orange detailing. I’m not in love, guys. So not a fan of denim anything but jeans, so this wasn’t the glam bag for me. It gets worse.

Sample size of Rosa Noir Hand and Body Milk from MOR. Ok, it’s lotion. Next.

Sample size of The Organic Pharmacy Lip and Eye Cream. And I mean sample size. 10ml, which is roughly 2 teaspoons. Meh. More lotion. 

I’m embarrassed for Ipsy, kind of. Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer in Barbie size. I’m not kidding. ​

It’s cheap, flimsy plastic-like, come on Ipsy.

Swatched. It’s hardly pigmented. Fail.

Ok-this is better. LAW Beauty Essentials nail polish in Peri Or Whatever. It’s a pretty periwinkle-I dig it. Full size. It’s also vegan.

Luxie full size blush brush. It’s cute. Pink handle, nice bristles.

Guys-I’m so underwhelmed and disappointed. I’ll give Ipsy another month-if it’s like this again then I’ll be passing on the monthly glam bag. Maybe I’m spoiled by Boxycharm. I can’t get past Barbie’s bronzer. I haven’t tallied up the value of this bag because samples. There’s no point.


Talk soon Lovelies 



42 thoughts on “Ipsy Review

  1. I had never heard of Luxie, so I looked them up. They charge $18 for that brush, so it wasn’t a total scrub. That is exactly what is stopping me from signing up for any of the boxes. Picking out stuff is all the fun of shopping, at least for me. My daughter was getting Ipsy and Birch Box for about a year, she gave me a bunch of the stuff because she had so much of it. I honestly haven’t come across anything that I just HAD to have. I’d love one that did just strictly makeup, no lotions or potions.
    Have a great day everyone!!!

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  2. Wow mine was so different. Same bag, nail Polish and same makeup brush but that’s it. I had a super sparkly deep bronze eye shadow (also in the flimsy plastic but I don’t care about that), a naked cosmetics hd finishing powder and brigeo rosarco blow dry cream (sample size) . 2 full sized items, a great brush and a bag that my daughter claimed

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  3. Go for Allure so much better and the same cost. I’ve only been getting it for 6 months but imo so much better and I haven’t had anything missing or exploded yet!

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  4. On a slightly different note but kind of the same, I purchased 16 lip colours from Coloupop yesterday. Love the ones I bought a couple of weeks ago so I went a little crazy yesterday 😀😀

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    • I have the same problem Misha. I got hooked on the liquid lippies, so instead of getting the three or four shades that I would wear on a regular basis, I had to go ape shit and grab as many as I could get my hands on. I got everything from a nude to a rich violet metallic. The nude one is almost the same shade as my skin, so when I put it on – my freakin lips totally disappeared.
      I had 30 some tubes of regular lipstick – but they are dead to me now since I became a fan of the liquid lippies.

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  5. This was my first Ipsy bag and I was underwhelmed as well. I actually tried to cancel while on the wait list, but they responded they will review my account and reply later. What? I couldn’t even get to my credit card information since I wasn’t a member yet. Anyway, I got an email notification that it shipped so I thought I’d try it.

    The nail polish I received was the same as yours and actually quite nice. I’ve had it on 3 days without a chip, so I’m impressed so far. I went to their website to see what other colors they offered and their selection is kind of limited. The brush was okay quality. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. I almost accidentally threw out the Whatup Beaches….was this a joke? It seems like something you would get in the mail for free to try a product. I haven’t tried it, but seeing it on your hand, I’m not impressed. I didn’t get the lotions and instead received a green tea mask and a clay mask. My skin is still trying to recover from the breakout when I tried the green tea mask.

    I can’t even remember what my 5th item is offhand but I don’t remember being impressed about that either. Do the bags and samples get better? I’m not sure I’m willing to wait until month 2.

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  6. That Barbie size bronzer kills me! 😂😂😂

    How is one to apply that with a pinkie sized pan?

    I’m sorry that I won’t be buying this one from you, Allie. I mean, Ipsy. Or whatever. It’s all the same you make-up seller you! 😛

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      • Right??? And big whoo if you promoted ColorPop in a giveaway. Almost every makeup account I look at on IG does giveaways. Most of the time, it’s PR stuff that they have been given for free, but there are some that buy stuff from their own money and do a giveaway as appreciation for their follower’s. Imagine that…people who are nice to their supporter’s. Trust and believe, ColorPop appreciates the promotion. I don’t know what her end game was, reporting you to them as if you were doing something wrong.

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      • I’m sure they thought she was just as insane as everyone else does. They were SO UPSET that I promoted their product (and paid for it with my own money) that I’m banished from ever buying a lipstick for the rest of my life. NOT. I’m announcing March’s giveaway next week ::gasp:: I wonder who is going to be super furious over free promotion this month? Tune in and find out!


      • 1) she never reported me. There’s no “blog did free promotion of your product” department. 2) they would hang up or just ignore the crazy lady. There’s not a company in the world that doesn’t love free advertising and when their products are bought. The sheer audacity of me. If her end game was looking like a histrionic asshole having a psychotic break, it worked.


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