Below Deck Goss 

So it appears everyone’s favorite yacht chef, Ben, won’t be back to Below Deck. Supposedly he’s “too dramatic”. Say whaaaa?? Story below:

Talk soon, Lovelies



38 thoughts on “Below Deck Goss 

  1. Hmmmm I’m conflicted as I really liked seeing the guests react to his awesome food and he can be funny and charming

    I don’t think last season was his best

    It will be interesting to see who his replacement is and how that chef operates as the only other one they have featured was a total disaster – chef Leon

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  2. Yeah Leon was the worst. He constantly showed male chauvinistic traits which I couldn’t stand.

    It’s funny how he’s not offered a contract because he’s too dramatic but they didn’t waste any opportunity to take advantage of all that drama and air it.

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  3. Wahh… This makes me sad!

    While I agree that last season wasn’t Ben’s best, I still love him. He is such an integral part of the show. I can’t imagine his replacement. Chef Leon was the worst!

    I’ll have to come back later to read the DM article.

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  4. I’ve been taking a break from blogs for a couple weeks and now seem to be in perpetual moderation. Also my VPN for work is probably giving me a spammy IP address. Maybe it is a sign I should go back to work ha ha.

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  5. I think it was more his drinking & destructive behaviors. Remember the night the Brit man w/ trans gf was given the okay to have the master suite one night? Ben crashed it along with others & the bazillion dollared toilet panel was knocoed off. They don’t own the yacht. The chef is considered senior rank & at that rank, more is expected of you.

    & Ben showed zero remorse when busted.

    I’m not surprised. I think they brought Leon on trying to get away from Ben. The story of him not being available is rubish, a cover story to save face for Ben. Bravo does that. They allow cover stories often instead of firing due to contract not renewed.

    You just cant be senior staff on a yacht & act like a jackass like he did & expect to stay forever.

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    • Totally agree, bboo7. He has become a bit of a liability with all his drinking shenanigans. Too bad. I really liked Ben, he had a little boy charm that I found kind of sweet.
      Agree also with many of you… Leon was the worst! And Rocky! I fricking hated those two. I never understood how people actually liked them and stood up for them.
      Bring my girl Kate back, and I am happy. I love her. Would love to see her an Amy back together.

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  6. I have been so bored today with all of this rain and don’t watch Below Deck. I sent my son a potato and just watched out the window as the mailman started laughing. I have 4 Janis Joplin stamps on it (forever). He’s only 2 hrs away.

    We are safe out here. Just a lot of sirens going on around us. Our lake in the backyard is back. I just went out and took a lot of pics. I have to put on my boots to carry the dogs through it. They’re short and it’s about 8″ deep. The grass is on the other side. Pretty funny. I love this weather, but hope anyone out here in So Cal is o.k.

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      • I washed the potato last night so it was dry this a.m. for the stamps. FYI the stamps stick just fine to a clean potato. I took pics and will have my son send me pics at his end. Then I can e-mail to Allie.

        We have had just over 4″ per hubbies rain gauge since last night about 11pm. Doesn’t sound like a lot but that has been our total rain per year the past several years so everything is flooding. I’m so happy I can water my flowers during the day this year and not get dirty looks from neighbors. Everything is so green right now. Orchids blooming like crazy. It’s been like this pretty much since Thanksgiving and I love it. It’s fireplace, jammies, homemade soup, snuggle weather. Hubby loves the summer heat so he’s over it.

        I’m such a mom. My son is 30 and I asked him to text me when he got home from work tonight. There are so many car accidents. Nobody in CA can drive in the rain so we’ve heard sirens all day. Hubby worked for that big brown delivery co. 37 yrs. (retired) He’s the best driver and I always feel safe. It’s the other idiots on the road.

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  7. Hmmm…Bethenny has put her condo on the market…$5,250,000 plus the buildings common charges are $2,242 a month, taxes are $2,177 holy hail, that’s a lot of money for a doorman.

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    • I get the taxes. But I guess if you could afford 5 mil for a NY condo, you can pay the monthly fees. Must be nice to live that way but I can’t see raising little kids in manhattan too scary.

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