Sunday etc

Hope you all are having a nice Sunday-mother nature is dumping snow on us again. There’s about 2 new inches so far, with 6 more expected. 

I’m going to do a RHOA recap, best and worst dressed Grammy edition, best and worst dressed BAFTA edition, and hope to get that interview up today. So I’m a busy bee today!

Hope everyone has a great remainder of the weekend!?)I can’t thank you guys enough for every drop of support y’all give me. Thank you, really.

Side note: I’ve noticed recently other blogs using “Lovelies” when addressing their readers. I think it’s cool.💜 I know I didn’t invent the word or own it, so before trolls say I think I did-I know I didn’t.  But to see others use it in a similar way that didn’t before is neat.

Talk soon Lovelies!



47 thoughts on “Sunday etc

  1. We had lovely weather yesterday, and I finally got the internet back. WordPress is working for me too.
    I was going to have to figure out how to turn my phone into a hotspot so my Kindle and Roku would work. I am just glad my internet and cell phone providers are different.
    Those with an all Uverse house lost internet, TV, home phone, and cell phone for 36 hours.

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    • Glad you’re back up 5! I have work and personal cells with 2 different carriers so regardless of the coming blizzard I should be ok.

      I feel bad for the people,like me, who have electronic ignitions on their oven, hw heater, and furnace. My stove is electronic ignition so when i lose power I can manually light the burners, but not the over. My furance doesn’t fire when the power goes out either. Weird thing is, I think last time I lost power my hw heater continued to fire, so atleast I can run a bath and have hot tea to keep me warm.

      Last time I lost power in a storm, it was out for several days. I was finally breaking down and going to a hotel when it came back on….I think the temp in my house was 54. I live in a Suburb of Boston, not out in the country, my neighborhood just seems to be last on the list every time.

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      • We have a generator that runs on natural gas, and is capable of running the entire house so if the power goes out I’m ok with it 😧 but I feel your pain. They’ve just upped our snowfall total predictions. Awesomeness

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      • WOW, you all are getting a lot of snow! 5Cats, I’ve heard there is a way you can “teather” your phone to your TV but I only know that it’s an option on your cell phone. Maybe someone can help you in case it happens again.
        Thanks for reminding me of the Grammy’s I’m surprised it’s so early.

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  2. I’ve got rain where I am. On the plus side, it’s helping to getting rid of snow. On the negative side, everything is going to be a sheet of black ice tomorrow morning. But I’ll still take the rain because I’m sick of shoveling.

    5cats, I’m glad you got your Internet back. I would have gone insane. Was it just you, or the whole neighborhood?

    Thanks for reminding me the Grammy are on tonight. I’ll probably fall asleep watching them, but hopefully I will make it through the red carpet. (If the dresses are worth it.)

    60 minutes is going to have a story on tonight about the best SuperBowl half time performances. I want to watch that also.

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  3. I’m watching the pre-red carpet on E right now with my mother. She’s pretty amusing. She keeps saying they look like whore’s, they might as well come out naked, their boobs are sagging, I’m tired of looking at boobs, are they doing a red carpet look or are they doing porn?.

    It’s going to be a long night.

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  4. I second that policy Pip. I cook out in the hub’s man cave garage when it’s something stinky. I don’t want a stanky house, I got smell-goods everywhere.

    We have had every kind of weather here since Wednesday – sunny t-shirt wearing day, rain, wet snow, cold AF, more rain. It’s just dank and miserable today. Not good weather for Arthritis.

    When we were at the Grocery today, a man came over the loud speaker saying something. I couldn’t understand him, then when I got back to the meat case and saw everybody standing around I realized that it was a “30 second shopping spree” that I’ve been seeing advertised on my flyer. OMG guys, you should have seen this poor man who won. I’m not shitting you when I say he was as round as he was tall, he had a kid pushing the cart, and he was – ummm I guess running. The poor guy couldn’t move too fast, bless his heart he was going as fast as his stubby little legs would take him. I did make out that his name was Jerry. When his 30 seconds were over, his body was feeling it. His whole body was trying to get a good breath in, so I said, “Look’s like Jerry needs an Oxygen tank” Poor Jerry. I know he grabbed mostly beef, that’s the section he was went to. He should have had the kid do the grabbing, he certainly would have gotten more loot than big ole’ Jerry.
    The things you see in a small town, I tell ya.

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  5. I was at the beach today. Because, Florida 😎. It got up to 80 & there was a big concert to support Surfing for Autism. I live about 10 minutes away from the beach and we’ve had “Chamber of Commerce Weather” since Friday. (That’s what we call these beautiful, sunny days before the temps soar into the 90’s). Hard to fathom that you guys are digging out from the snow. But then, we’re usually sweating in our costumes during Halloween instead of enjoying chilly Autumn nights.

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  6. Yay, I look forward to the recap and the dress rundown!
    I live in NC. It was almost 80 degrees today, so we decided to put on shorts and grill. It was nice to be in the fresh air again!

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  7. Wow I didn’t even know the Grammys were on tonight. Boy am I out of touch. Got boiling water all over one of my hands taking water in a 2 cup measurer out of the microwave and it sloshed. Burnt my hand when I was determined to get the glass to the sink so I didn’t break it all over the floor. Hurt like an SOB. Can you tell I’m drinking wine my hand hurt so much. Grabbed a bowl of frozen broth out of the freezer and held that for about 30 minutes. Called the doc and I had burn cream at the pharmacy within 15 min and hubby picked it up. That shit is a miracle.

    Happy evening all – Enjoy the Grammys!

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    • Yes. That was what I got. Silvadene. That stuff should be a kitchen staple. Took so much of the burning away right away. When I hot glue gun I keep a bowl of ice water next to me on the table to throw my hand in to when I inevitably burn one of my fingers.

      This stuff doesn’t expire for 3 yrs and thank goodness it will be here for Thanksgiving this year. Thank you for all the well wishes. I didn’t get my feet. I kind of held on to the handle of the measure cup so it wouldn’t drop and that’s how it splashed on my hand and I let it tip sideways away from me. So much for Tootles getting a warm bath. I mix that water with the tap water first and then let the tortoise in.

      Anyone like a glass of wine? Thank you for posting the BAFTA’s. I’m so excited for a new channel Britbox. It launches next month and BBC, ITV teamed up to release shows the day after broadcast. Hoping I get to see Corrie daily. A bunch of other shows also but daily catch ups will be wonderful.

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  8. That whole “performance art” thing left me underwhelmed. As did the Bee Gees tribute. I like Demi Lavato but I don’t want a chick singing “Staying Alive”, a song that’s all about a guy using his swagger. But that’s just me…
    And Bruno was definitely channeling his inner Prince. I was up and dancing to the Time “O wee o wee o”!

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