A New One For Me

I went out to get the mail today and saw this….thing? In the mailbox? At first I thought maybe someone was pulling my leg, but I gotta hand it to the USPS. One of my son’s weirdo friends mailed this to him. From Ohio.

Yes, it’s a potato. I’m covering up the address but there were stamps on it and everything.


Talk soon, Lovelies 



89 thoughts on “A New One For Me

  1. Love this! Back in the day when I was young and dating I had a boyfriend with a great sense of humor. We used to sneak in to the yards of friends, relatives, etc and hide potatoes. The premise being “where did that damn potato came from? Popping up out of the soil?! How can that be?!! In this bush? What?!” We called it “The Great Potato Mission” Go figure. We thought it was funny and basically I still think it is funny. I am snickering as I recall this. We never thought to mail a potato although if we had we would have also ed mailed some sour cream and chives. How much was the postage on the potato-mail?

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  2. BTW Allie, I can see the pores on your fingers. My oh my! What is wrong with you? 😉 I may have to sue you for indecent poresposurer. I will be talking to my attorney. After I get my tax return that is

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  3. Sweet Baby Jesus….is it baked, or just wrinkly from it’s journey? That is effing funny. I know a few people that deserve a bag of dog shit delivered to them. But, I would never do that to the mail people.

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  4. That is hysterical. Now I want to send my son a potato.

    Many moons ago in high school business class when they actually taught you to balance a check book, etc. I remember the teacher telling us you can write a check on anything. Or could then. As long as you wrote the amount out, had the account number, signed it and it matched you could write on a watermelon or anything. That was his example. Funny how you never forget the stupid stuff but can’t remember the math.

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  5. Now that is truly funny Allison. I hate to interrupt regular programming but I feel like I can go off topic and not have to worry about being sentenced to the window licking section or worse. Lol

    Some of you may have read She Who Shall Not Be Named’s latest rambling bullshit tweets from hell and maybe you have not. Now usually I pay no mind to what is being said because 1) I couldn’t care less, 2) it’s all fabricated, 3) I have not contacted her in any way, shape, form, or fashion since this started because I was blocked from the get go and lastly 4) because I have a life. Today I wake up (late as usual because I am a vampire and can’t sleep at night) to emails, DM’s and messages about her suing people and her comments about me.

    Really don’t care what she says about me but when she involves my family I have to set the record straight. She did call me begging to come to my house for the Christmas of 2015. My Police Chief husband heard it and was aware of the whole thing. Btw he is a legit officer and it can be proved. My son did lose his leg to amputation in 12/2014. If anyone is non believing I have the hospital bills for over $100,000, pictures and an ongoing lawsuit. Plus who the hell would lie about something as devastating to your family as that?

    I have an email that was sent to her about her calling me a stalker confronting her about it. I was not nice when I called her names and told her that she was lying. I did eventually sort of apologize for my own self for that email because that is normally not the way I talk but I now regret trying yet again to get past that part of my life. I have receipts for everything that I have said about her which on the scale of what has been said by many others is only a small portion of it.

    If she is going to sue me, sue away. I have done nothing to garner her hateful attention and would welcome a face to face. I am sure my amputee son that she made fun of would like to be able to say his piece too along with my Law Enforcement husband. Talk about harassing people and defamation of character. I can prove all the things I say.

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    • One more thing. I am sorry for bringing her up again as I had planned not to do that since we have been trying to get away from that topic here on the blog that she maintains is a hate blog. Sometimes you just can’t follow your plans.

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    • Hannah, I am so sorry that someone is going after your son.

      I don’t get involved in the drama if I can, but I just wanted to send you and your son a cyber hug.

      I know it’s hard, especially when someone is coming after your child (I mean…that’s the lowest of low), but, if you can…just try to remember what a pathetic life that person must have in order to behave that way. Think of what you have, a son and a husband and a probably a halfway decent life, and just try to remember that the person deserves your pity most of all.

      Fight if you have to, but first actually tell the person “I *literally* pity you”. And mean it.

      Hope you have a great day 🙂

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    • She is a dirty fighter, Hannah, and hits below the belt. Always has. Not one person doubts your version of how events unfolded as she has zero credibility.
      She will never know a mother’s love for a child or the deep love a man can have for a woman. She treats people horribly, knows it and doesn’t care because she is defective.
      Had she been born an animal the mother would have recognized the defective character, separated her from the litter and ignored her, not wasted energy sustaining life. Defective.
      Through the grace of God your son lived, is loved beyond measure and will continue to thrive. I am sure he has a strong character like his mother.
      Take your memories of what you thought was a friendship and, like the mother animal, set them to the side. Let them die a slow death.
      Find your peace and center here where you can be held and protected. One of us is just a click away. I send you healing energy.

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  6. Hannah I am so sorry for what you are going though. It is so mean and evil it’s just so hard to comprehend someone like that. Your family has every right to be angry and anytime you need to, rant away. Bad things happen to good people. For some crazy reason it seems like the bad people go by unscathed. I’m so stumped at her not dropping it and claiming the fascination with her is here. You’re a good person and sounds like you have a supportive family. That is waaay more then so many have. We’re all here too. Hang in there.

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  7. It’s half way through the month. Some kind of drama has to be stirred up. Her crappy rants won’t cut it. It needs hits on the site. Desperation does crazy things to people. Just loves to throw that “Pity Party for One”.

