Boxycharm Un-boxing

Ugh-FINALLY it came!  I feel like it took forever. It’s a pretty decent one! Let’s begin, shall we?

The Reflecting Gloss from Juice Beauty retails for 15$ It’s organic, has acai and goji berries, also minerals and sweet agave.


It’s your typical gloss-nothing mind-blowing but not horrible either.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pans (2) retails for 12$ cruelty free, 6$ each. The colors are Prom Night and Cherry Cola


Prom Night

Cherry Cola

Small Z Palette retails for 14$

This was made exclusively for Boxycharm- it’s got an open-faced magnetic base so you can add as many as 9 pans, including the 2 Makeup Geek pans included in this box.

Omnia Eye Kit retails for 29.98$ gold and rose gold natural hair brushes-this set has a shader brush and a detail brush. These are actually really nice brushes.

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Retails for 79$

I can’t wait to try this shit-for 80$? It’s gotta be good, right?

The total value of this box is 150$. That’s pretty damn good for a 20$ box-Boxycharm hasn’t let me down yet. I’m pretty impressed!

Talk soon, Lovelies 



53 thoughts on “Boxycharm Un-boxing

  1. That’s a pretty good haul! But I’m too much of a control freak when it comes to makeup colors to subscribe. I used to time my department store makeup purchases to whenever they would feature a GWP ( gift with purchase) until I wound up with 7 tubes of the same color Lancome lipstick in a shade that looked horrible on me.

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  2. Love,love,loving all your goodies! I received my brushes that I ordered on amazon today.look them up.they are called Artis elite mirror brush set.they are pretty pricey but my sister let me try hers first and then I was hooked.i was tired of using my finger tips and cheap-o shedding brushes for my foundation and bronzer.there are other brands of the same design on there too.seriously,check them out.🙂💄

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  3. I’m slow on this, but I know you will be kind and answer me nice (I have no fear on being called a C-satchel!!)…

    On to my question,
    Do you get to choose what is in the box, or know in advance… or is it “Pot luck”?

    Thanks! I can’t wait to hear how the anti-aging stuff works!!!

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  4. Looks like a good haul. I am an old poop and continue with the Estee Lauder. Can’t change my face/look at this point. However I enjoy a great makeup brush/s. I paint, draw etc. Many years ago I started in with the brushes found in any art supply store. The quality is sooo much better than any rip off makeup supply store and the price is much better. Go to your local art store and take a look. Get creative. Sable brushes always works well. That being said do we get an update on the exfoliator? I loves me a good “scrub”…HA! you need to make video tutorials. Yes, I am asking too much but I did. I have found many new YouTube makeup vids from this site and thank you!


  5. You will like the Dr Brant it’s minty (not toothpaste minty!) which sounds stranger than it actually smells! That’s a great score I may have to give this box try when my Julep runs out! You nedd to get yourself some affiliate links woman!

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    • I love the Target boxes I jus ordered tbat lemon rinse in full size! I also like the Walmart box it’s only 5 bucks and they stuff them with alot of stuff! Also we should figure out some way to swap (unused) stuff!

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      • I am on a beauty box diet because, New grandbaby coming. I also used to get the Allure Beauty thrills, every 4 months. They sent me a full size Wen cleansing conditioner which I am afraid to use because of the hair loss lawsuit, but am too cheap to throw it out because it is worth 35 bucks

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      • Walmart and Target are the best for the price. I get Birchbox and Allure also. Walmart comes out again next month so I’m excited. Allure is always great. Birchbox not so much. I’m thinking of getting Ipsy instead. I ordered Tide and Downy (exciting) on auto delivery and you rec’d a $5 gift card. My next Target box will only be a couple bucks.

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      • I’m done with Birch box after this month, December box had stuff leaking, last month only 1 thing in the box I had to email them 4 times to get it straightened out and this month was crappy. Allure has been great and this month they sent a tiny candle that smells amazing I’m totally buying the large one over the weekend (as long a it’s not $50 or some crazy price!) I got a Julep subscription as a Xmas gift and it has really nice polishes and makeup and you can pick what you want or be suprised! I love those Target and Walmart boxes such a nice treat!

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      • I would be interested in swapping, if anyone else is. I have purchased a few things, didn’t work for me
        Oh, I just got a sample of Josie Maran exfoliating powder. It works really well. I’m going to buy it. Also tried Dr Brandt Pores No More, it is really good as well. A little expensive but a little goes a long way.

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  6. I may have to order that! I got my fabfitfun box today and was pretty blown away. Everything was full sized and awesome I looked up all the prices for course and it’s $150 for $35. This isn’t just make up tho. My ipsy came today too and my hello fresh. It was an amazing mail day lol

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  7. My daughter just told me tonight she signed up for Boxy, wish I would have known to give her your code. She like’s Kathleen Lights and I guess she has a box with them that is $150 worth of stuff. Maybe that will be your next one? Or do they do different ones based upon enroll date? That is a nice haul, HSN sell’s the Dr. Brandt stuff, and people go ape shit when it’s on, because Easy Pay and Auto Ship.
    The lady who owns Makeup Geek proudly proclaims she is a dupe for MAC, which I think may NOT be cruelty free. You got nice shades too, sometimes you can get their red-headed stepchild shades in the boxes. You know, the ones that aren’t big sellers, so good score.
    When you use the Artis brushes Maggie Moo…please let us know how you liked them. I’ve been eyeing them up, but I don’t always trust the YouTube people. They get so much stuff sent to them for free, they make videos praising the stuff and you just don’t know if it is that good, or they are giving it a rave review because they got it gratis.
    That is a wonderful tip about the art brushes Elizabeth. There is a girl on Instagram named Tal Peleg, she paints intricate designs on her eyelids – book/movie themes, fairy tales stuff like that. She said in a post one time that she does the same thing, orders them off Amazon for about a dollar (or doll hair as I just learned on YouTube tonight from Laura Lee) I had forgotten all about it until I read your post.

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    • I love Laura Lee’s videos! She’s so goofy and doesn’t take herself seriously. I love her drug store & dollar store hauls; makes her reviews more believable because it’s not all sponsored product.


  8. Hi Get out, I tried the somewhat large size for my “It cosmetics” foundation and it was GREAT! I would never pony up that much 💰💵 based on reviews but
    my sister let me try hers and it was so awesome! They are super soft and dense and it applies evenly.its so much better not having to use my fingers and sometimes missing a spot. I highly recommend them! Thanks for the interest and go for it if it’s in your budget 🙂

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  9. Thanks Maggie. HSN sells them, so I may order them and use Easy Pay. I’ve got this twisted way of thinking that when I pay a couple of interest free payments for something, it really didn’t cost as much. It’s sick, right? It’s much better to say, I paid 5 payments of $30 for this instead of look at my $150 makeup brushes. 🙂

    Fivecats, congrats on the new grandbaby making it’s debut soon.

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    • Yes you can still get Feb boxes. That was their Feb box-there are sometimes different variations but the big stuff like the face cream is the same in all. Like you might get a different color eyeshadow.


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