RHOBH recap:Backed Into A Corner

Rinna is just arriving in Mexico and having no idea what she’s about to walk into. RUN! While you still can! She gets a rather icy reception from Kyle and co, either doesn’t get it or ignores it. Rinna goes off to find a room. At this point she’s lucky it’s even on the property.

It’s the big event for the Agency opening. Rinna’s screech makes its entrance before she does, Kyle fakes it til she makes it. Off they go to the party location in a fancy golf cart. Side note: Kyle’s dress is beautiful but she’s wearing a plain old barrette in her hair. Anyway. 

Mauricio makes a speech, Dorit looks extremely ALERT, Ken is dancing (watch that hip!) and next, Mauricio is doing some version of a Mexican Hat Dance on the bar. It’s a party. Rinna, Eileen and Erika are sitting at a table and Rinna is talking about Delilah’s walk for Tommy “Hilferger”, and gushes about the IRONY of Gigi showing her Tommy collection at the same time. Wouldn’t that be the time to do it though? She seems extra phony.

Dorit and LVP wonder if Kyle will confront Rinna-LVP thinks Rinna needs to stay in her lane.

Eileen is telling Rinna and Erika about her vitamin drip day with Eden and saying that Eden is “complicated”. Flashback to Eden obsessing once again over the Richards sisters-it may be restraining order time, good God. Erika busts out with “You really need to talk to Kyle.” Rinna is all shocked with “Why?!? Kyle?! What!!? What did I doooo???” Erika explains that Eden sort of dragged Rinna under the running bus, so Rinna marches off to find Kyle. Kyle lays it all out and tells Rinna what Eden reported that Rinna told her. That damn amnesia comes back, and Rinna doesn’t remember.

LVP must have smelled blood in the water, because she’s made her way over to the Rinna mess. Rinna is claiming she doesn’t remember and LVP says that Eden came to her and told her what Rinna said about Kim’s imminent death. Rinna admits to a “deep conversation” with Eden about Eden but that’s it. Kyle is still questioning her, Rinna is waffling-there’s a lot of back and forth til finally Rinna declares this all bullshit and she’s not taking it. LVP is still circling and not letting Rinna off the hook that easily. Rinna is given a few opportunities to fess up but doesn’t take them. She feels she misjudged Eden and trusted her too quickly.

Eileen tries to defend Rinna but LVP isn’t having it. Rinna vanishes, Dorit finds her outside, crying. Eileen joins them, and Rinna is crying hard and wants to go home.

Rinna is outside crying to Eileen and Dorit because she feels backstabbed, blindsided, hates to cry and hates Eden. Inside, LVP and Kyle are dancing-LVP is loving this-and they waltz on the ruins of Rinna’s reputation. On the patio, Rinna is angry that no one gave her the benefit of the doubt and Eileen agrees. She’s also feeling sick so is going back to the house. Rinna decides to accompany her. LVP wants to know why Rinna is crying, but could really not care less. Erika follows them out to check on Rinna-back inside LVP makes fun of them. Erika decides to go back to the house with Eileen and Rinna-she knocks on Rinnas door so she can talk. She advises Rinna to be honest because what she’s being accused of saying is a big deal. Rinna is waffling again, this time Erika begs her to be honest, but you know, amnesia.

The rest of the group decide to call it a night, on the shuttle back LVZp suggests a wife swap. PK makes gross underwear jokes, he’s so vile, and LVP shows her underwear. Sounds like an awesome time. I noticed PK was wearing skinny jeans and cool kicks-he looks RIDICULOUS. Humpty pervo dumpty stuffed in tight white jeans trying to dress like the cool kids when he’s on the verge of elderly. What a look.

The next morning LVP comes down for breakfast in her robe-she may or may not still be drunk as she’s doing some type of weird shampoo commercial in Spanish act. I don’t get it.