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    • It sucks that some really nice people — like Hannah, Allie, Amy, 5 Cats, the FB Lady (I can’t recall her name) are caught up in the delusion drama of some crazy idiot blogger. On one hand, her site is going like gangbusters since the Great Purge to where she told someone not to donate — that she doesn’t need the money. Now, there’s all this ranting about damaging her “brand” (try not to laugh at that nomenclature) and how she’s lost revenue because of this “hate” site.
      So, which is it? Either you’re doing well or your losing money…can’t be both ways.

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  8. First of all, welcome Rosy – and please…join in. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and nobody is going to be a dick to you. We cool, despite what 4 other people may think.
    Hannah, I saw that – it was disgusting. I’m sorry for what your son has had to go through. The jab’s keep getting lower and lower. Totally gross. No one here has ever doubted you, you have nothing to prove here. Peace be with you, I’m sure the stress of seeing your son exploited isn’t good for your condition.
    What is she going to prove? That her stats/income are down? Well, DUH!!! She was the one who told us to get the fuck out. We did, now we’re somehow responsible for damaging her business. That’s like getting barred from an establishment that serves booze, then the owner suing you for loss of profit. They don’t want you in their bar, but are pissed that you’re not spending your paycheck there every week. Can’t have it both ways. She was just fighting with her followers over a post about Kim Biermann’s latest vacation – one of them tweeted a pic of the post about how her reader’s are leaving, and let’s wave BYE to them. But, a court order is heading this way.
    She is very very angry that someone ? 🙂 brought up minors – her site is no place for children. (her words) and how fucking dare us say she is corrupting minors. Well, cupcake don’t tweet minors and ask them to recap their favorite show for your site. I know I didn’t imagine those tweets, they were real.

    My friend is a State’s Attorney, I hate to bother her since she deals with evil and stupidity on the daily, but I may bend her ear a little this weekend. I do know that Allie is 100% correct that an LLC is not a silver bullet against being held responsible.

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      • Yes she did and allowed comments of a sexual nature directed at said minor up on her blog. There’s screenshots of that too. Maybe she should make sure she hasn’t done these things before she starts bitching about it.

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      • Oh yeah…so many crazy, inappropriate things happen over there, it’s hard to keep track. On the Project Runway Youth, one of the underaged designers found his way into the comments and I was shocked at the sexual nature of the reply comments, that she just laughed off as “the adults have been drinking”. That’s definitely some sick sexual predator nonsense. If she isn’t going to protect a known minor participant and allow those comments, then she definitely needs an “18 or over” disclaimer on her site.

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    • It’s like Burger King suing McDonald because people like quarter pounders better than whoppers. It’s called BUSINESS. She told ppl to leave, they did. They found a better place to roost and others followed. Now she’s crying over it.

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  9. I just had a senior moment….a few years early, thank you very much – although, when my birthday rolls around this year, I am eligible to join AARP.
    I read a comment about “She don’t love Jesus” bawahahahaha I can’t remember who said it, but I want to say that they are brilliant.
    I seriously laughed so hard I had a coughing fit, then you have to be careful you don’t pee yourself while you’re laughing and coughing. Christ on a motorbike, that was funny.

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    • That was me, Get Out. I have a dear friend who is the Florida version of K. Cooper Ray who always says ” They lie; they lie; their feet smell, and they don’t love Jesus”. I thought it about summed up the Idiot Blogger…
      Loved your analogy about the bar and getting kicked out of said bar and then threatened with a lawsuit because you’re no longer spending your paycheck there. It’s pretty much the same thing…TeeCee, go piss everybody off & clear the board. Ok — done. Wait!! My stats are down; my ad revenue sucks…can’t be MY fault. Those mean cat ladies are damaging my (ahem) “brand” ( I can’t say that without cracking up!) because they started a celebrity gossip, show recap and makeup review site so I’m going to call it a hate site and terrorize my paralegal friend to screenshot it all day long (for free) so I can claim what a wonderful, huge, bigly lawsuit is heading their way! And I’m going to be awarded so much money in damages & emotional distress that I can hire Uber drivers to bring me stuff from Whole Foods instead of actually leaving my house to do such plebeian tasks.

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  10. Really has someone lost their mind ? Can you really post on twitter that you have mental health issues and then sue someone because you have mental health issues if you have been posting for years prior that you have mental health issues ?

    I am reminded of the Joanna Krupa
    Lawsuit in a way. She says her ho ha does not well smell . Brandi’a attorneys attorneys now in discovery are demanding to see her gyn records to determine if her ho ha has smelled – I assume because the truth is best defense to a defemation lawsuit

    So my point would be – if someone says you have caused them mental distress would they not then open themselves up to having their medical / therapist records subpoenaed in discovery alla the same as Joanna’s gyn records

    Would someone really want to go down THAT road ? Would someone want their privacy invaded to that degree ? Would someone who has so closely guarded even their appearance want to show themselves on court or at depositions ? To what gain ?

    I am so confused ?

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  11. I have made the claim — twice — that her feet smell. I am awaiting my summons to court for inciting hate speech against her feet, and the discovery phase to find out if indeed, said feet are odoriferous and if so, to what degree.

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  12. Oh, she’s not taking anyone into an actual courtroom – she’s just sending a court order. Cause that’s all it takes.
    This sounds like a case for “Content Cop” on the YouTube. He will settle this matter, and let someone know exactly how fucking stupid they are.

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