Best and Worst Dressed: Grammy Edition

As usual, there were hits, misses, and downright weird looks. Let’s begin!


Adele in Givenchy. I’m just so happy to see her in something other than black. She’s just so beautiful.

Faith Hill in Zuhair Murad. The keyhole look was all over the red carpet-some did it right, some not so much. More on that soon.

Heidi Klum in Philipp Plein. Simple, well fitted, and perfect for a music awards show.

Chrissy Teigen in Roberto Cavalli. Perfection.

Katherine McPhee in Thai Nguyen.

Paris Jackson in Balmain. She was on some worst dressed lists-however, the hair, makeup-it just went with the dress and I thought she looked amazing. Clearly uncomfortable with the red carpet-but carried it off.

Beyoncé in Peter Dundas. She looks ahhhmaze. The 12$ million Lorraine Schwartz necklace helps.


Jennifer Lopez in Ralph and Russo. She usually gets it right! But the big puff that’s choking her is off-putting. Hate it.

Rihanna in Armani Privè. Ugh. No.

Taraji P. Henson in Marc Jacobs. It’s too tight, the embellishments are weird, hair is wrong, just bad.

Halsey in Christian Wijnants. Blue, wrinkled jammies. TLC tribute? Epic fail.

Carrie Underwood in Elie Madi. This is the keyhole look gone wrong, opposite of Faith Hill. The sleeves look heavy and this does not flatter her shape at all.

Demi Lovato in Julien MacDonald. Another that made some best dressed lists-I hate it. I hate how the crotch area is so see thru, sleeves are too long-keyhole gone wrong. I don’t feel like it flatters her body at all and I love her so it makes me sad.

Celine Dion in Zuhair Murad. The green sequins look cheap, the bow is always a no, and she’s got tumors on her shoulders. I’m not going to talk about the matchy matchy shoes. Hair is too severe, chest is too bony-I just-no.

Solange Knowles in Gucci. Now, I know it’s got to be hard to be Beyoncé’s sister and sometimes I think Solange just gives up. The hair is awful, the dress-Gucci?!! What is going ON with Gucci?

Tinashe in Alexander Wang. The length isn’t right, her poor breasts! What did they do to deserve that? The neckline-it looks like a Jersey Shore prom dress. 

Katy Perry in Tom Ford. I’m kinda torn on this. Her makeup is on point, the hair would be better with a different dress because it’s similar to the skirt. Separately the top and bottom would be good but together it’s weird. I love the color but this dress really troubles me. If the top was a mini dress? Total win. But that damn skirt.

Cee-Lo Green doing his best Ferrero Rocher impression. Just stupid.

Lady Gaga in Alex Ulichny. I get it. She does the edgy anti-fashion fashion thing, but sometimes it looks contrived. Like this.

Hope you enjoyed! I can’t wait for the Oscars best and worst-my fave!

Talk soon, Lovelies



32 thoughts on “Best and Worst Dressed: Grammy Edition

  1. Brianna in a sports bra with a ball skirt. Wrong. Wrong. Fire your stylest.
    Demi Lovato’s dress was crocheting project that unraveled.
    I thought most of the outfits looked like nighties or PJs.
    Heidi Klum gets my vote as the best dressed. Sexy, comfortable, and didn’t have to duct tape or surgical glue herself into her dress.
    To paraphrase Maisey, just bring a mammogram.

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  2. Yeah, Gaga had a shot of winning the country over after her Super Bowl performance….this outfit will drive away half of them. What we she thinking? I much prefer when she dresses up glam as opposed to this….Bondage Barbie look.

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  3. I actually had to turn Netflix back on after about 15 minutes of looking at boobs. Less is more, ladies! It looks like I didn’t miss much. Was so impressed by GaGa’s Superbowl performance and now this? UGH!

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  4. Thank you for doing this list ! I love seeing all the dresses – good and horrid !

    I am so happy to finally see Heidi not make a worst dressed list and get it right ! I loved her dress

    Also I thought Paris looked very pretty although her dress was not my favorite she looked pretty

    As for the worst dressed I can pick one they were all just so so bad lol

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  5. I loved Demi Lovato’s crocheted dress. It conformed beautifully to her body. The crochet texture was not a fabric overused and showed originality. The see through panels gave it a feminine touch, a bit of allure. To me Heidi Klum was ordinary. It was a silver slip on mini dress. Very little thought went into design or style. That look has been made in every fabric possible since we rocked it in the 60’s. Maybe she should have continued the design with thigh high, skin tight boots.
    IMHO another style that has grown old is the side slit with one leg showing during a photograph. Yawn.

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  6. I liked Beyonce’s dress but that’s about it. Oh Jlo’s without the neck scruff would have been nice. I feel like they are all so busy trying to do something different that they forget to look fantastic.