Rinna is still in her room and calls Harry for advice about the previous night. It’s funny-she’s got all these people sticking up for her saying that they’ve never heard her say Kim was near death-but she did say it. Harry basically tells her to let it go and get a tan.

In LA, Eden is having her mother over. Beverly Sassoon looks amaze. Eden tells her mom how the Richards sisters are back in her life, and how seeing them together reminded her of her and her sister, Catya, who passed away in 2002 ( I really thought it was more recent based on Eden’s behavior but I get that grief has no time limit). Mom reminds her that they were kids then and are adults now-it’s a different space and not Eden’s life, and that you can’t change other people. Eden says she’s not a troublemaker, just overwhelmed. She’s now realizing she needs to back off. Eden gives her mom a hug that mom has to eventually extricate herself from.

Dorit and PK are calling home to speak to the kids-Dorit is in tears but the nanny reassures her that the kids don’t have poopy pants. At breakfast, LVP is looking to say goodbye to everyone because she has to leave early for D.C. Rinna comes down to breakfast-Kyle is uncomfortable but glad everything is out. They’re all going out on a catamaran for the day so head to the marina. The catamaran is of course, huge and beautiful. PK is so delicious in his shirtless physique and luscious man boobs. Rinna tells Eileen she has an emotional hangover, and they both talk about the glee they know LVP is taking in this whole thing. Rinna makes a joke and we get a seal clap.

PK comments on Rinna and Eileen isolating themselves. Erika shuts it down by saying that they have a bond and who cares? She wonders why PK cares. PK then joins Tinna where he’s sunbathing-Erika shows up as well, I’m sure to rescue Rinna. Erika asks Rinna how she’s doing, Rinna says she’s really good, and PK compliments Rinna in her quick recovery. Some of the group decide to jump into the water to swim (did I hear someone ask if it was cold??) and PK offers Dorit a Birkin if she jumps. Once everyone is back on the boat they decide to put on music and Rinna says she’ll get on the table if Erika’s song “Painkillr” comes on. I bet she didn’t expect someone to have it, but duh. So she delivers on her promise and essentially re-enacts the video. Lots of writhing, humping, and self groping, and awkwardness.

Next week: Rinna gets an award. Erika, Dorit, and LVP cook. Kyle tells Kim on Rinna. Rinna confronts Eden.


49 thoughts on “RHOBH recap:Backed Into A Corner

  1. Eileen and Erika sucking up to Rinna made me wanna puke. And I am a fan of Erika. Girl, make your own path and let tweedle dee and tweedle dumb sink their own ship.

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  2. There’s something wrong with your security certificate, I just got a warning. Am I going to get a virus? I already have salmonella, ha ha.

    I don’t think that will get you a virus, though, seriously. But if you get into my bank account I’m gonna be super pissed!

    I kid! 🙂

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  3. I’m over Rinna. She’s no actor. She’s a BIG mouth. I think she needs to dump out her baggie of pills and eat a grilled cheese or two. Harry is her only claim to fame & I wish he would take the girls and run. “Harry it’s not too late to save the children. Run man!!”
    Your description of PK is a perfect riot. He’s sexy and he knows it. NOT!
    LVP is enjoying not being the villain this season. Yet.
    There’s much more to say but I lost my first comment so I’m ending this one here. ;0~

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  4. I believe that Rinna could not remember the details of that conversation. She talks ALL THE TIME! I bet she says stuff she can’t remember frequently.
    It’s funny though, how she felt such a fast “connection” with Eden. At that dinner they had, it felt so forced. Gushing over each other, but I could tell it would come crashing down.

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  5. Rinna was proven a liar last year with LVP. Now she lies again or doesn’t remember. You could see her mind going like a hamster on a wheel. She remembers, she was trying to figure out how to weasel her way out of this mess. I enjoyed watching her squirm, but I also think she’s probably right about Kim and Kyle, it’s just none of her business.

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    • You love animals don’t you?? You mentioned hamsters, weasels and your name is Squirrel.
      So cute! 🐿🐿

      Okay…that’s probably a chipmunk (I can never tell diff) but you get the idea.

