Princess, Rock Star, and Bad Girl All In One

Francesca Jacovino has big plans – and even bigger goals. The 22 year old blonde tattooed cast member of Season 17 of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club: East Meets West” is determined to become a long-term household name in the entertainment industry.


Francesca grew up in a suburb of Torrington, Connecticut, with her older brother, Paul – who happens to be a tattoo artist and go-to man for all of her work. “I always knew I wanted to be an entertainer,” she says, “whether it be singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or acting.” As a child, Francesca says she always got what she wanted. “I was a princess. I tended to be a troublemaker and a social butterfly. Not much has changed!” she adds – qualities that will serve her well in the Bad Girls Club house.

So why “Bad Girls Club”? “I was trying out for multiple shows because it was something I really wanted to do,” she says, “I had gone to a couple of auditions for ‘The Real World’ when I found out ‘Bad Girls Club’ was casting.” The process took about 3 years, and despite it being long and sometimes discouraging, Francesca’s persistence paid off. 


Why Reality TV at this stage of her life? “I’m 22 years young, and love to party…why NOT?” she explains. One would think though, that being in a house with six other 20-something’s who like to party and maybe even occasionally get crazy can bring its own issues. “It can be challenging being around other girls with strong personalities'” Francesca admits, “but I know that I have a strong personality as well.” She continues on to say, “I knew that I needed to continue to be who I was regardless of what people thought, and keep bringing the fun, wild and crazy to the table.” When asked if there was something unexpected that she brought home with her from her experience on “Bad Girls Club,” Francesca replied “I left the Bad Girls Club house a lot stronger than I thought I was when I got there.”


“Social media has been a great asset to my career. It gives people and my fans a chance to stay in touch with me and catch a glimpse of my life.” For your OWN glimpse into this tattooed titan’s life, you can follow Francesca on Twitter, @francesccax3, Instagram, @officialfrancescamarie, and Snapchat @checkkkka.


When asked what she took away from this experience, Francesca says “I learned to stand up to what is wrong regardless of the outcome, and to always be you, because being you can be the next big thing.” And it looks like Francesca being Francesca IS about to be the next big thing. 


“Bad Girls Club: East Meets West” premiers on Oxygen on Tuesday night, February 14 at 8pm. Check your local listings.
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43 thoughts on “Princess, Rock Star, and Bad Girl All In One

  1. She is a pretty girl.
    Good for you Allie, hopefully she will be able to give you more interview’s while the show is airing – I know sometimes the talent isn’t allowed to speak to third parties during the show run.
    They get into some crazy fights on this show, it would be nice to hear her perspective after the fact, and what she was thinking while it was going down. As Ramona would say, “Koodoze” to you!!!

    Liked by 3 people

      • How on earth did I miss this?? Fantastic interview!! 👏❤

        I haven’t watched BGC in probably 10 years. But, because of you and Francesca I will be watching!

        Going to set my DVR, now! I shall catch up on the first ep On Demand later! I’m super stoked as I’m burnt out on Housewives and keep avoiding watching.

        Please, please consider changing this site to one where you make revenue, asap! You should be profiting from all of your hard work. You have it, Allie- believe in yourself as we all do!! Honestly! ❤😘

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Terrific interview 😊 I have not watched the show for several seasons but now I am thinking I may tune in again

    She seems quite interesting and is very attractive- plus seems intelligent .

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Great interview!

    I’ve never watched this show but I will definitely check it out. The best part is that it comes on at 8. I’ll be able to stay up and watch it and not wait gor on demand.

    I will root for Francesca for the win!

    Liked by 4 people

  4. This interview could be the start of something big…like a book deal in the future! You have a budding talent. Possibly attending a book writers seminar would be worth considering. Start saving your pennies. Have you ever visited Iowa? Or maybe it was Kansas. If you play your cards right and the stars align perfectly in the heavens there may be someone to room with.
    Allie Answers. AA. It’s a book about your interesting life.
    Dedicate an entire chapter to the art of concealing large facial pores cause you have it down pat.
    In all seriousness Allie, this is a feather in your cap and you did a good job. I have never watched BGC but if there is a contestant to support, Francesca is the horse I’ll back.

    Liked by 4 people

      • There are writing programs all over — including my alma mater, FSU. UC at Irvine has a notable one but they only accept 10 students to Iowa’s 50. Iowa is one of the more notable ones in the country. They receive hundreds of applicants. I seriously doubt TKB is talented enough to make the cut. Just more of her delusions…

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  5. Allie- This interview and article read like you have been doing this forever. I would never know that this was your first go! Nice job!
    Also, has anyone ever watched this show?? OMG! It’s like The Real World on steroids. I will watch it with you all for sure!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Woman, you’ve been holding out on us. First you bust out with your ability to write & tell it like it is & now you break out your interviewing skills. Are you sure you are not a journalist by trade?
    I have to give you props for having one ‘hellova’ natural talent/skill. I don’t believe that you are aware of yourself. You are truly special!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I forgot this was on last night. I don’t have a cable box in my bedroom, so I thought I could watch it on Hulu. But it’s not on there. It’s on Amazon and they want $2 an episode. I will watch it tomorrow. But amazon does have a free preview to meet the girls. I’m half way through it.

    They introduced Francesca as full of beer and cheer. Lol! Some of these girls scare me. They showed a scene were another girl spits right in her face. Ugh! I can only imagine what happens next.

    The other girl I like is the Jamaican girl. She starts up a speed dial dating thing for the girls. She seems to nice for this show.

    Well, I’m off to meet the west coast girls now.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh God I’m trying so hard to get through the first episode. I’ll watch just about anything but this is a bit too much for me. I’m the first to admit that I swear like a trooper but I don’t act like a gangster. The whole thing with some women acting like they’re gangster is boring and obvious to me. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

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