V-Day, B-Day, and Stalkers

Happy Birthday Maisey! I hope you have an amazing day!🎈🎁🎉🎂

💗Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my Lovelies and Lovely Lurkers 💗

Beauty Bakerie got back to me-they’re sending me a new So Icy Illuminator-so they made it right, I’m happy.  I’m waiting impatiently for my boxycharm so I can do an unboxing! It seems to be on a tour of New England-it originated about 25 minutes from my house and usually gets here overnight, but it sat around in the warehouse from Wednesday til Monday and is now in Northborough, MA. Which is 90 min away. So when it’s done with its tour and gets home, I’ll do a box post. Ipsy, however, will hopefully be here tomorrow.

Some of you may or may not know, that there’s a loony bully on Twitter that’s threatening and stalking me-threatening my job hunting prospects and aggressively hash tagging my personal twitter as well as blog one in all kinds of rants. 

She’s made me her unhinged project-it’s more annoying than anything because she’s an obvious nutjob-but I’m taking steps. But as I said on Twitter-you say you hate me but follow everything I do-that makes you a fan. Shaking it off 😂😘
So the VPR recap will be up later today and thank you all for your kind words and support-and for liking the interview I did with Francesca. I’m super lucky and I know it.

Talk soon, Lovelies!



263 thoughts on “V-Day, B-Day, and Stalkers

  1. @DeeSquared, refer to the “mature” woman as a flower in full bloom. Try brown or gray eyeliner as black looks harsh. Curl your eyelashes. A little shimmer is okay, but frosted accentuates tiny lines. Try highlighter on the traffic area of your eyes, cupid’s bow, and cheek bones. Try a good BB or CC cream instead of a foundation and a concealed for the spots that need it. Invest in a beauty blender. Cream rouge. Dewy looks youthful. A creamy lipstick is great to brighten your face. Matte and frosted look harsh. I love Loreal in mica. A good and inexpensive serum like claire-ity vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, pumps the skin and evens the skin tone. I use plain old cera ve cream on my face. A lot of the fancy moisturizers are a petroleum jelly base. Dove soap is tried and true. Never sleep in your makeup. For me, now that I’ve hit 57, less is more. A little blush, mascara, and lipstick really make a difference.

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