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      • I do like animals, especially chubby furry ones. I have two cats, one chubby, one not so chubs. One of them looks like a furry squirrel. We have a cute squirrel that visits every morning and runs along our back wall. We used to feed all the homeless cats in the neighborhood until the coyotes showed up 😳 My husband loves animals too. We are blessed with our menagerie.

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  6. I have to admit I laughed out loud at the scene in the limo on the way back to the house when PK asked Ken how many times he had fallen asleep waiting for lisa to take off her large knickers. Actually liked him (PK) for a few minutes. 😂😂😂

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  7. ‘and they waltz on the ruins of Rinna’s reputation’, LOL!
    This is the third party in a row where I spotted LVP and Erika hanging out together, chilling next to each other, against a wall or on a bar or something…
    I think they secretly already are best friends but have decided to wait a season or two to make it public.

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  8. Allie, I agree with everything. Why the f was Kyle wearing that plain barrette? Lmao. It’s the little things. Maybe that was all she had. I noticed she and Erika were both wearing them in Greece… odd, right. It’s like a schoolgirl barrette.

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      • I figure it must have something to do with the humidity down there. Not much you can do with long hair.

        But, I agree, she should have a glittery one.

        I also with Lisa V. would cut her hair. Its making her look old and tired.

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      • I agree with everyone, Kyle should have had a glittery barrette in her hair if she had to wear one at all. I liked her new hair color/highlights. She looked really good. I also agree that LVP needs to restyle her hair. I have read that we tend to stick with the hair we had when things were going good and we were happy. I’m all for that as long as it still looks good but someone needs to tell her she could look younger with shorter hair. Someone had to tell me LOL
        Oh Allie, I think I stepped in it on twitter. Someone was accusing you of having the parody account. Anyone could have made that account and I said so. This stuff is beyond old to me. I’m sure y’all are sick of it too.
        I wish we could start a new place and exclude the trash.

        On another subject. What hair color does everyone use? I used to use Clairol because it had the different levels of color. They changed it so now I am looking for something else. I guess I could go to a shop and get a good color, it’s just the $ that’s stopping me LOL

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      • Eh-you didn’t step in nuttin, don’t worry about it. I’d love to know how they’re so sure I started the parody account. I didn’t-but I know they think they’re super smart detectives who are smart smart smart-but when they have to apologize for their lies and false accusations, I’ll be gracious 😊

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      • @Dee, I use Oreal Couleur Experte. Colour + a highlight kit.
        I have really short hair so putting in highlights is no problem. I use the old school cap I bought at sally beauty. Use nice new easy root touch up until all high lights grow out and repeat process.


  9. It’s fair to say that Rinna got what she deserved. I don’t believe her when she said she didn’t remember. What a load of crap! And I get that her and Eileen don’t like LVP but do they have to dump on her at every opportunity! That whole scene on the front of the catamaran where they talk about LVP loving Rinna’s downfall was just so catty. Bitch please! Of course LVP is enjoying it! Why wouldn’t she after they both went after her last year over the dumbest crap. Meh I can do without these two in the show to be honest.

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  10. Rinna actually expects us to believe that she can’t remember if she said that one of her coworkers is NEAR DEATH.
    Yeah. Right.
    I could see if you forgot if you said something about someone’s new haircut or someone’s new pair of shoes.
    But you can’t quite remember if you said they were NEAR DEATH??!!!

    I get tired of this baboon-butt lipped loudmouth.
    And her dim witted daughters becoming “supermodels”.

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    • I can’t get over the fact that Rinna claims she can’t remember saying the things she did and is so indignant about it. Yet, she and Eileen went ape shit over Dorit not remembering what she said to Rinna at a dinner party about Eileen’s mother dying before the reunion last year. I can’t even remember what Dorit said because it wasn’t a big deal. But they made mountains out of mole hills about it.