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  7. Ok, I’m going to run down the list and give my mother’s opinion on the dresses (and mine.)

    Adele: My mother hated it, esp the color. I liked the bottom half of the dress, but I wasn’t so crazy about the top half. For some reason we were getting close to blows over it.

    Faith Hill: Neither one of us were crazy about it on her. My mother asked why she would were this dress? Her boobs are halfway down to her belly button. I had to kind of agree.

    Heidi: My mother LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this dress. She thought it was perfect for the occasion.

    Chrissy Teigan: We didn’t see her on the runway, but I think my mother would have approved the boob situation.

    Katherine McPhee: Again we didn’t see her. I guess it’s an OK dress.

    Paris Jackson: I really loved this outfit and thought it was fun. I don’t think the picture gives it justice. My mother wondered if she’s screwed up like the rest of the family. I told her she’s basically a teenager, it’s to early to tell. I thought she was very polite and nice on the red carpet.

    Beyonce: We really liked the dress, except for when she was sitting in her seat and her boobs were flowing out. She was a millimeter away from a nip slip.

    Jlo: it seems like the same dress over and over and it was so bad color on her. My mother thinks she’s to old now to carry off this look anymore. She needs a bra. To be fair, when she was interviewed on the red carpet, I’m pretty sure she said she just got off the plane from somewhere. I think she knew she didn’t quite look her fabulous self.

    Rihanna: the dress looks so much better on film than the picture. I loved it. The only problem was her tattoo. The space of clear skin below her top and above the tattoo made it look like her boobs were coming out the bottom of her top. It was a bad optical illusion. Also, sometimes, from far away, the tattoo looked like a giant mustache. I loved her diamond encrusted flask she had on her.

    Taraji: Just plain bad from that picture.

    Halsey: Who is she? She explained her outfit, I can’t remember why she wore it. A lot of not very nice boob comments from my mother.

    Carrie Undrrwood: Love the dress. Not so much on her. Fitting issues.

    Demi, Demi, Demi: Why? We love you., anyway. She has good boobs, but the crotch area was a big no no. I’m assuming she didn’t wear underwear and she has to return the dress. Yuck. We made a lot of Ramona Singer/crotched dresses jokes. Bethenny was right to forbid Ramona from wearing any more.

    Celine: She always had bad taste in clothes. But we love her anyway.

    Solange: I don’t know what to think of this dress. The joke I heard about it is if you want to win a Grammy, you have to dress like one.

    Tinashe: This was by far the worst dress of the evening. I had to watch her sitting and commenting during the red carpet. We screamed every time she came on the air. Plus her boobs weren’t symmetrical. One sagged more than the other. It was painful to watch.

    Katy Perry: My mother accepted this outfit because she asked if Katy normally dresses weird. I told her yes, so my mother said that it was OK then. All I could think of was the RHOBH’s reunion last year when LVP and Erica wore the same top. Though, I believe Erica’s was a full dress.

    Skipping C-lo. Not worth acknowledging.

    Lady Gaga: It’s a music awards show and I loved it. Esp. Since she was singing with Metallica later on. She knows how to have fun. My mother awarded her best boobs of the evening. She liked the outfit also.

    Special mention for Giuliana Rancic. My mother liked that dress on her and thought it was perfect for interviewing people.

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  8. I think some of these stars don’t really understand how to dress for the Grammys. Heidi Klum got it dead right and she’s my best dressed. Others seem to think they’re going to a ball. I actually love the dress that J.Lo is wearing. Ralph & Russo is one of my favourite couture houses (and it has nothing to do with them being Australian) but that dress is not for the Grammys. My worst is Lady Gaga. I can’t with her contrived crap. She’s not edgy at all. I think she looked like a rehashed Marilyn Manson (no disrespect to him).

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  9. Solange’s dress is walking art. Pure fabulousness. Loved it. Love Paris Jackson’s dress but the tattoos and her side belly fat ruined it for me. Cool dress, wrong model. Heidi Klum’s dress is super cool. Love her legs! Hated Demi Lovato in that dress. Made her look like a wide load and no one wants to see your chonies girl. Adele, Adele honey. Stop wearing your mom’s drapes. You are only 29, you are beautiful, wear something, anything else that flatters your full figure. Ok, I’m done now. Squirrel, out!


  10. Thanks, Squirrelgirl — I had the same thoughts about Paris Jackson. And Adele – she’s absolutely gorgeous and she wears enough material to cover a king-sized bed! Show us your curves, girl!
    And Gaga was just being GaGa. She was performing with Metallica so we got “heavy metal rocker chick”. She’s come a looong way from the meat bikini days, thank God!

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