      Maybe Rinna is constantly blabbing about Kim every chance she gets to anyone who will listen that it is all one big blob in her brain that she can’t untangle.

      And she thinks Eden backstabbed her? Who goes around saying things like that (on camera, none the less) to a person you claim you met the night before? Eden wasn’t acting out maliciously. In her warped mind, she took Rinnas gossip as a call to try to help Kim.

      Rinna knew exactly what she was doing when she told Eden. In her own words, Don’t hustle the hustler. Rinna was looking for a story line. She just can’t handle the heat when the chickens come home to roost.

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      • I wonder if Rinna had been drinking when she was talking to Eden. I do agree though, those words are too specific. She would have to remember saying Kim was close to death.
        I sometimes don’t remember every single thing I said but why would she have said these things to Eden while being filmed, then later claim she trusted her. This reminds me of Erika talking about LVP last year.

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    • Maisey, in Rinnas defense, she didn’t say, “Near death”. I think she said something like, ” This close to death”.

      Not sure why there is a big difference, but Rinna seems to think so. And she is indignant that her words aren’t repeated correctly. (Even though she doesn’t remember saying them. )

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  11. Eileen is unwell…. cmon she got the shits, just say it!

    LVPs ‘own it’ impression did make me giggle.

    I am still on the fence with Erika and whenever I see her, Dolly Parton’s line ‘it takes a lot of money to look this cheap’ springs to mind.

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  12. I also want to add, that the scene with Rinna and Eileen sunbathing on top of the boat reminded me of Caroline and Bethenny. Always in cahoots and thinking you’re better than everyone. Ugh!

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  13. Rinna really screwed herself when she took a spot on HW’s. I used to find her quite likable, maybe because she was given in low doses. In a larger amount, she is has turned out to be a really whacked out horrible person. It wasn’t bad enough that she said that to Eden, it was the drama of holding Eden’s hands and looking deep into her eye’s while she said it. You would remember a conversation like that, it wasn’t casual banter with a table full of other people.
    PK may be gross, but I tell you….that baby is really freakin adorable.

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  14. The reunion will be interesting since Rinna is claiming not to remember calling Kyle an enabler yet in her phone call to Harry he calls Kyle an enabler! Haha. The level she chooses to enable Kim is up to her. That’s probably not going to go over very well

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  15. Own it, own it…own it!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I have said it before on that other site and it got me in trouble but I’ll say it again! Rinna seems to be some kind of psychopath who needs attention! I didn’t think anyone could be more of a drama queen than Kyle but there she is! She says and does things to get approval and if it’s something negative she will lie about it if it’s perceived to be negative to the person she is conversing with! Look I hate liars and find them very dangerous and I know this is all fiction/reality tv but any backlash Eileen gets because she chooses to believe that idiot she deserves! I checked out twitter that night and of course rinna was absent and her cheerleader had nothing to say! I can’t wait to see how Eileen defends her now! What a pair of sickos! Again if LVP was such a bad person why don’t they sneak cameras like they do on the Atlanta show?

    As for Erika, I think she is the real snake in the grass! What exactly is her storyline? Oh her performances all over the world I forgot! Yes I literally forgot because she still seems to have a grudge against LVP for some reason. I’m sorry but in Mexico did she feel like she was a bigger person for comforting the lying liar while Lisa laughed? Lisa deserves to laugh and I’d laugh in their faces at the reunion too! If that were Vanderpump they would have crucified her! Erika is clearly using this show to further her career and rightly so but she has not real bond with any of the women. It’s quite evident no matter she tries to be caring! I’m just looking for to her ugly cry from her plastic face!

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  16. Um Kim was arrested twice in the not so distant past,and her sobriety is always questionable. Is she close to death? I don’t know, but maybe. Also while I have tremendous sympathy for Kyle, and like her, she still is an enabler. What Rinna said was neither smart nor nice. But it wasn’t wrong. Also Eden is desperate for camera time

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